NFL won't comment on Polian's 18-game comments

During his weekly radio show on Monday, Colts president Bill Polian said that an 18-game schedule is a “fait accompli.”  Which is Latin or French for “done deal.”  (Apparently, it’s French.  Either way, it’s not American.)

The blurb initially posted at didn’t carry many details.  The updated story now does, and it makes clear that Polian is opposed to the move.

“I think that the owners, and principally the Commissioner, have decided
that it’s the way to go, and so the debate, such as it was, is over,”
Polian said.  “I’ve heard recently, and I’m sorry that this didn’t get
more coverage earlier, some really, really interesting commentary on it. . . .  I wish some of that dialogue had taken place earlier.”

The dialogue didn’t occur earlier because the debate wasn’t framed until it essentially was over.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has repeatedly said that the “[f]ans have spoken very clearly” in support of expansion of the season, but the fans who comment at PFT have been mixed at best, with the louder voices opposed to the move.

Polian also lamented the fact that a reduced preseason will make it harder to evaluate the players on the roster.  “In a two-game preseason, you’re going to have to play the regulars a
half and a half,” Polian said.  “And that’s going to take a full game away, essentially a
full game away from the rookies who are trying to make the team.  So how do you deal with that?  Well, you’ve got to set up
evaluative experiences for them in other venues.  And I’m hoping that we
can get enough camp time to be able to go against the Bears, let’s say,
or go against the Bengals in a controlled situation.  Perhaps the Rams,
people nearby.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press that the league would not be responding to Polian’s remarks.

But the fans can respond, if they so choose.  The fans can start by putting their comments below. 

Even if you’ve already commented on the subject in response to other posts on the topic, let us know what you think — and in turn let the NFL know whether or not the “[f]ans have spoken very clearly” in support of adding two regular-season games to the schedule.

91 responses to “NFL won't comment on Polian's 18-game comments

  1. More football. The players need to stop whining about how hard they work for their millions, or go sell insurance.

  2. bad idea, just cut the preaseason short by 1 game, that gives you 1 less game to play all the scrubs trying to make the team, 1 less game to try and charge fans full price for something they dont want to see

  3. If you want to expand, expand the playoffs to 8 teams in each conference, getting rid of a bye week.
    First round could look something like this:
    1, 4, 8
    1, 4, 8
    10 (make it a set of games where the winners play the next week so there is no disadvantage.)

  4. Did you really just say “it’s not American” LMAO Do you guys take any pride in what you display on your website? I believe you should invest in some cute little intern to do some proof reading. The content on this site is laughable at times.

  5. I am against it.
    I am against ANY additional games but IF the league $tubbornly advocates expansion of the regular $eason, then 17 regular season games (8 home, 8 away, 1 neutral) per team is more than sufficient.
    In addition, I am not happy with the way the producer is trying to imply that he knows what his customers want when he never even asked them.

  6. This is all “spin” to get people accustomed to the idea of a DEVALUED season. I do not know one person who is in favor of 18 game season. I am as big of a football fan as there is, and I just don’t hear it. Not from friends, co-workers, family…Nobody likes this idea. One thing that makes Sundays so special in the Fall is the fact that there are only 16 of them where I get to watch my team play. This pisses me off to no end!

  7. I really wonder how much money this plan makes for the owners. Its the season ticket vs single game – what 15-20M for all teams. lets just say a mill per team.
    Does not bother me because i have already paid and enjoy not having to go to a game on labor day weekend

  8. Give me 18 games. Cut the preseason in half and put the Super Bowl on a holliday weekend, so I can get hammered all night at The Borgata.

  9. I agree with Jerry Jones — the games will be played and injuries will happen, so it had might as well count for something.
    I just think rosters needed to be expanded from 45/53 to something closer to 50/60.
    Doesn’t the CFL have something like a 20-game regular season?

  10. In my estimation, the move to an 18 game regular season has nothing to do with what the fans want and everything to do with money.

  11. I know they’ll do what they want and that it has happened before, but I still don’t want it to.
    I think I’ll eventually get over it, but it still bothers me they do what they want (18 games, stupid endzone catch rule, ticky tack QB hits, new ref placement), but they’ve gotten their up scale offenses, right?

  12. I think it’s clear the fans do not want a longer season. Are there a few that do, of course. But the majority of fans, want the owners, players, and the commish, to worry about having football NEXT YEAR. It seems the real issues are just being thrown on the backburner while “they” keep dancing around them. We want our 16 games, we want our 12 playoff teams. But most importantly WE WANT FOOTBALL. The NFL is really starting to lose some of the great support it once had. At first, I didn’t think even a lockout could doom the NFL. But with the way the NFL is heading with their enhanced season and moving games over seas, they are really losing sight of what made the NFL what it is today.

  13. Option A: 18 regular season games and 2 preseason
    Option B: 16 regular season games and 4 preseason
    Who in their right mind would not prefer option A?

  14. I’m absolutely not in favor of an 18 game schedule. I’ve had Eagles seasons tickets for 41 years, and I really do not want to go to regular season games in August, or more likely, playoff games in February. Some of us don’t sit in a dome, or watch our football on TV. Besides, it’s hard enough to keep players healthy as it is. People complain about paying for preseason games, but what about paying inflated prices for playoff games, only to find half of your favorite players on IR? 16 games is just fine, thanks.

  15. [QUOTE]epping16 says:
    September 28, 2010 1:20 PM
    Did you really just say “it’s not American” LMAO Do you guys take any pride in what you display on your website? I believe you should invest in some cute little intern to do some proof reading. The content on this site is laughable at times.[/QUOTE]
    You must be a dirty Frenchman
    I thought it was funny

  16. The fans speak pretty clearly that the preseason SUCKS. They package it all up like it’s the same value for the same price, but no one cares about these meaningless exhibition contests between 2nd-stringers and 3rd-stringers. One way or another, they need to cut down these 4 annual scams that are added to everyone’s season ticket package.
    Now whether they make up for that by extending the regular season is another question. I have heard no clear consensus that the season should be longer (from fans or anyone else). I have only heard a clear consensus that the preseason needs to be shorter – because it’s a financial scam on the fans.

  17. Very simply, more football = GOOD.
    To mitigate the players’ gripes, simply expand the rosters proportionately to match the increased playing time.
    Drop a pre-season game. Maybe two.
    Definitely stop exporting the NFL–it costs American cities jobs, publicity, revenue, as well as robs teams and fans of a home game.
    Do not allow the NFL to become one of those insidious global corporations which plays puppet master to our government(s) and seeks to redistribute America’s wealth around the globe through Trojan Horse ruses like climate change and Cap & Tax (okay, sidetracked somewhat…)
    The point is, the NFL is one of the last uniquely American enterprises–can we please not f*ck it all to hell up by contaminating it with this “UN/we are the world/NAFTA-esque” b.s.?
    But back to the 18 game schedule–yeah, that’s okay, as long as it’s not used as justification to increase and continue the exportation of our real national past time…

  18. I like three preseason games and 17 game seasons, but I actually don’t care that much. What I really want is a rookie wage scale and continued revenue sharing so we don’t get the Yankees in the NFL and parity maintains if not grows stronger.

  19. Goodell does not represent the fans.
    16 games is fine, 17 would be better with an added bye week.
    I’m more concerned about losing the preseason games and missing some hidden gems.

  20. I’m against expansion to an 18 game season, regardless of reducing the preseason to 2 games.
    More regular season games increases rick of both short and long term injury to the players. More injured players leads to an inferior product on the field.
    Owners beware.. An inferior product will eventually reduce fan interest and thereby your profits.
    Players beware.. Protect yourselves and your future. How many generations of your offspring do you really want to provide for. Your earning power is much greater than 99.999% of the rest of ther world. Make it while you can, get out while still healthy and enjoy your wealth. Life as an insurance agent, financial adviser, blog writer, sports analyst, car salesman or talk show host can be rewarding as well. You’ve got it better than most.

  21. Expand the season to 18 games, but at the same time expand the roster to 60, and make the game-day roster 53.
    It’s a win for everyone. Union can say that the additional games and larger rosters get more monies into the hands of players. Owners shave a slightly larger piece off of a substantially larger pie and pay out less per player on average (since the additional players will all probably be league minimum type guys). Fans get 2 more meaningful games and 2 fewer wastes of cash.
    The larger roster means teams can keep more backups, and the bigger game-day roster means less wear-and-tear for the players since you can make more substitutions.
    Make practice squads 10 players and slightly increase PS salaries.
    Vote for me as league commish

  22. I voiced my opinion about this over on the “evil empire” (Sportsnation ID joerevs300), but I’ll reiterate my feelings here:
    – An 18 game season is nothing more than the owners trying to recoup some of their money from a)giving the players a 60% cut, & b)pretty much being forced to build new stadiums, or possibly watch their franchises move (exhibit A is what might happen with the Vikings) and c)a rookie pay scale which makes Sam Bradford more highly paid than Tom Brady or Peyton Manning before he’s taking an NFL snap.
    – After all the injuries we’ve seen in the first 3 weeks, how is this a good deal for the players except they would make more money? One wrong hit can disable them for the rest of their lives. You can’t put a dollar value on that. True, that can happen in a 16 games schedule, but I think it’s turning player into nothing more than puppets with the owners holding the marionette strings.
    – As was mentioned on PFT earlier, you don’t even have 32 starting caliber QB’s in the league, let alone 64 (for the 2nd QB). I’ll go further than that and say at ANY position you want to choose, you don’t have enough quality to go around. More games equals more injuries which means the QUALITY is going to start approaching AFL or UFL levels by the end of the season. Which would be bad, you know, since those last 2-3 weeks often determines who goes to the playoffs.
    – Chopping off two preseason games, which are meaningless to 99% of NFL viewers (and fans, given the lack of attendance) would be pretty devestating to teams trying to determine who to carry on their roster. The easy fix would seem to simply increase the game day roster from 53 to, say, 60. But of course, that means 7 more people have to get paid, and seeing as how, you know, money is what is at the root of the lack of a labor agreement right now, it probably will never happen.
    The bottom line: Even 17 games is a bad idea. The players go over on the owners in the last agreement, and now these same players need to realize that taking a pay cut is FAR more favorable to making ZERO. Because the owners can easy outlast a player who insists on a $1m+ home and $200K cars.
    Which they then subsequently drive home drunk in. But that’s a different topic…

  23. The only way the fans input can be measured is if they take two weeks off from football.
    That means, don’t attend, don’t turn on the TV, don’t do anything that provides eyeballs to NFL sponsors. Get the NFL – or more importantly, their sponsors – thinking that the extra two games aren’t better after all.
    I think we all know that’s not going to happen. The fan base will follow like sheep, while complaining all the way.

  24. I’d love to see the season extended to 18 games, an extra bye week and expanded rosters. Give me less full priced exhibition games and more meaningful football!

  25. This fan is strong AGAINST an 18 game season.
    – injuries – I enjoy watching my teams BEST players on the field. I’d prefer the playoffs to not be decided on a ‘last man standing’ basis.
    -preseason – I enjoy evaluating the younger talent for myself, playing the role of GM from my couch. These games *are* important, but extended practices and regular season games are not worth the same ticket prices.
    – meaningless games – I’d rather not move the ‘meaningless’ games from the preason, to the end of the regular season. An 18 game schedule will result in more garbage games at the end of the season, where the outcome just doesn’t matter. We’ll see even more starters being rested, as they try to recover from a longer season.
    – season records – thrown out 😦
    – emotional stress – I’m not sure Lions fans can handle two more losses
    Why mess with such a good thing?

  26. Me Me Me…Its all about Me!!!! Hey over here my name is Bill Polian…Look at me!!!
    Don’t tell this guy any of your battle plans

  27. Anyone who has played football before or knows anything about the sport would be against this idea. its just stupid..
    Roger Goodell is trying to change the game way too much for the fans… may as well just make it year round so we can watch football all year! artards

  28. when i hear goodell saying “the fans have spoken”, i hear “no matter what we do, they’ll give us their money, so since they’ve been paying for all these years, they defintely think this is a good idea.” i think its disgusting actually and who cares if its “more football”, if its the football part of it, college starts the week before the NFL, so theres and extra week of competitive football for you.
    i also think they are just using the 18 schedule as a 5th grader type negotiation tactic. they know the players are against it, so what better way to get what they really want than pulling the “oh ok, well if you don’t want an 18 schedule, we have to restructure the cap our way, fair is fair”. scumbags

  29. I disapprove of expanding the Regular season by two more games as it stands. This sport is too burtal to extend the games beyond what is currently set.
    I do approve however, if the team roster is expanded as well in efforts to maintain depth as well as health off the bench. By expanding the amount of players each team is allowed to carry for the regular season, it would help teams hang on to work in progress type players as well as giving players that otherwise would be dumped, a more valued look into the regular season.
    This idea could put more people in the empty seats at many stadiums. If they cut the preseason by 2 games, then charge one flat price for all seats (excluding suites and other high end seating, ie: club view or box seats).

  30. people say that the late regular season games are as bad as the preseason, which isn’t true…in fact, the end of the regular season is worse…at least during the preseason, it is watchable because there hasn’t been any action for months and you get a chance to watch some different players…at the end of the regular season, there has been such a buildup all season long, and then right before the playoffs, they take the wind right out of the sails of the whole thing with a bunch of meaningless games that nobody wants or needs to watch…great idea, make it worse…it might not be as bad as the unlabeled genetically modified salmon the FDA nazis are releasing into the US food supply, but it is just another case of the rich screwing everybody else for their own gain without regard to the well-being of those who are controlled

  31. 18 games is too many. It will dramatically reduce the overall tenure of our favorite nfl players. 17 is the MOST reasonable number to expect pro football players to subject their bodies too.
    Also I LOVED the “not American” quip. This site is about American football and the snarky, egocentric commentary is eerily reflective of my daily personal interactions. Keep up the awesome work, Florio.

  32. I am a STH and my company owns club seats. So you could say I have a significant investment in the NFL. I am not opposed to an 18 game season nor am I necessarily for it. BUT I am very much against the current NFL policies surrounding the preseason games. The fact that they are priced the same as regular season games, are required to be purchased, and can not even be put up for sale through the NFL’s own ticket exchange is simply an outrage and a rip-off. The NFL has refused to address that issue. Instead, they continue to shove the preseason tickets down our throats.

  33. They play 2 preseason and 18 regular season games in the CFL and they only have 8 teams… I like the current 16 game format but I may be open to an 18-game schedule…

  34. Not a fan of an 18 game schedule. 17 I can get behind, as previously mentioned on the site that it would eliminate 8-8 records. 18 is just too much. If fans aren’t paying to fill the stadiums now in certain places, how are those already cash strapped fans going to pay for another game or two?

  35. I think in this situation Goodell is a twat. Again.
    I think he’s flat out lying to press his agenda of improving the ‘product’ we (fans) all know and refer to as ‘football’.

  36. “More regular season games increases rick of both short and long term injury to the players. More injured players leads to an inferior product on the field. ”
    Exactly. Not to mention that 18 games total further dilutes the importance of each individual game.
    NFL players have a limited lifespan at best. Imagine you’re Steven Jackson – you’re already taking a beating at 16 games a year, and in off years like the Rams have, those 16 games really mean nothing. Now you’re adding 2 more meaningless games, which means that you ultimately end up having fewer good years overall to play.
    In short: totally opposed to the 16 game schedule. While the preseason has problems (full price tickets, etc), adding more games to the regular season isn’t the answer.

  37. Season ticket holder here. Keep it at 16 games to preserve the quality of the game and the health and longevity of your talent.

  38. 18 games is too many.
    Just make preseason games free to season ticket holders. Greatly discount the tickets for walk-up fans. $5 is more than enough.
    Start the season sooner and keep the Super Bowl in January.
    And while I’m thinking about it..the Super Bowl should be at the HOME TEAM field!!!!
    No more neutral site Super Bowls!

  39. Anti 18 games, might be ok w/ 17.
    the whole reasoning of, “two regular season games in place of fake games, means more ‘good’ football” is misguided. clearly teams will be forced to use their deeper guys to reel in the slack…..Chris Johnson isn’t going to have 40 more carries throughout the season, they’ll just dilute his typical 325 (or however many) over more games

  40. I’m all for 17 games, leaving the OTAs alone, longer training camp and 3 pre-season games, with expanded rosters and expanding the IR system, similar to what baseball does.
    Allow teams to place two players on a 4 game IR and 2 more on an 8 game IR, and unlimited amount on season ending IR. The player doesn’t count towards a roster spot, but still has a chance to come back at the end of a season and for a playoff run.

  41. the season is perfect how it is.
    look at weeks 16 & 17…..half of the teams play their starters.
    most fantasy leagues do the superbowl in week 16 because week 17 is when the scrubs play for 70% of the league.
    imagine having an 18 game scghedule and weeks 16-18 are garbage time.
    i like 4 pre season games. i get to see rookies play and also watch players develop.
    sure i DONT watch the entire pre season game, but its like spring training for baseball.
    imagine a pitcher pitching 2 games in spring training then going out for opening day… wont be pretty
    there is something called ‘mid season form’ and that comes from off season workouts and training camp…..eventually the rapport grows or your body gets ‘it’.
    when will people start training for the offseason, the day after the superbowl?
    we cant even get 32 top flight qbs, now you want to risk the qb to MORE games?
    now you want to risk the few quality lbs or cbs to more injuries?
    this is the stupidest idea ive ever heard right. the 18 game season is dumber than the mlb ‘who ever wins the all star game has home field advantage in the playoffs’
    look how THAT worked out.
    trying to turn meaningless games into ones that count never work.

  42. steel nation – they will find a way to pay for an extra home game each season. The quality of the game was never hurt by expansion from 12 to 14 and then 14 to 16, and the health and longevity of the talent is far better now than then, to where they can easily handle 18 games just as the CFL does, the USFL did, the Arena League will, and the NFL will.

  43. TERRIBLE idea by a shortsighted commissioner and greedy owners. It would result in more money for the owners and that is the only advantage to anyone.
    18 games means more meaningless games down the stretch. Teams would clinch earlier and rest starters. The useful preseason games would turn into pointless regular season games late in the year. This idea stinks for the fans and the players. The sole purpose is to make more money for the owners and any fan that doesn’t realize this is a mark.

  44. If they do this idiotic thing I’m outta here. I’m tired of listening to athletes whining about how little they earn, how few touches, balls they get, how not nice the fans treat them. And I am equally annoyed at the owners claiming to be the fan’s friend, poor mouthing, and threatening to move if the taxpayers don’t build them a bigger cathedral. It’s all about the money, nothing else.
    Give us a break. 18 games is, as one other person wrote just plain stupid.
    CFL anyone?

  45. I don’t know a single fan in favor of this. Everyone I discuss this with is against it.
    But hey, let the NFL destroy the quality of play in the playoffs and Super Bowl because of the additional injuries and exhaustion that will result from playing 2 extra full bore games.
    Its the final nail in the coffin of the last couple years that has steadily destroyed my interest in the NFL. There is no question in my mind that this is my last season watching the games. I’ve had it with the massive collective of greedbags and turds that make up what seems to be the majority of the players, and I’ve had it with Reichsfuehrer Goodell and his lame efforts.
    Perhaps the commissioner will continue forcing a softening of the game with further penalties and prohibitions to make the longer season work. After all when it becomes the NFFL (National Flag Football League) the players can play the 18 games without so much effort or worry of injury.
    The NFL is being destroyed in front of our eyes.

  46. I am opposed to 18 games with every fiber of my being.
    Start a petition website for fans to sign against the abomination of the 18 game schedule.

  47. “. . . let us know what you think — and in turn let the NFL know whether or not the ‘fans have spoken very clearly’ in support of adding two regular-season games to the schedule.”
    I’m afraid that I am somewhat skeptical that PFT has the juice to sway the opinions of the Powers-That-Be in the NFL.
    Having said that, Mike’s plea appears to be one of very few channels for fans to let the League know how we feel. Thus, with fingers crossed that someone influential is actually reading our responses, here goes:
    1) Regular-season NBA and MLB games have become utterly meaningless because of the shear number of games that are played. Adding two games that “count” to the NFL schedule only serves to lessen the import of each individual game.
    2) 18 games means a greater risk of injury or general breakdown to the players. This means that the players will (rightly) want more money to play the extra games. Ticket prices are necessarily going to go up to cover the extra salary demands. This might not affect single-game tickets, but you can bet season ticket holders are looking at an increase of 13%. Don’t think for one minute that what the NFL is offering with this proposal is two “real” games at the same price as two “practice” games. The cost increase that the NFL wants the fans to shoulder will likely be the final straw for a lot of potential ticket-buyers.
    3) It seems fairly clear that what fans object to is not the number of preseason games — it’s that they are being charged the same price for admission as regular season games. That’s not the same thing, and it’s at best disingenuous for the League to turn this around and suggest that what the fans really want is additional games. If the NFL was really interested in providing what the fans want, it would would create a pricing structure that better reflects the quality of play in preseason games. I can only speak for myself here, but I don’t mind going to a preseason game — I just object to paying Peyton Manning prices to watch Curtis Painter.
    4) There are always more bad teams than there are good ones in the League. Adding two more games only increases the odds that viewers are going to be subjected to a lousy match-up on any given Sunday
    In short, I am really hard-pressed to see how an 18-game season improves my experience as a fan.
    If an increase in the number of “real games is indeed a fait accompli, I would much prefer Florio’s proposal of 17, with the extra game being played at a neutral site. This would let the League expand into international venues without stealing a “home” game from local fans, and it could be a workable solution for football fans in areas that do not presently have an NFL franchise [ahemLos Angelescough].

  48. The system is fine the way it is. To just want more games because you can’t get enough is ignoring the facts that your favorite players will have shorter careers on average, the games will mean less, and the quality of the play overall will decrease.
    Besides, numerically the league is perfect. 32 teams, 4 teams in each of 8 division, 8 home and 8 away games. Even the playoffs set up well with 2 wildcards per conference and it always comes down to the last weekend. I love it the way it is. Now I wish Mike Brown would spontaneously combust.

  49. I agree with an 18 game schedule. The rosters will expand to account for the additional injuries. Therefore the last five cuts won’t have to be made. Also, and extremely important, will be the creation of a developmental league playing in the spring. This will give fringe players a place to develop their skills on a more meaningful stage than the NFL preseason. It will also give NFL die hard fans something to watch during the sometimes painfully long off season. NFL Europe was a financial failure, but in terms of developing talent, it was very useful. The UFL could eventually be bought out by the NFL, moved to spring, and renames he NFLD.

  50. 17 games seems to be the better option. 8 games at home, 8 away and 1 at a neutral (LA, London, Mexico City) site. Pre-season goes to 3 games, one home, one away and one in your local market. And while we are at it, please put the Super Bowl on Saturday night! It’s the biggest frickin party in America besides New Year’s Eve perhaps and it is on a school/work night!

  51. Its true, I have very interesting evidence that this has been in the works for quite a while. I’ll share the evidence at my bettorsworld page tonight.

  52. If prep time is an issue like Peyton Manning says, then just expand the rosters to 60 but only count the top 50 for salary cap purposes. Then some of the evaluation can be done later.

  53. Too many games. More meaningless games. They’re just watering-down the value of each game we watch. Which means the last four games of the season could be meaningless.

  54. As a season ticket holder who sells half of my tickets to help offset the cost of my season tickets, I am wholeheartedly in favor of the 18-game season.
    I can get double to triple the face value for regular season games depending on the opponent, and I’m lucky if I can sell my preseason tickets for $10. An 18-game season essentially means I get to go to two more games per year for the same cost. Yes, please!

  55. Just have 2 byes in a season for teams and stretch the season out longer that way. The players get more rest and the season is expanded without having to play more games.

  56. It’s gotta be about money.
    I have never been one screaming for an 18 game season. I screamed about the 4 waste-of-time, exhibition…err….pre-season games they play.
    I have always been in favor of adding more weeks and byes to the schedule, so the NFL product is on more Sundays, but each team plays only 16 games. Can’t they charge the networks more for a 19 week packagage as opposed to a 17 week package? Oh yeah and get rid of two pre-season games. Of course then the owner lose revenue for those two games…and money…so…

  57. I’m a football man. You NEED two preseason games and if I have to explain that-you really don’t know much about football. And by the way for those of you out there that think “records” will be broken because there will be two extra games a year think again. Actually it will work backwords, the present records will stand forever as players will be to injured to even come close, the season will be too long. Man this is as physical as it gets. All this backwards B.S. started by changing the overtime rule. This game is becoming less manly and too politically correct and fashionable. It’s like saying Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time whn he never played against the bump and run….believe me, he’d have at most 1/3 the stats he has now. Jerry is great but don’t diminish the game like they have the wide receiver position.

  58. Personally I see no reason to have pre-season games at all. Do they do that in High School? College?
    Why do they need it in professional sports? Increase roster sizes, have a month for training camp and then start the season. If teams want to “scrimmage” against each other during TC they can work that out.
    No meaningless games.

  59. Adding two more games is a TERRIBLE idea. Yes, preseason games are a snooze fest, but I’d rather have the teams working out the kinks in the offense and defense in preseason than watch two penalty filled games early in the season, more injuries by the end and have each games value drop a bit in importance. There needs to be an organized protest… much more than simply this comment board

  60. Polian doesn’t seem to object to the fans being subjected to full price tickets to watch a bunch of rookies essentially try out for the team. Maybe they can do what baseball does in the Spring and have “split squad” games….one where the veterans play in the game where tickets are actually sold, and another game (at significantly reduced price) where the rookies and bubble players get to prove their worth.

  61. Why not 24 regular season games. Make the playoffs a best of 3 series. Expand the league again. Tuesday Night Football. The fans just can’t get enough football! Think of all the profits.

  62. I love football honestly its a sickness. I watch every preseason game on NFLN, I DVR every UFL game. I love watching the guys at the bottom of the roster fight for a spot. But that’s what I love about the preseason. Watching our depth, seeing what maybe, if an injury occurs. I think the 16 game season is perfect, if you want to improve the game and bring in more fans, get a developmental league going again … UFL is there and with the right direction and management could became a in-season farm league like what MLB, NHL and MLS all have. Again I’m a junkie but my brother-in-law and I watched every game of the UFL last year. If the NFL gets a true in-season development league then let’s talk about an 18 game season. Until then the economy is in the crapper and there is no way I am paying for another PSL anytime soon so I am staying home or going to college games to watch live football.

  63. We want the longer season, period. Cut down preseason to 2 games, extend the regular season.
    You guys can whine about injuries and how important each game is. Just like every time in the past the regular season was expanded.
    Fight it all you want, it is happening and fans want it, no matter how much you try to post against it.

  64. OK, Florio, must be a public school grad. Trying to be smart but evinces only a paucity of edification.
    Fait accompli is French not Latin….”American” is not our language; English is dumba$$.
    Quit showing your Squeeler Stupidity and go suck on your urine imbibed towel.

  65. Since the PFT Gods didn’t post my other comment, I’ll shorten it.
    Stay in the stadium concourse area during kickoff. Let the league see the empty seats. It is the last game of the season in half the NFL cities, and quite possibly the last NFL game until 2012. STAND UP FOR THE FANS RIGHTS! The owners and the players have big-money lawyers, but in the end, it is the FANS THAT RUN THIS LEAGUE. WITHOUT US THERE IS NO NFL!!!!!

  66. BoMeister says: September 28, 2010 4:13 PM
    [/ snip ]
    I see somebody got a dictionary last Christmas.
    We’re all so very impressed.

  67. I am opposed to the 18 game proposal – very few fans that I know of (if any) are in favor of an 18 game season.
    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough NFL football. But I am mostly worried about injuries and stats. I don’t want to see a my team decimated by injuries, only to bow out quickly in the playoffs.
    As for stats, an 18 game season would then put an asterisk next to anybody who played a season with fewer games. Might be the only way a receiver catches Jerry Rice’s records. I don’t see any benefit in having new records being broken because of 2 extra games that are now played. Will make voting for the Hall of Fame even more difficult down the road.
    I have never been to a preseason game and would never go to one. It is ridiculous that the NFL charges full prices for preseason games. The only sport to do so. Could potentially see owners charging 75% for the 3rd preseason game as the starters at least play 3 quarters. All other preseason games should be half price.
    I would rather have the 16 game season and reduce the cost of the preseason games. The only thing I have heard from fans is to reduce the cost of preseason games and eliminate PSLs. I know neither are likely to happen.
    Mainly I don’t think the Commissionaire really knows what NFL fans want, or he is selectively listening.

  68. Completely against 18 games in the regular season. I love watching football, but the regular season already goes on so long it is boring by the end of the regular season. The product doesn’t need more watering down.

  69. I think the league (Goodell) is confusing the frustration of season ticket holders with being charged full price for 4 exhibition games with wanting an 18-game season. This twists the true sentiment of the fan to appear in line with the league.
    With the upcoming CBA fight, both sides are positioning for the best negotiating position, and will appeal to the fan by twisting any indication that this is ‘what the fans want’, or ‘for the spirit of football’.
    The 18 game season hurts players. It bastardizes records. It hurts teams that are out of contention early in the season, which will hurt the quality of football throughout the year. It reduces player development, which will be crucial when teams are scraping together what they can of their rosters just to submit a lineup.
    To any notion that players will be compensated more, I ask HOW? Are they planning on charging more than full price for the extra two games? They’re already getting full price for the preseason games. B.S.!

  70. At first glance as a passionate fan I would say “What could go wrong with even more football?” Well, plenty.
    The NFL wants to increase its revenues. Well, those revenues are going to come right out of our pockets. We’re already taxed hard with our commitments as season-ticket holders or occasional attendees. That’ll hurt. Here in NY/NJ people just can’t afford 8 Sundays at the Meadowlands let alone 9. Not everyone gets free entry like Fireman Ed.
    What about the product? There are bound to be more injuries. The rosters will have to increase, so practice-squad players will litter NFL rosters during the season, watering down the talent level.
    This just smacks of greed, pushing the limits to give us too much of a good thing. Soccer is played year round in Europe & elsewhere, but how many torn ACL’s, broken bones, ruptured achilles, and debilitating concussions diminish their product? We’re trying to squeeze more water out of a sponge that’s already out in the sun all day. Let’s enjoy what we have.

  71. BoMeister
    “OK, Florio, must be a public school grad. Trying to be smart but evinces only a paucity of edification.”
    I hope you didn’t spill any of the glue you were ‘imbibing’ on that fancy thesaurus of yours. Speaking of, I love this one:
    “urine imbibed towel.”
    Wow. Just wow.

  72. What a joke from the commissioner’s office – like many people, I am totally opposed to this and he loses all credibility when he says “the fans have spoken very clearly” in favor of this. That’s garbage. If you’re going to shove it down people’s throats, go ahead, but don’t lie to your fan base about it. I guess we’re not looking at one of the all time great commissioners in NFL history here.
    Why is it that the average fan realizes how ideal things are right now and can see all the downsides of a longer season, when injuries already pile up, but the commissioner’s office can? This in the face of mounting evidence about the severity of brain and other injuries by the way. Easy – they do see it, but there’s more money to be made with these disposable players.
    Why not just expand to 48 teams, 20 game schedule, raise ticket prices further and put all games on pay per view? What about Wednesday Night Football?
    It’s just like the plan to expand the NCAA tournament field – being done without any regard to what the actual fans think but purporting to speak for the fans. I don’t recall a fan survey at or at stadiums on whether fans favored a longer schedule or not.

  73. I AM OPPOSED TO THIS, in every way. Don’t know who you’re speaking to besides Robert Kraft, Goodell you little toadie.

  74. Opposed to an 18-game schedule.
    I don’t see the need to fix something that isn’t broken. The current system has worked for decades and changing the format would greatly impact non-superstars development.
    Keep it the way it is.

  75. I’m all for an 18 game season. Coaches have other ways to evaluate rookies and journeymen, and the more meaningful games the better in my opinion.

  76. Absolutely NO to the 18 game schedule. There is perfect balance in the league right now. Two 16 team conferences with four four-team divisions. The schedule works perfectly well as is. Two more games will dilute the regular season, shorten careers, and lead to more big-name players missing games during the playoffs.
    And NO to expanding the playoffs. Bringing in two more teams in each conference would mean that half the league makes it. This ain’t the NBA, so leave it alone!
    Goodell is so insincere with his “the fans have spoken” crap; this is all about money and NOTHING else.

  77. An 18 game season will substitute meaningless preseason games for meaningless games at the end of the season. The end of the NFL season will look like the end of the baseball season looks now.
    Now that the Yankees have got their spot in the postseason who do you think you will see in uniform for the last few games?
    One team will like the 18 game season. A certain 70’s Dolphin team.

  78. Looks like the Commish is getting P.R. advice from Glenn Beck. If you say it over and over again, it must be true.

  79. I do not watch Baseball, Hockey or Basketball (even the playoffs). Football is the only professional sports I watch, but I believe that the current number of games and playoff format are just right.
    I have yet to personally talk to anyone that wants the season expanded.

  80. The opponents of the 18-game schedule do not make a single credible argument.
    Increased injuries? No evidence of such from past schedule expansions, and the game is far less violent than 30 years ago.
    Dilution of the product? It doesn’t exist.
    Fans can’t afford the extra home game? A lie.

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