Peyton Manning doesn't want a reduction in offseason workouts

Before Colts president Bill Polian spoke out against the possibility of an 18-game season, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning made clear his position that he’s not interested in one of the major changes that would go along with an “enhanced” season.

They’re trying to get rid of offseason workouts,” Manning told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “They’re talking about extending the season to 18 games, so they’re
going to cut down the offseason stuff in return.  That’s not a
fair trade.  Offseason workouts – that’s how we’ve gotten our edge over
the years.  It’s how you really develop a player and improve your craft.

“Without the offseason, how do we get anybody ready to play?  I’ve
thrown to [undrafted receiver] Blair White since we picked him up in April, and there’s no
way he’s ready to play [Sunday] if I don’t have those reps with him.  In
training camp, there just aren’t enough reps to get familiar with a guy
[near the bottom of the depth chart].  You’ve got be able to throw to him
in the spring – otherwise I wouldn’t feel good about rushing him out

Of course, not every NFL player would be upset about unproven players having fewer opportunities to prove themselves.  Many NFL players aren’t stars; they’re middle-to-bottom-of-the-packers trying to protect their turf against the annual onslaught of free agents, draft picks, and undrafted rookies, like Blair White.  So if more games means fewer opportunities to lose the opportunity to play in those games, the reduction of offseason workouts may be a major selling point for some players.

23 responses to “Peyton Manning doesn't want a reduction in offseason workouts

  1. Guys are already dropping like flies in this league. I cant believe with all the “player safety” rules they have in place now they actually think adding 2 games is a good idea!!! Dumb greedy a-holes!

  2. Manning doesn’t want the reduction because he plays in more of a mental position and less of a high-conditioning and hitting position.

  3. “So if more games means fewer opportunities to lose the opportunity to play in those games, the reduction of offseason workouts may be a major selling point for some players.”
    Your logic is flawed: if some of those players hadn’t had offseason workouts to prove themselves, they wouldn’t be in the league now.
    And adding games will increase the injury risk for EVERYONE, and if you take what Manning is saying at face value, you will increase injuries and decrease the quality of the product on the field, and that will decrease my willingness to pay for it.

  4. I like it! I plan to get in shape this offseason so I can fill in for the injured players next year.

  5. If the Colts didn’t have their offseason workouts, they wouldn’t have Anthony Gonzalez’s replacement… The Colts call it “The Blair White Project”

  6. “Practice? We’re in here talkin’ ’bout practice? Practice man, …..practice. We’re in here talkin’ ’bout practice.”

  7. The only people who want an 18 game season are the owners and idiots who think more = better. I can understand the owners position but fans who wanna see an extra 2 games when the season is already 2 games too long annoy the hell outta me.
    Between the refs throwing flags on every play, TV commercial time-outs, injuries, 2 more unnecessary games… the game is being killed. Its almost unwatchable as it is and if you don’t believe me all you have to do is watch a live foreign game feed on the internet. I watch English broadcasts on ATDHE and instead of going to commercial they go to a booth where commentators talk about the action. They do this because no self-respecting Brit would tolerate all the commercials like we do.
    If you support an 18 game season you’re either ignorant of the effects it will have on the season, stupid, or both. More does NOT equal better; but by all means keep showing your support for the owners…

  8. Wait!
    You can’t tell me that an 18 Game Schedule is going to create a football field littered with injured players…and then tell me at the same time younger players won’t get any looks.
    Either, the younger players will get their time in real games because the starters will be injured, OR The starters won’t be injured and they won’t get any playing time.
    I understand the drawbacks to an 18 game schedule but you can’t use those two arguments in concert with eachother.

  9. This is a good example as to show how the quality of play in football will decrease. We already have too many teams.

  10. So why can’t Peyton throw a ball with these guys in a more informal QB/WR’s session? Nothing is stopping him from getting some practice in on his own time.

  11. The golden boy will run to his buddy Polian and the 16 game season will be the norm again. As always Peyton will get what he wants.

  12. Add two games and an extra bye AND leave the preseason as is? Peyton just described the perfect way to reduce the most torturously long offseason in pro sports by six weeks!

  13. Well if Manning is against it, I am all for it. I hate his constant whining, so even if he said he wanted fans to get tickets for free I am against it and anything he says.

  14. BC,
    Google Peyton working out with Gonzalez, and Collie, and then try to determine if Manning has more than likely put in more of an effort of working with a young guy out side of the normal practice time.
    There aren’t many if any players in the league that put in anything near the amount of TIME that Manning does.
    So your comment comes off either a) bashing, b) ignorant.

  15. For the record, if you here Troy Aikman, talk he’s amazed at how Manning runs practice, but it’s clear he’s not the head coach or Cuntis Painter would have never been allowed to shit the bed against the Jets/Bills last year when Polian/Caldungywell spit in the face of perfection.
    If Manning were truly in charge, the Colts would have played both of those games full tilt.

  16. Figures!……….Peyton is like the nerd in junior high school who would ask the teacher to give the class more homework.

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