Tom Coughlin calls out Hakeem Nicks

Giants coach Tom Coughlin is feeling pressure, and in turn he’s putting pressure on his players. And one player in particular, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, felt Coughlin’s wrath the day after the Giants’ loss to the Titans.

An Eli Manning pass bounced off Nicks’ hands and was intercepted on Sunday, and that’s the second time this season that has happened. Coughlin says twice is twice too many.

“Why this is taking place with Hakeem . . . you have to catch that ball,” Coughlin said, per Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. “I can tell you, ‘Yeah, the route should have been this way and the quarterback should have put it here,’ and so on. You have to catch the ball.”

Nicks blamed the mistake on “Lack of concentration. You have to look the ball all the way in. It just comes from trying to make a move before you look the ball all the way in.”

Coughlin says that whatever the reason, the Giants’ receivers need to stop dropping passes.

“You expect a guy at this level, if he gets his hands on the ball, he better catch the ball,” Coughlin said. “Period.”

13 responses to “Tom Coughlin calls out Hakeem Nicks

  1. Coughlin asking a Receiver to catch the ball wow asking alot
    4 times this year players of given up the ball

  2. Mentioned on the radio yesterday that two or three of Manning’s INTs have been legitimate (ie balls bouncing off players hands). Coughlin SHOULD be on their a**es!

  3. Its more than Nicks, especially when he scored 3 TDs week 1 for your only victory. How about “Wrathing” Eli a little for the left handed jump shot INT. No chemistry, no discipline, no leadership. Bust season for G-men this year, 4-12. All division games left still, Hou, @ GB, @ Minn. Its only a matter of time until Coughlin sitting home unemployed. Its all good though Giants fans, Top 5 pick and Bill Cowher for next year.

  4. Fraud Jacobs throwing his helmet in the stands. Antrel Rolle whining. Coaches calling out players. This is a franchise headed in the right direction. I love watching NY teams crash and burn.

  5. Maybe Coughlin should call out the other players (McKenzie, Diehl, Jacobs, Rolle) that racked up more personal foul penalties than I can remember in a single game. Games are won and lost by field position, and you’re not winning when your offense is constantly moving BACKWARDS 15 yds at a time. Grow up Coughlin, your other players are out of control and you’re calling out a WR who leaves it on the field every weekend for your sorry ass. Why didn’t you call out Jacobs for throwing a HELMET into the stands 2 weeks ago…then starting fights this past weekend?!

  6. Coughlin should stop pointing the finger and someone else. It won’t matter anyways, he’s out after this year.

  7. Every INT Eli has thrown this season, minus the left armed one (which was still deflected) should’ve been caught.

  8. maybe he should scream more…treat his players like petulant children…install more ridiculous Draconian rules (you MUST keep both feet on the floor at all times during meetings)…and constantly rob the joy of playing a kid’s game from his players. oh wait….

  9. He should treat them like f’ing children if they’re going to act like them. They ALL need to get their ish together and quickly. It’s a little bit more than a kids game when its a billion dollar industry and the players need to start freaking realizing that. As a lifelong G-men fan I like Coughlin but damn dude… Get a hold of your friggin team before the season is a complete bust. The Bears pass rush isn’t gonna make things any easier Sunday night so I pray that something happens this week to motivate these players to step up to the level of professionalism and skill that they should be playing at. STOP DROPPING PASSES… and the next time big baby Jacobs throws a temper tantrum fine him and suspend him a game. I’m sure Ware can give us the 14 yds a game that Jacobs is good for anymore.

  10. He expects his highly paid receivers to catch the ball? What does he think they are, slaves?
    Signed, Fat Albert.

  11. Why does everyone want Cowher? After 14 years with the Steelers, he only came away with one Super Bowl Ring – Does that make him Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi? He has won just as many SuperBowls as Brian Billick.
    Biggest problem is the O-line: BENCH McKenzie and put in Andews, Koets or Beatty full time to see where we go.
    Was Coughlin wrong that the receivers need to catch the ball? Absolutely not…when I throw around a football with friedns or family, the joke is “Sorry, didn’t mean to hit you in the hands!!” That’s why none of us play in the NFL. They shouldn’t drop it if it hits their hands!!!!!
    This is more of an execution issue than coaching…I liked most of the play-calling, but the execution flat-out sucked! Coughlin can’t go on the field and remind them to concentrate….or keep their tempers in check. They are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL football players – Keep your own tempers in check – take responsibility for your own action!!

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