Wade Phillips: Doug Free is team's best offensive lineman so far

The conventional wisdom all offseason: The Cowboys offensive line was solid, except for that big question mark at left tackle, Doug Free.

The reality of the first three games: The aging Cowboys offensive line has issues.  Except for their one young guy, Doug Free. 

had confidence, but I’m not sure you’d say, ‘Hey, he might be in the
Pro Bowl’ or something. But he might be. He’s a good player,” coach Wade Phillips said on Monday.

Phillips added that Free has been the team’s best offensive lineman despite facing Julius Peppers and Mario Williams.  He’s given up no sacks and only one tackle.  (Tony Romo has only been sacked once overall.)  Free gets help, but not as much as you think, according to ESPNDallas’ Calvin Watkins.  

You criticize the Cowboys for not developing younger, better depth elsewhere on the line.  But the decision to dump Flozell Adams for Free looks like a wise move.

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  1. Flozell will cost my Steelers a game this season, you heard it here first. Ben better get rid of the ball quick, I been watching him and the DE gets by him a lot and I have seen quite a few plays where Adams could of been called for holding(more like tackling) the DE because he got a step on him. I’m not a big fan of Willie “Tyrannosaurus Rex” Colon but Flozell is not an improvement. The Steelers have to address this in the first 2 rounds of next year’s draft, it has to be done. Colon and Adams are holding penalty machines.

  2. Benny, you now know Jerry’s master plan to screw with Pittsburgh. The plan was to dump Flozell knowing that the Steelers were hurting for a tackle. You guys sign him and now you’re screwed.
    *evil laugh*

  3. I hope this makes Jamie Dukes eat Crow, all he did this Summer was say that Free was the weak link, when he played last year, he was solid too.

  4. As I predicted, we know everything we need to about Free after the first three games.
    In those games he faced Brian Orakpo, Julius Peppers, & Mario Williams. The fact that none of those ‘sack machines’ got even so much as a sniff of Romo against Free tells you a great deal about the kid.
    Of course the Dallas O line averages 30 years, with the oldest lineman 32, so I don’t quite get why the talking heads want to project this image of a bunch of guys using walkers…
    Aren’t O linemen generally at their peak later than other positions? I’ve always heard that 30-32 is when O linemen are at their peak.

  5. # Kevin from Philly says: September 28, 2010 12:41 PM
    Guess this was the lone acorn for the blind squirrel GM.
    Isn’t that what people said last year when Jerry insisted that TO was expendable because we had a viable replacement already in house?

  6. kevin, a blind squirrel GM? they have an undrafted guy at QB, an undrafted guy that’s one of the best WRs in the NFL, a third round pick that is one of the best TE’s in the NFL, not to mention the man has increased the value of the Cowboys by about 1,000% since he bought the team and has won three Super Bowl trophies in the process, and you think he’s a “blind squirrel”? You must have a really low opinion of every Eagles GM ever.

  7. Where’s Opie to tell us once again how the Cowboys are going to start Alex Barron at LT because Doug Free is too valuable as a back up? Come on Opie. I know you want to stand behind your projections.

  8. 1-2 isn’t anything to be concerned about. They’re 1 game behind the rest of the NFL, big deal. The Defense will win many games for Dallas this year. McNabb 2 FG’s, Cutler 1-11 on 3rd down, Houston #1 offense =1TD. to go with 3 sacks by Ware..There’s a trend developing on defense and I think the offense took a couple of weeks to catch up. Besides, we play the Giants twice in the next six weeks. Dallas will roll through this pathetic division much as the Chargers start slow EVERY YEAR and then roll through theirs. Can’t wait for this defense to shell shock Vick too!

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