49ers say their offense will have more variation

We’ve heard this week that the 49ers offense under new coordinator Mike Johnson will be more creative. It will have more variety, and look to exploit matchups more.

That may all be true.  But after listening to the press conferences from Mike Singletary to Alex Smith, I remembered back to the summer.  Back then, all we heard was that former coordinator Jimmy Raye’s offense was ready to take major strides. 

do think there will be more variation
,” Smith said on Wednesday via the Sacramento Bee. “I think personnel
and formations and things like that, there will be some different
things. I think we’ll find out how they’re going to play certain
personnel, find out how they’re going to play certain formations and
then go from there.”

Mike Singletary said he chose Mike Johnson for offensive coordinator in part because of a conversation the two men had Sunday night.  Singletary asked for Johnson to make a list of all the ideas he had to improve the offense.

liked what I saw,” Singletary said. “I felt good about what I saw and
with the conviction that he spoke on, and with some of the things that
I’ve seen him do, some of the ideas, some of the creativity, I felt that
it would be a good move.”

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  1. Well it isn’t hard to accomplish that goal, considering they have run about 8 different types of plays this year.

  2. Niners need a REAL GM. A football guy, not the owners son and his buddy. Look at what KC has done in one year. They don’t know what they dont know.

  3. Smith holds the ball for what seems like eternity. Until they dump him they have problems.
    Singletary is a good coach and great motivator of the D. They need someone to do that for the O.
    I bet he really picked him just for names sake .. Mike “the big Johnson” Singletary. Team metings should be interesting.

  4. Dingleberry got rid of Mike Martz as his OC because he didnt like the “Spread” offense. He wanted to go ground and pound. After about 4 Candidates turned down requests and interviews to be Dingleberrys OC he settled on Jimmy Raye. Together they were going to bring back the smash mouth offense. Now Dingleberry fires the guy that was doing exactly what he wanted and now wants to open it up offensively? This guy is a joke and a bafoon! The same guy that dropped his pants at halftime in front of the whole team to get them fired up! (Not sure what he wanted to fire them up for?) This team needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Starting with The Owners, the Yorks. Then get a REAL GM, Get rid of Dingleberry, hes a laughing stock! and GET RID OF THE BIGGEST BUST IN NFL HISTORY! #! overall pick ALEX SMITH! He has been playing 6 years made millions and millions of dollars and had just as many excuses made for him as dollars made. 6 years and look up the stats, it will amaze you!

  5. The coach is trying to be optimistic. Perhaps, the new guy will tailor the offensive strategy to match the talents of the players involved? The coach could try Troy Smith before the wheels fall off the season. He did win a Heisman and the college championship,

  6. Singletary is the coach version of Alex Smith. I hope it doesn’t take 6 years to figure it out. Both good, solid humans but a little in over their head.
    Generally you know if someone has “it” right away and Singletary just doesn’t seem to be the guy. He can motivate the hell out of people and I would want my daughter to marry someone like him but…

  7. Spicoli nailed it. Smith is an obvious weak link.
    If they get smoked in Atlanta (which I suspect is true), Singletary is going to have to consider other options. Once Smith is benched, his career in SF is over (music to the ears of many fans.)
    If the season is lost, I don’t like Carr as the backup, no point in playing him. They should see what Troy Smith and Nate Davis have before next April.

  8. # JSpicoli says: September 29, 2010 7:56 PM
    The “variation” they need is to lose ASmith.
    Could not agree more, i said it before… as long as Raye is the OC and A smith the QB, this team is going no where.
    @ RaiderRob21 – I think your quote should’ve been ” Get rid of alex smith, a huge overall #1 pick. We all know who the biggest bust in history was picked by the team across the bay. lets not kid ourself here.

  9. troy isnt the answer at all either.
    nate is dyslexic. anyone who thinks he will ever be the answer is on dope.
    carr may rebound from being damaged goods at some point. thinking next year.
    yer married to smith this year. at least yall divorced raye.
    i like it how people say manusky isnt qualified to be hc. he probly expressed no interest in it before the pantsless wonder (who i used to like, no heaumeau) was promoted over him.
    manusky is way more qualified and suitable to be an hc than the pantsless wonder. he gets the plays in!

  10. Where, oh where is csulb49er?
    Still looking for those 14 points yer niners were supposed to beat the Chiefs by last week?

  11. Smith plays like he’s trying to protect his qb rating above all else. And he’s not doing a very good job I think he’s at 69.5 but that’s all Crabtree’s fault and also some blame goes to Gore for not having gogo gadget arms on that swing pass vs saints. This team is full of excuses and most of the fans (the dumb majority) study film carefully to blame anyone other than 6 year veteran rookie Alex smith.

  12. Mike Johnson’s List To Improve Offense….
    1. New Quarterback
    2. Score a touchdown
    3. Add a couple new plays, bring the total to 8
    4. Buy Falcon’s defense hookers and coke
    5. Get 1st pick in the Draft

  13. Leave Dinglebary alone for dropping his pants.
    He was in San Francisco. Someone told him the best way to get a bunch of men in San Francisco worked into a lather is for another man to take off his pants.
    Mike figured, “When in Rome….” and did what he figured would get the best results.

  14. More variation huh? So 2 runs between the tackles followed by a screen wasn’t creative enough? Shocker! lol. I guess we’ll see Sunday. I’m not sure if Singletary will let Johnson move to a more Spread type look. Mike let that happened at the end of last year, so who knows?
    I think Singletary really wants to make the offense a power running team til the bitter end. Maybe, he’ll adjust to the type to team he has. Either that or we’ll see a long disappointing season and probably the end of the Singletary era in SF.
    Growing up watching the WCO, I’d prefer to see passing to set up the run in today’s NFL, but that’s just me.

  15. How about use Vernon Davis and let him catch some passes. He proved last year that he is a threat anytime he goes out for a pass and he is killing my fantasy team having Dustin Keller get a hell of a lot more points on my bench. Any advise on who to start this week???? haha

  16. @baigcali4life – “Growing up watching the WCO, I’d prefer to see passing to set up the run in today’s NFL, but that’s just me. ”
    Amen, brother. Smith might even be able to work in that system, and it will definitely help out Gore. At the pace Gore is getting hammered now, he won’t last too long.

  17. # DYNASTY says: September 29, 2010 8:00 PM
    Smith is killing me! i have Vernon “where’s my 13 TD’S” Davis? Com’n Man!
    You need to check the waiver wire or find some Dingleberry to trade with.

  18. “nate is dyslexic. anyone who thinks he will ever be the answer is on dope.”
    Someone’s a genius.

  19. mistakes are obvious now, and hindsight is always 20/20. It is what it is at the moment – so at least they’re still trying.
    How much can you really make fun of someone who’s struggling?

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