Bills sign Chris Kelsay to four-year extension

Aaron Schobel probably did the Bills a favor when he decided not to take their $8 million this season.  That’s too much for a player missing his passion for football, and the Bills are freed up to spend some of the money elsewhere.

The Bills agreed to a four-year contract extension with converted linebacker Chris Kelsay.

“I said from day one that I’d be loyal to this organization,” Kelsay told Chris Brown of “They took a chance on me when they drafted me fairly high. We
haven’t done a lot of winning since I’ve been here, but I think that’s
going to turn around. I want to be a part of the solution.”

The team is clearly happy with Kelsay’s transition to the 3-4 defense.  Metric-based websites have indicated Kelsay struggling the last few years, but the Bills see something different.

What say you, Bills fans: Good move?

32 responses to “Bills sign Chris Kelsay to four-year extension

  1. He wasn’t that impressive at the DE position and he is even less so at OLB. But then again, this is the organization that thought it was a good idea to take Maybin over Orakpo. Can’t wait for someone else to own this team.

  2. I think it was a good move. Kelsay has been a solid DE and I think he will do more for the team playing LB. He is a good pass-rusher but lacks in the coverage department. With time I believe he will become better at covering the TE’s. Go Bills!!

  3. I cant think of anything Kelsay has done to deserve anything. Literally. Not a thing. Definatly nothing that deserves an extention 3 games into the season in a new defensive system.
    I just dont know.

  4. Worst move ever. He is targeted every game and cant cover worth a crap. You and I both know, that the Bills have no idea what is going on.

  5. I love the Bills, but this guy is a piece of garbage!! He would be lucky to be third string on any other team in the NFL. Cut this piece of shit along with Maybin.

  6. Kelsay has always been a player whose contributions came from aspects other than sacks. He was able to make tackles in space, could drop into coverage and even turned in the occasional interception. In a lot of ways he probably was always better suited to be a linebacker than a defensive end, and now he gets to put all those skills to use. Good move by the Bills.

  7. Well, the only thing keeping us Bills fans from freaking out right now is that we actually got wind of this four days ago, so most of the freaking out is over.
    Kelsay was a mediocre defensive end, and is a bad outside linebacker. I simply have no idea why this organization is so in love with such an underwhelming player.

  8. “I said from day one that I’d be loyal to this organization,………………..I’d be loyal to my company if I got paid to do nothing!!

  9. How can you possibly evaluate this signing, or any signing, without knowing the financial terms? Kelsay isn’t the Bills’ best player, but he’s solid. It all depends how much they pay him.

  10. I am taking this all in and seeing that everyone on here who say the most retarded things will eat their words. The team maybe in trouble with Nix running the show but they are do for a turnaround. At least we do not cheat with camara’s. This team doesnt go on HBO and act like complete jack asses either. At least Gaily knows when to put the swiss cake rolls down.

  11. If you were with a bunch of Bills fans and said “I think Chris Kelsay has done a great job switching to OLB and deserves a $6 M per year extension,” the room would erupt in laughter.
    He’s been awful making tackles in space, continues to get stoned one-on-one by TEs in pass rush situations, and is embarrassed regularly by backs and TEs in coverage.

  12. How about actually finding a 3-4 linebacker next year? Kelsay gets beat all over the field. He over pursues and is not fast enough to recover. I dont get it. Maybe he will play QB

  13. why bills why?!
    he was alright when he was playing the opposite side to shoe bell but he just doesn’t cut it as a OLB
    the bills always keep the wrong players and let the good ones move on to other teams

  14. Sal Maiorana tweeted that Kelsay got four years $24 million. You have to wonder if Jim Overdorff is still sticking his nose into things. He cut Troy Vincent without the coaches knowing and it wouldn’t surprise me if he resigned Kelsay without Nix’s approval. Six million a year is a joke he wouldnt even start on another football team. That is what you get for being bad.

  15. So a 4-year, 26 million dollar deal for a 30-year old former DE now OLB?! Job responsibillities of a 3-4 OLB: 1. Cover (he can’t do that) 2. rush the passer (he can’t do that). He got a raise after recording 5.5, 2, 2.5 and 5 sacks. He gets burned by TE’s on a weekly basis. This team is a complete and utter joke. Nix and Gailey have ALREADY proven they cannot judge talent. I never thought I’d say this, but I am about to turn in my Bills fan card. Ralph Wilson – go s#$% in your hat.

  16. Well Cellino and Barns will be happy. 4 more years of playing that stupid commercial. (bills fans will understand this)

  17. It’s such a weird move. I can’t see other teams driving up his value as a free agent, so why not wait until then? He’s in the last year of his contract. I’m no Ron Jaworski, but I’ve seen him lumbering in coverage a good five yards behind wide open TE’s a lot in three games. Maybe he has value as pass rush specialist, but so much so that you have to get this done after three games at a new position? Like many things at One Bills Drive, it just doesn’t make sense.

  18. I have been a Bills season ticket holder for 20+ yrs. I used to bleed red, white and blue. The Bills in the 90’s were unreal. We do have the best fans in the league.
    Unfortunately the last 10 yrs have been crazy in terms of how NOT to run a franchise. The decisions made by the franchise have been crazy…Whitner, Kelsay, Edwards, Dockery, Spiller, on and on…we have not drafted a offensive lineman in yrs, we draft a RB when we need an OL and use him to return kicks? We didn’t know Edwards sucked for 5 months of camp and then cut him. Coaching and GM and talent guys suck. Now we will win 2-3 games this year and draft a QB – but we have no one to protect him! Draft OL and DL and get a FA QB thahas experience! This is football…not rocket science!

  19. Typical Bills rewarding a mediocre player for mediocre results with a long term deal. God their managment stinks! It is sad when the fans know more than the team management.
    Next up for extensions, based on this precedent, should be Whitner, Maybin (hey, 3 tackles and 2 assists in 2 games should yield another 5 year deal), McCargo, Ellis, Green and about a half dozen other stiffs.
    Terrible drafting, terrible pro personnel moves. Just the worst organization!

  20. Im a Bills fan and they are easily one of the top 3 worst franchises out of all 4 major sports teams. We have no plan, no direction. We have a QB competition during training camp and the winner is cut three weeks into the season. We draft ANOTHER running back in the first round, 9th overall and he is a 3rd stringer. We passed on Cushing, Matthews and Orakpo last year for another LB who I won’t even mention because he is terrible. Signing Kelsay is another horrible move. From what I’ve seen out of him as a OLB is he can’t cover anyone and is a terrible open field tackler.

  21. I remember in Madden 2004, Kelsay notched 10.5 sacks in a franchise season. Other than that I traded him to the Browns for Tim Couch.

  22. @AngelHeartsBuckeyes………….Might just be one of the best posts I have ever seen on the state of this franchise………well said my friend, couldn’t post anything better than that!!

  23. I thought Nix was supposed to know what the heck he was doing. This shows the exact opposite. Kelsay gives good effort, but lacks the talent and athletecism to play OLB in the 3-4. This was beyond foolish and symbolizes what is wrong with the Bills right now. The people in charge of making these personnel moves since Polian left have all been inept to say the least.

  24. The Bills biggest problem on defense is pass rush and they sign a guy who cant rush the passer for 4 more years. Please just sell this team and move it to LA. Save everyone the pain and agony of watching a 95 year old man milk the good people of Buffalo for more and more money each year.

  25. Mentally he’s a good player but physically he’s not fast enough to play OLB. Go back and watch the last 3 games and I’ll bet you there are 10-15 plays where he is in perfect position to make a great play (sacking the QB or stuffing a run for a loss) and he is simply to slow. In the Miami game alone he was in the backfield 6-7 different plays and Brown just ran away from him. He’s got the smarts just not the talent to be a OLB… all of that being said…. that contract is an absolute joke.
    I just don’t understand the timing. Do we really need to “lock that guy up” so we don’t lose him? Could we see how he plays for a few more games in the 3-4? (He wasn’t exactly the best in the 4-3, so I’m not real optimistic about him coming around.)
    Don’t get me wrong, over his career here, he has been a “functional” player for us… Certainly never a liability on the field (relatively speaking)…. I don’t mind him ending his career here (lets remember, he is friggin 30 yrs old! WTF!??!), BUT…. You cant tell me that we wouldn’t of been able to sign him for like 10 or 12 million versus 24 million…. Gimme a break. The team is a farce.

  26. You asked for us to say we hate it…
    ‘we hate it’
    Saying that they guy is a leader on a team desperate for leadership, that helps his price tag.
    He can’t cover ANYONE, oh I tried to justify it, but just can’t

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