Chad Ochocinco will curtail trash talk until he plays better

You shouldn’t talk trash if you can’t back it up, and so Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco says he’s not going to be talking much trash this week.

“I usually start the trash talking but the offense has been really stagnant so I have to back off of that a little bit until we pick up to where we’re supposed to be in and do some of the things that’s expected of us offensively,” Ochocinco said today, per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It’s me. No, I’m serious, everything is me. A lot of media from outside is pointing the finger. When things don’t go right with us offensively, it’s on me. It’s my fault when everything goes wrong. I like the pressure.”

Ochocinco said there’s nothing wrong with Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, although the stats — a career-low 56.6% completion rate, with three touchdowns and three interceptions — would suggest that Palmer isn’t playing particularly well.

For his part, Palmer says the offense just has to stop digging holes for itself with penalties.

“There’s been a handful of things that slow you down, but I think the biggest thing is always penalties,” Palmer said. “When you get in situations where it’s first and long, second and long, it makes third down really tough and we’ve definitely struggled on third down the last couple weeks. And third down’s what keeps you on the field. So if we can eliminate penalties and not beat ourselves in that way, then that will help out tremendously.”

Until the Bengals stop beating themselves, Ochocinco says he’ll be quiet.

28 responses to “Chad Ochocinco will curtail trash talk until he plays better

  1. Chad is entertaining! I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I think he is a riot! He is just having fun and doing it cleanly. He doesn’t drink alcohol, he doesn’t do drugs….damn, he a young, rich man… have fun Chad, while you can!

  2. I know he’s hilariously funny and everything but I wonder if after Ochocino’s playing days are over he will regret never having won a playoff game.

  3. He should shut the F up regardless of how he’s playing. So much hot air the world is certain to end a few years earlier than it otherwise would.

  4. Who else would openly admit that they would dial down smack talking? I’m certain this wont impede PFT’s “best and brightest” from finding fault w/Chad.

  5. He is an as*hole and one of the few players I hope gets hurt everytime he touches the ball along with his buddy T.O.

  6. “I want to be a Hall of Famer Coach. I want to be better than Jerry Rice. Help me coach.”
    How did that work out?
    STFU idiot.

  7. When you hate like some douchbags on here you only feed the fire. A single man cannot win a playoff game. Dumba$$es.

  8. he actually is a me first guy, check out all the financial promises he made and didnt follow thru on.
    palmer has appeared to slip, however. the OL could be much better. and cincy’s wideouts are getting old.

  9. re-watched the game tape and Chad’s right. It’s not Carson, it’s the oline.
    When carson has gotten the time to get off a good throw, he’s been money. He only missed 2 passes Sunday where he actually had time to get off a good throw.

  10. You know if Chad takes the blame for the slow start, it’s not him. This is a classy move on his part, Palmer needs to get focused.

  11. Chad stay quiet!? Will never happen. I can’t understand why he gets as much attention as he does. What has he accomplished? Another big mouth WR who is not getting any younger.

  12. So what? The Bungles and especially shit-for-brains 85 have never done anything that gives them the right to talk trash.
    All mouth, no ass.

  13. Does this really mean silence for the whole year? Doubt it. No dancing, no tweeting, no Butman & Rubin references? No popcorn, no hall of fame blazier, no sending mustard to the opposing team? No TO & Ocho show? Shut up and play bitch for once. Palmer is done. TO is trouble in waiting. Benson has started to whine publicly about the direction of the offense. This is how it all starts. The implosion is coming.
    Connie, nice to see you picked a new team.

  14. # connie says: September 29, 2010 6:35 PM
    “Chad is a class act Not like some players”
    Figures you’re a Bungholes fan.
    You fit right in with the rest of the bottom feeding maggots.

  15. Seriously …. Ocho is a class act. He’s being selfless … Any of you Bengals fans hear about his reality tv bomb show “the ultimate catch”.
    God bless it if you actually think he’s a team player and making these comments for any reason other than drawing attention to himself while he plays like shiite.
    Ocho and TO are two birds of a feather. All about them .. not one ounce of their being is about others.
    With that said, I agree with all the informed Bengals fans. O-line is critical and it’s not looking good thus far. Palmer is also not right. Kind of like the end of ’07. Something is still wrong in that arm …
    Good luck in Baltimore and Pittsburgh this year. It’s not going to be pretty on the road. In fact, the brownies might sneak up and surprise the Bengals on the road. They usually surprise and hang in there with the rivalry.

  16. The Oline is bad at pass protect, Carson hasn’t looked good since his elbow turned south (should have had the surgery), and no one can catch the ball right now. Thank goodness we have a fantastic defense, so we will be in almost every game. Imagine how good this team can be IF the offense can get on the same page. The team is 2-1 and the offense can’t get started. Who’da thunkit?

  17. Should have upgraded that o-line in the draft and through free agency.
    You think they look bad now, take a look at the second half of the Bengal’s schedule.

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