Falcons to honor all of their former Pro Bowlers, except one

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will break out their throwback uniforms on Sunday, during a visit from the 49ers.  Per a league source, there’s an interesting angle to the event, which will include a slap in the face at a player who consistently has suckered punched the organization.

The source explains that the Falcons have made throwback jerseys for their former Pro Bowl players.  Nearly 30 of them are expected to receive their jerseys at the game.  The rest will have the jerseys delivered to them.

Players who won’t be in attendance — but who will get the jerseys — include former Falcons cornerback Deion Sanders.  But the source says that one player will be left out.  It’s not quarterback Mike Vick; he’ll get one.

Omitted will be cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

We’re told that Hall isn’t getting a jersey because of the things he has said about the organization since leaving after the 2007 season — and because of the sideline incident that occurred when he returned to the Georgia Dome last year with the Redskins.

Our guess?  Hall will catch wind of the diss, and then he’ll say or do something that will further justify the Falcons’ decision to exclude him from the honor.

UPDATE:  We’re now told there’s a split of opinion in the organization as to whether Hall should be omitted.  Owner Arthur Blank apparently will have the final say.  He has yet to resolve the situation.

50 responses to “Falcons to honor all of their former Pro Bowlers, except one

  1. They should give Hall his jersey, and they should attach a yellow flag to it, u know to make it more authentic.

  2. Maybe they’ve just decided to pay tribute to the past pro-bowlers who were, you know, good players. deangelo is a joke

  3. I can’t believe this story. This is crazy. The Falcons have over 30 former Pro Bowlers?
    Hall is a douche though.

  4. Deangelo Hall is still the man though, he just doesn’t give a shit. If I’d have managed to get paid as much as he did I’d be cocky too. That’s the American dream.

  5. Thank goodness for the “rich” tradition of the Atlanta Falcons.
    And yes, I put rich in quotation marks to insinuate that the Falcons in fact, don’t have a rich tradition.

  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this dissappoints me. As an organization, the Atlanta Falcons should put themselves above petty bickering with a former player, who let’s face it, made his pro bowl contribution to their team. This is one case where it more than makes sense to be the bigger man/team.

  7. It won’t be any concern to MeAngelo, he made a cool 8 mil getting Eddie Royaled for the Raiders the following season so it was all good.

  8. “They should give Hall his jersey, and they should attach a yellow flag to it, u know to make it more authentic.” – Hilarious

  9. JaggedMark says:
    September 29, 2010 9:08 PM
    They should give Hall his jersey, and they should attach a yellow flag to it, u know to make it more authentic.
    Funny. As. Hell.

  10. Maybe they didn’t include him because they realized he had no business making the Pro Bowl in the first place. Dude is probably the most overrated cornerback in the league.

  11. who cares… i already got much love from fire halls around the country… every where he played he got burned……………

  12. Classy for an organization that just had it’s first back to back winning seasons in team history.
    That’s some rich history right there.
    I guess hanging banners for two consecutive winnings seasons is not as appealing.
    Must have been jealous watching other teams honor hall of famers.
    Blank owns Home Depot, he is just playing the business side including Vick in the meaningless gesture. Al Sharpton has been irrelevant for awhile and something stupid like that would stoke his fire.

  13. Any organization that would honor D’Angelo Hall as a “great player” is bush league at best. Hall sucked, sucks now and will continue to suck as long as he is in the NFL. The WR’s in the NFL lick their chops everytime they play against him for a reason.
    His should change his name to D’ Toasted Always.

  14. I would expect an organization to take the high road. People have the aptitude to grow and mature and have thier reasons for being angry but it says a lot about a company or organization if they can’t turn the chapter and see a prodigal son for what he is. Good Or Bad De’angelo fits the criteria of what they are honoring, he sold a lot of those jerseys and helped fill seats, for an organization that the media credits with being nothing but classy this seems a little low brow to me

  15. Deangelo was such a geek while he was here in Atlanta. His sole claim to fame was that he was the fastest player in the NFL, yet receivers who are not known for there speed consistently got by him.
    The Falcons should reconsider it and give him a jersey with his name on the back, MeAngelo

  16. Now this is stupid……why honor Michael Vick, but not DeAngelo Hall???? As a Redskin fan, i know Hall is overrated and a jerk, BUT Vick getting honored and Hall not is very odd. Hall didnt get arrested and sent to prison. Hall didnt cause Atlanta to move on and start over with a new quarterback in Matt Ryan. I think both Hall and Vick shouldnt be honored.

  17. I’m all for Vick being a “changed man”, 2nd chance, he’s doing great. Everything that he has done since his arrest (except the birthday party) is above and beyond what was expected. He could have become a higher-profile Maurice Clarett very easily.
    But the fact is, he was the face of the franchise, led the league in jersey sales, made them “relevant” on network TV. Then he completely screwed them. Wasn’t for getting Matt Ryan, that team would be the Buccaneers.
    DeAngelo Hall just got burned by Steve Smith twice a year.

  18. vbe says:
    September 29, 2010 9:42 PM
    Hall is a loser anyway, a loser and a punk.
    I think he’s doing far better than you are there Opie.

  19. Saying you’re a Pro-Bolwer for the Falcons is like saying you’re the smartest kid with down syndrome.

  20. Steeler fans are tools says:
    September 30, 2010 7:46 AM
    Saying you’re a Pro-Bolwer for the Falcons is like saying you’re the smartest kid with down syndrome.
    You do realize the pro bowl is for the best players in the league, not just the best on the team, moron.

  21. So running your mouth makes you a pariah but being sent to prison and screwing over the owner and franchise with blatant lies to all of their faces and basically stealing their money doesn’t? Earning the nickname Ron Mexico doesn’t?
    Yea that’s makes all kinds of sense. It’s kind representative of why the Falcons have sucked donkey balls for so long. Stay classy Atlanta!

  22. Yeah I’m sure Hall cares what they do. And they support Vick? what a joke. And to the ones that say Hall is a loser your retarded. He may be a prick but I’m sure most athletes are.

  23. I’m sure DeAngelo is going to lose alot of sleep over this. How Vick would get one considering the position he put Arthur Blank in, not to mention he lied directly to the man’s face is interesting. If a few quotes in the media criticizing the team who gave up on him along with a scuffle with Mike Smith (a scuffle that was started by Smith) is reason for not giving him a jersey, how petty does that make the Falcons?

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