Kassim Osgood pistol-whipped in confrontation

Jaguars special teams ace Kassim Osgood was attacked along with a 19-year-old woman by the woman’s ex-boyfriend in her Jacksonville home Monday night, according to Dan Scanlan of the Florida Times-Union.

The complete account of the incident from Scanlan is eye-opening.

Julian Armond Bartletto, 20, has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary and violation of an injunction after the confrontation. 

The woman Osgood was with wound up trading gunfire with Bartletto after having a gun pointed to her head.  Osgood was pistol whipped. The woman was also dragged around and hit. 

At one point, the woman tried to escape by leaping over a balcony to the floor below.  Meanwhile, Osgood wedged a chair to the door in the room he was in and jumped out a second floor window to the lawn below.  The woman and Bartletto then traded gunfire on the bottom floor. 

Early in the process, Bartletto reportedly said, “What did that football player say to his girlfriend, it’s a good day to die,” in reference to ex-Florida player Chris Rainey.

Osgood, who signed with the Jaguars this offseason, reportedly escaped with only “minor bruises.”

90 responses to “Kassim Osgood pistol-whipped in confrontation

  1. I’ve had dates like that.
    From now on, when I’m on match.com, in my profile I check the “Like dates with gunplay?” option to “no”.

  2. And that’s why Plaxico and Shaun Rogers pack heat….Only they weren’t doing it safely and correctly within the law. But is there sufficient reason to? YYYEESSSSSSSS absolutely

  3. Kassim might want to re-evaluate his life choices at this point, though a pistol packin momma sounds pretty hot. The jealous ex, not so much.

  4. Nothing says class like bailing out on your 19 year old girlfriend while she’s in a gun battle with her psycho ex-boyfriend. Nicely done, Kassim.
    Osgood is 30 years old, by the way. LMAO.

  5. i wish one of my gfs was packin from time to time…i got some crazy exs too; woulda made for some great headlines.

  6. Things I think:
    aggravated battery – What other kind of battery is there? I think anyone who got battered would be pretty aggravated.
    false imprisonment – Wouldn’t that mean they weren’t really imprisoned? So its wrong to not really imprison someone?

  7. WOW!!!
    Anyone who thinks NFL players are NOT targets and shouldnt carry guns….dont know what world u live in!

  8. SHE traded gunfire with the kid?
    what are you doing Kassim? Get your head out of your ass and concentrate on whats important. You wanna be a thug then stay in the hood. You wanna make millions then wisen up with who you hang out and associate yourself with.

  9. Wow.
    That is all. WOW.
    P.S. Side question: Did Osgood ditch the chick to save his own skin, or was it a matter of circumstance that he ended up alone in a room while she traded gunfire?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. all the “benefits” these players have available to them and all they want to do is run around with society’s trash…
    There’s a way of still KEEPIN IT REAL and not hangin around totally low life idiots in the same breath.
    Do you miss San Diego yet Kassim???

  11. If you’re gonna finally screw up the courage to act this craziness out: the gun play, the kidnapping, the beating of your ex, putting your whole life and future on the line…..at least come up with your own line!
    I bet he sits in prison and bores his cellmate constantly with, “Awe, man I should have said…,” day and night.

  12. I’m not gonna say this is Osgood’s fault, but this is kinda the MO of hoodrats. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Get yourself a real woman, not some hoochie out of a club!

  13. screwed up kinda sad story highlights whats wrong with our society today. Wonder why he was with a 19 yr old in the first place?

  14. The best part of this story is that it was the woman who returned fire against her assailant. Dude was dumb enough to go after a chick who was packing.

  15. Wow… just wow. The same thing almost happened to Reggie Nelsons sorry ass before he got traded. My buddies girlfriend was at his house all trashed’ and when my buddy showed up at Reggies house to retrieve said gf, it was gonna get ugly, but the tramp got in the car and left with her man. Why cant Jags players go after single women?

  16. It must have been a Charger fan angry over their horrible special teams play, wishing Kassim was still there.

  17. Even Omar Little was impressed by the “jumping out da windows” move and continuing to exchange heat.

  18. I don’t know, but if I am the Jaguars, I am seriously thinking of cutting Osgood and signing this chick Bartletto for being a special teams gunner. Tough wench.

  19. Yes, Jacksonville is just gosh-awful, isn’t it? And I’m pretty sure that it’s the ONLY place where this kind of thing ever happens.
    And yet, everybody keeps moving there.

  20. ninjaplease said:
    who the heck was this girl? Jason Bourne’s sister?
    Hahahahhhahahaha…funniest shit I have heard all week!!

  21. In the words of Mike Peterson:
    “Welcome to Duval, prepare to be hit!”
    Back ya know, when we had a defense and stuff…

  22. This is exactly why NFL players should NOT carry guns. So instead of jumping out of a window, he reaches for his gun and the guy shoots him in the face. Or maybe Kassim gets to his gun first and shoots the guy. Do you think Kassim is going to be playing football this weekend? Absolutely not, he will be charged with man slaughter at a minimum. He may get off, but there goes a year of his life.

  23. that story needs a better headline…chrissakes that was more entertaining than watching the jags play football

  24. DamnVairmint:
    It is not “would of”. It is “would have”. Think about “English and/or Grammar for Dummies”

  25. Florida sounds nice. Sean Taylor enjoyed living there alot… and that Jags lineman who lost his leg in a shooting… and that Miami U player who was killed on campus… and Im gonna stop cause this post would be 1,000 lines long.

  26. … and the ESPN show Playmakers was considered fictional. New episodes are being written every week by the NFL players themselves. Hope a network has the balls to bring it back and use real life headlines like this to write weekly scripts. Bring it back!

  27. Suitcasehead Golic says:
    September 29, 2010 12:55 PM
    His folks should be pistol -whipped for naming him Kassim..
    You do realize that Kassim is actually a real name of Arabic origin, not just some made-up, idiotic name like LaDarius or D’Brickashaw, right?

  28. The Klingon’s are making a comeback with phrases that are being used in pistol-whippings. Now Osgood knows what it is like to be whipped by a pistol and an Eagle.

  29. “Wonder why he was with a 19 yr old in the first place?”….Are you really that F’ing stupid? He was helping her with algebra homework!

  30. I’m glad you guys/gals said what I was thinking. Who is he messing with that would go toe to toe with a gun man in a shootout? Maybe he needs to choose his girls a little better. Especially if when the heat get going he go jumping out the window running…

  31. broncosaddict says:
    September 29, 2010 1:07 PM
    Things I think:
    aggravated battery – What other kind of battery is there? I think anyone who got battered would be pretty aggravated.
    false imprisonment – Wouldn’t that mean they weren’t really imprisoned? So its wrong to not really imprison someone?
    Aggravated refers to the person doing the battering, and therefore, it’s different than beating the crap out of someone just for fun.
    It’s wrong to falsely imprison someone because you’re making them think they are imprisoned, when they are really not. That’s dishonest and therefore wrong.

  32. Even if she is the freakiest piece of tail in all of Florida, still not worth getting almost killed over..

  33. Forever the Special Teamer never the Reciever …… KS ….. As we leave aside the question of HOW to catch, lets address the WHAT …. as in what you can, can’t and should’nt catch. 1) balls thown to you, 2) bullets 3) 19 year olds that jump out of windows and trade gun fire with ex boyfreinds.

  34. those young hoes will get you in trouble every time. he had to learn the hard way
    that chick was pretty raw though. i need a chick in my life that will bust a cap at somebody if i need her too.
    as for kassim, george lopez said it best, “mas puto!”

  35. Everybody just needs to calm down here and wait until Tony Dungy has had a chance to brief us on this whole situation.

  36. Sounds to me like she jumped to the room below before he jumped to te ground! None the less girl knows how to spice up a date!

  37. Glad Kassim’s OK. He’s a very likable dude. Miss him in SD.
    So Florio and PFT storytellers, when do we hear about how AJ Smith was responsible for this?

  38. xxxsixeightxxx says:
    September 29, 2010 1:09 PM
    Maybe, just maybe if your rich you shouldnt be in the projects bangin hood rats???
    dafish says:
    September 29, 2010 1:55 PM
    The girl shoots like Garrard throws.
    posts of the day

  39. “The woman Osgood was with wound up trading gunfire with Bartletto “…….. An amazing statement and fewere words in the English language have formualated better sentences. What a lady….

  40. The US military would like this girl’s number to sign her up. As for Osgood, stay out of the hood and get some class (and balls)!

  41. And the short lived ESPN series “Playmakers” wasn’t an accurate description of the NFL, right, it was too tame!
    Can you imagine this scene playing out on a TV drama?

  42. This dude sounds like Omar Little. What are u ppl talking about? Don’t u think they would spin the story so that the money-making NFL player would come out looking innocent ? Smarten up people !

  43. What the article failed to tell you was that the girl was using the RPD w/Grip and FMJ’s. She also had on Marathon, Stopping Power and Ninja. Way to go Osnogood, FNG….SSDD….Stay Frosty.

  44. A 30 yr old NFL star with a 19 yr old woman.
    Wasn’t a cetain QB suspended 4 games for this? Didn’t a lot of you call him a pedophile?
    Oh wait, she said no. No she didn’t. Yes she did. She can’t remember. Who cares? Undefeated.

  45. @Steel Dahn Sahth:
    A 30 yr old NFL star with a 19 yr old woman.
    Wasn’t a cetain QB suspended 4 games for this? Didn’t a lot of you call him a pedophile?
    Osgood being with a 19yr old is legal. Ben raping a girl in a bathroom isn’t.
    See the difference? Probably not. You are in Pitt.

  46. @Steel Dahn Sahth
    Ben was buying a 19 year old alcohol. That’s illegal. Ben hooked up with her in the bathroom of a public establishment. That’s illegal.
    Ben used poor judgement by hooking up with a girl he didn’t know at all. That’s not illegal, that’s awful judgement.
    You trying to proclaim his innocense really does highlight how stupid people from PA are.

  47. she’s nineteen
    got ways like a baby child
    girl, arent u related to dez bryant?

  48. Just LOVE how my comment has been posted twice, and deleted twice. Perhaps a level-minded person such as myself noting the similarity between Osgood and a certain QB who used to live in Nashville are too much for the PFT Gods to handle.

  49. # grr215 says: September 29, 2010 1:22 PM
    Wonder why he was with a 19 yr old in the first place?
    …because she was 19. You really don’t know the answer to that question????

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