Bill Parcells: "I'm not one to sit around"

Unlike Tiki Barber, we are sure Bill Parcells would get a rousing ovation at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday as the team unveiled its new Ring of Honor.  If he showed up.

Unfortunately, Parcells has a prior commitment and won’t be there.  (The Dolphins play Monday night, so that’s not the problem.) We’re not sure where Parcells will be Sunday or in 2011.

Despite reports in Miami that Parcells will be hanging out for a while in his “consultant” role with the Dolphins, Parcells admitted Thursday on a conference call he didn’t know what’s next for him.

I’m not one to sit around,” Parcells said via Bob Glauber of Newsday

Our Parcells translator says that means: “I’m open for business.”

Or as Glauber put it: “After listening to Parcells’ vague references about his future, I’d say there’s about a zero percent chance he stays in Miami.”

And if you think we’re making a mountain out of a molehill, you’ve been asleep for the last 20 years.

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  1. It’s time for the Tuna to move along to the one AFC East team he hasn’t worked for. I’ll gladly give up Buddy Nix.

  2. Well if he goes to the Eagles, Bills or Redskins, he will have covered all of the AFC/NFC East teams in one form or another

  3. If I were an owner I would make him an offer he can not refuse.
    As a coach, GM, front office, anything.
    Parcells is a winner, anywhere he goes he injects success in a shape or form into the franchise.
    His track record speaks for itself.

  4. We could use a REAL football mind in Denver. Xanders is very dumb (and hideous!) and McD is in the early stages of a “great coordinator but terrible coach” career.

  5. Actually, I think Parcells does a lot of sitting around. He just doesn’t like to sit in the same seat for very long.

  6. Please go save Buffalo from themselves. take the money you require straight out of Wilson’s back pocket if you have to, his a** is numb from sitting on his hands for the last decade anyway.

  7. here is a raiders fan wishing that he would go to work for his long time friend al davis. one of the only guys al actually trusts.
    wishful thinking i know

  8. Bill Parcells won’t be there. LT can’t come due to difficulties with young girls. Simms will be stuck trying to fly into Newark from Pittsburgh. Frank Gifford will be standing on 110th Street wondering what happened to the Polo Grounds. Ah, a night with Tiki and Strahan – let’s start celebrating now. Hail!

  9. I have been a Parcells fan all the way back to his Giants days. I was thrilled when Kraft brought him to New England, where the affects of his impact to this team is still felt to this day. He changed the complete look and feel of this franchise.
    Parcels has inarguably made every single franchise he has worked with BETTER;did it with the Giants, New England, the Jets, Dallas, and now Miami, he’s turned around virtually every single one of those franchises.
    I’d love to see what he does next!

  10. If Cowher doesn’t take the Dolphins,Giants or Panthers job; you would think Bill could end up in Carolina. They need to “re-build”, they seem to lack team unity, so they are a team that needs to “change the culture”. Their GM has done a fine job, but change is good in sports.
    Carolina has a potential NFL QB, emphasis on potential. JC has a lot to prove in this league before he gets any credit.
    The Carolinas have great golf opportunities for Bill.
    It puts him in the NFC, out of the AFC / NFC East which have seen his football philosophy run the table.
    The Bills franchise seems like such a long shot,but Tunas comments make you think that he is not too happy with the Dolphins organization. He is still employed ,yet talking about his future. Tuna is a man who does not talk and wants to keep the spotlight off him(as of late). You know he knows about some change to come in Miami with GM and HC, so he is not happy with their front office not carrying out his plan and he is talking . It seems that given the opportunity to beat up on all three of his former employers might be something that the old guy needs to do, since they are not being loyal to him. He made a deal with Mr. H, not the Ringmaster Ross.
    Tuna is good for a franchise that needs a kick in the butt. He is a marketing tool for ticket sales. The players believe in a change when he arrives and he brings back fundamental football while building a solid foundation in the lines and running game.

  11. What has this guy done in the past decade? The Dolphins have always been a decent franchise. The Cowboys didn’t do much with him (or without him). He screwed over Arthur Blank and the Falcons (thank God). I just think he is overrated.

  12. I’m convinced that Parcells will die on the job and have to be put into the HOF after he’s long buried (Of course, the voters may end up being afraid that he’ll rise from the dead after that and come back to coach one last time). I really got torqued with the HOF voted in Levy before him because in the first place, there’s NO WAY IN HELL that Levy ranks ahead of Parcells AND the voters thought that Bill would one day unretire and two things happened: first, it was revealed the Levy was jockeying for a job in the Bills’ organization before he was elected and long time retiree, Joe Gibbs, came out of retirement to coach the Redskins. It’s funny but I’ve been pushing for the guy to get into the HOF long before he ever joined the Cowboys and he’ll probably end up missing out on it while he’s still alive.

  13. Two of the the three SB wins for us
    Of course he had George Young as the GM
    A good GM needs a good coach and a good coach needs a good GM
    And he did well in NE and Dallas the jets well what can you expect.
    What most people forget is the Tuna loves the track so that would rule out Filthy DC and the Bills

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