Houshmandzadeh surprised by lack of playing time, receptions

Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh rarely holds his tongue, especially when it comes to the number of times the football strikes his hands.

Houshmandzadeh, who has caught only two passes for 31 yards in three games with the Ravens, recently talked about the situation with Dan Kolko of MASN.com.

It’s different,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “I’ve got the
offense, for the most part, I would say.  There’s certain things where I
still make a mistake here or there, but for the most part, I know what’s
going on.  I’m just not getting the opportunities, really, for whatever

“I told myself going in I wasn’t expecting much the first three
weeks, because obviously, they had a few things set in stone before I
got here.  And I’m not saying I’m expecting more this week, but I know
the first few weeks I didn’t expect a lot.  Hopefully that will change,
because that’s why I came here.  So, we’ll see how it goes.”

But it’s more than just not getting the ball.  He’s also not getting what he regards to be enough playing time.

“I knew it would take time, and I was willing to say to myself, ‘If I
don’t get the ball, then I’m not gonna make a big deal,’ so to speak,”
Houshmandzadeh said. “It mattered, but it didn’t matter, because I was
new.  But I didn’t even play, let alone get the ball, so that’s different
for me.  And I didn’t expect that.  Hopefully, things will change.

“Is it frustrating?  Yes and no, because the only time it becomes
frustrating is when you expect things and look forward to things, and I
didn’t expect them.  So it’s still frustrating, but it’s not as
frustrating [as it would have been] had I been on this team all training
camp and things of that nature.”

Like many players who think they’re not getting enough opportunities, Houshmandzadeh tried to couch his position in positive terms.

“I’m a competitor.  Period,” Houshmandzadeh told Kolko.  “Anybody that’s a
competitor, if you’re not getting the ball, or you’re not getting
opportunities to get the ball, and you’re not even playing, something’s
wrong with you if you’re cool with that.  So I’d be lying if I said I was
cool with it, because I’m not.  But going in and expecting very little,
which I did initially, it’s not as troubling so to speak.”

Houshmandzadeh said that he won’t be going to the coaches about the situation, but by speaking out publicly, he’s sending the message.

“They wanted me to come here, I assume, for a reason,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “And hopefully, we’ll see what that reason is.”

Given Houshmandzadeh’s recent history, his comments are pretty tame.  But it makes sense to keep an eye on the situation, because eventually Houshmandzadeh could blow.

67 responses to “Houshmandzadeh surprised by lack of playing time, receptions

  1. if Mason or Boldin aren’t injured this week (and they are playing the Steelers so that is a big ‘if,’) cut that fool.

  2. This is why he’s no longer on the Seahawks. You don’t need crap like this when you’re trying to build a young receiving corps. With guys like Williams, Tate, and Butler needing more reps to further develop, a guy like Housh would only have been a distraction.

  3. Went to a running team with two pro bowl receivers ahead of him. Mason is getting older but still can play. Factor in Flaccos struggles and it’s obvious what’s going on.

  4. Housh is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is….dude, you just got cut by Seattle who owes you 8mill – WAKE UP !

  5. If they were 0-3 maybe he would have a valid point.
    Malcontent that doesn’t realize he’s on his 14th minute.

  6. Why should he be surprised. When your washed up, your washed up. Not that he was ever that
    good anyways. Wishes he never stomped out that terrible towel years ago, that was set to haunt him to the end of his playing days. Get used to your backup role douche NO MAN Za duh.

  7. Really, T.J.???????????????????????
    Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s what you get when you went to the WRONG side of Maryland!!!!
    Landover is not spelled B-A-L-T-I-M-O-R-E!!!
    Landover is where the (I know their city technically is Washington DC) Redskins play!!!!!!!!!!
    T.J. means “Totally Jaded”!!!!

  8. “There’s certain things where I still make a mistake here or there, but for the most part, I know what’s going on.”
    Does he not understand that the mistake here and there could be one play he runs the wrong route or doesn’t know that he’s the hot on that play, while Mr. One Brow throws it to a spot he should be and it lands in the other teams lap, possibly costing his team the game?
    Just typing that made me think of Santonio Holmes last year in Cincinnati, thanks for the wrong route and the resulting pick 6!

  9. Standard Housh.. always wants the ball. He’s gotta be happy to be away from the Seahawks. He still needs to learn the Raven’s Offense. This will be challange for every team that has Housh… he mouth wont stay quiet. Not a team guy

  10. What Housh is really saying:
    “Who knew Joe Flacco would regress this much? This wasn’t what I saw last year.”

  11. Housh came to Baltimore to help them WIN.
    They are winning.
    He will have his games of 7 catches for 100+ yards, this year.
    AND he will get paid (again) next year.
    He IS a player!!

  12. Distraction? What is all this distraction nonsense. If I am a professional and I hear that another player on my team is frustrated about a lack of playing time, does that mean I fall to pieces?
    “Oh, I heard that! I can’t play if another player is complaining. Oh.. and I stubbed my toe also. I have a boo-boo coach, I am going home.”

  13. Not a team guy beacause they don’t use him in the offense, that’s all he’s saying. He could have went to San Diego,atl,min,kc, just to say a few where he would have been more usefull. I blame Tj for going to a team where he should have known they have a reciever with the same skills and faster he’s need to scout teams before he just goes there. He should have never went to Seattle either With there 12 young recievers.

  14. shut up or get cut. ravens really didn’t need him anyway. he did draw a couple p i’s against the jets though.

  15. This is EXACTLY what the Ravens deserve for thinking it was a good idea not to bring Kelley Washington back. That dude saved Flacco’s over-throwing ass so many times last year, especially on 3rd downs.
    Ravens have talent, but they also make some very dumb personnel moves. They had a huge window, but repeatedly shut it on themselves by not doing the few small things they needed to.
    They got LUCKY in Week 1, and it looks like they will have a hard enough time even getting back to the playoffs… losing to the Bengals and having the Steelers playing like the Steelers.
    Even if Ravens make it back to the playoffs, they’ll have to play the Colts, who they can never beat… and the Jets who will have Santonio Holmes(who has a history of burning the Ravens).
    Good luck with that.

  16. Perhaps, he should have gone to Washington instead? He has to remember that Joe Flacco can only remember so much at one time.

  17. Why does so many of you treat any and every comment made by these athletes as if They themselves called the press conference to spout off… he’s simply answering questions posed to him from reporters… people need to relax a bit.
    And I don’t even like Housh!

  18. You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

  19. Sounds like TJ is having trouble dealing with the fact that he has become insignificant. I don’t think he’ll finish the season with Baltimore. They’ll end up cutting him too.

  20. TJ: hear me now and believe me later. You never should have left the ‘natti. Now they won’t have you back. Seems to me Baltimore brought you in to see if you remembered anything about the Bengal’s offense. Didn’t help them, since you weren’t on the kicking unit.
    Want to further your career? Don’t try to break into Baltimore’s starting rotation. Instead, think a series of 1 game contracts, 200k a game, with each of the Bengals’ upcoming opponents.

  21. Still making mistakes here and there…
    That’s what make quarterbacks look like @$$holes you jack@$$
    First of all, get a real name…
    Secondly, get a better attitude…
    Thirdly, get a playbook and learn it…

  22. To all DC Foreskins fans:
    No, you would not be 3-0 just by adding Housh. You have plenty of WR talent, he’d be whinning just the same there. Maybe a RB who is not injury prone, maybe a good slot guy, but not a WR with Housh’s skill set.
    To all Shitsburgh fans:
    Keep talking Flacco smack. Blame this on him too. Your time will come.
    To Habib:
    You continue to run your mouth and look like a moron. The Ravens got lucky week 1? Please son, the Jets got lucky we were rusty and didn’t put up more on them. We’re in full swing now, got our rythm, and ready to roll. Indy doesn’t scare me anymore, nor does the Jests who we already beat regardless of pothead Holmes playing or not, nor do the Squealers with or without Rapistberger. Luck nothing. And Kelly Washington saved Flacco?! Yea, that’s why he had over 1000 yds and 10 tds, right? Oh wait…

  23. ncskinsfan says:
    September 30, 2010 9:53 PM
    Hey Dumba$$,
    if you signed with the Redskins you would be a starter and undefeated!! Enjoy your fail!!!
    Uhhhh maybe you haven’t watched the last 2 skins games cause they lost. 1-2 is not, has never been, and will never be undefeated…so “ncskinsfan” enjoy YOUR fail!!!! Dumba$$!!

  24. Darn right “ITS DIFFERENT”. Can you say BENCHWARMER.
    You can keep it warm while YOUR looking at the Heinz field scoreboard losing to the Superior Steelers once again.

  25. I will say this…the Ravens have NEVER had so much national and widespread coverage and attention as this year.
    Nothing like having our old coach Rex Ryan, player Bart Scott, and Hoosh running their mouths. Are the Patriots, Cowboys, and Saints still in the league? Hard to tell.

  26. I knew it was a huge mistake when Seahawks signed him. Housh the douche. Just listening to him him talk
    last year at training camp made me want to punch his ugly ass face in.
    I am so glad he is someone elses problem now.
    At least Hawks realized there mistake
    This guy is washed and just needs to be hung out to dry.
    What a cock knocker !!!

  27. TJ is useless. Colin Cowherd can continue to blow TJ and the Ravens all he wants. I will stick with Batman and Robin. I know the Bengals aren’t looking forward to playing in B-More when Ed Reed comes back.

  28. That’s just Housh being Housh.
    And people wondered why Seattle paid him to leave and why Cinci didn’t want this out of touch malcontent ruining their team?

  29. It’s almost like he destroyed his career after making the decision to go to an awful to and play in an offense he didn’t fit in. Hmm. He’ll come around in B-More though.

  30. I still think it shows a lot when the Bengals didn’t want him back. He had some great seasons with them and they never even looked his way.

  31. Not coming to the Redskins was the worst move you could have made. Not only would you be starting but probably leading the team in receptions, but for some reason you thought you would go to Baltimore and get alot of playing time with Mason and Boldin already being their go to men with Heap being their 3rd option. Not sure who you get your advice from but I knew you were doomed when I heard you were going to the Ravens. STUPID ASS MOVE DUDE!!! Good luck maybe you can wash Boldin and Mason Jock strap after the games while your washing your hair. Your career is definitely now on the decline, hopefully you saved your highlight tapes from your Bengal days.

  32. ncskinsfan says:
    September 30, 2010 9:53 PM
    Hey Dumba$$,
    if you signed with the Redskins you would be a starter and undefeated!! Enjoy your fail!!!
    soo you think Housh would be the difference between washington starting 3-0 and them starting 1-2?.. yikes…

  33. Didn’t he leave the Bebgals to be a #1 receiver? So it didn’t work out in Seattle, but has he lowered hsi standards? Why would he go to a team where he would be #3? Should have gone to the Skins, Raiders, Vikings, or Chargers

  34. @Jack Burton
    I’m with you. He just needs a good smack in the mouth. His days of 100 catches are long behind him. Dumbass shoulda stayed with the Bengals.

  35. TJ is surprised he isn’t getting the ball.
    I’m surprised it took until week 3 for him to start acting like a little bitch.
    Guy was a whiner in Cincy, a whiner in Seattle, and now he’s a whiner in B-more.

  36. JackAss Burton:
    How often do you see Housh across the middle? Never. He doesn’t play slot you monkey. Try again. Can’t wait to see the PI flags fly on the Squealers CBs. They can stop 1 maybe 2 not 3.

  37. How’s the TEAM doing?
    This guy is a role player. Still cashing Seahawks checks I believe. He should look at his Ravens paycheck for what they think he’s worth.
    If someone gets hurt, he moves up the chart.
    They got some pretty good wideouts on that team ahead of him.

  38. Love how Bengal fans are coming out of the woodwork to slam this guy.
    He was the same little bitch he is now back when you guys were slobbering all over him.

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