Jim Mora bristles at questions about Vick

There’s a belief in some league circles that Jim Mora (the son) has an evil twin.  (Of course, there’s also an even stronger belief that the elder Mora has an evil twin, too.)  If that’s the case, the younger Mora’s evil twin made a cameo appearance on ESPN Radio earlier today with Doug Gottlieb.

We’d heard about the segment from a reader, and we’d been trying to track down the audio. 

The folks at The Big Lead have obliged.

Mora, as you’ll hear, didn’t like being asked about Mike Vick’s stunning improvement.  Gottlieb asked Mora, “Does it bum you out at all thought that he wasn’t that bought in to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”  (Yes, those are the specific words Gottlieb uttered.)

I’ve met Jim, and I like Jim.  But he probably was too hard on Gottlieb, even though Gottlieb asked for it a little bit by at one point suggesting that Mora “might still be the coach of the Falcons” if Vick listened to coaching and committed himself to preparation earlier in his career.  (Mora previously has sung Vick’s praises when it comes to preparation.)

By the time the the topic finally changed to Donovan McNabb’s return to Philly, Mora had enough.  Asked a clumsy question by Gottlieb about how Philly fans should feel about McNabb’s return, Mora went off.

“I don’t know, how do you feel?” Mora said.  “Is this your first interview?  Jesus Christ, what kind of questions are these?  How should they feel?  I don’t know how people should feel.”

The interview wrapped up not long after that, and when it wrapped up, Mora said to Gottlieb, “You are a real joy, thanks.”

Gottlieb responded by saying, “That has never happened before,” in a manner that strangely reminded us of a certain news anchor who once famously told us, “That is not the right video.”

UPDATE:  Our buddies at the Two Live Stews on Sporting News Radio tell us that Mora was scheduled to do a spot on their show today promoting his weekend interview of Mike Vick, and that at 12:45 p.m. ET it was canceled.  Dennis Johnson of NFL Network says Mora had another meeting to attend.

61 responses to “Jim Mora bristles at questions about Vick

  1. At some point Mr. Florio will be caught like Mr. Gottlieb and slowly roasted over the coals. I doubt PFT will say much about it.
    You have to wonder if PFT had appeared with Steve Smith, rather than chickening out- would Florio come out well at all?

  2. “Does it bum you out at all thought that he wasn’t that bought in to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”
    Either I am getting dumber and dumber or this sentence doesnt make sense.

  3. Is it really necessary, at this point in time, to follow a word you don’t know how to spell with “(spelling?)” when you’re posting a comment on the internet? How hard would it have been to use said internet to look up the correct spelling of the damn word?

  4. I think Gottlieb was a complete idiot for 1. making the comment about Mora still coaching the Falcons and 2. Asking how the Philly fans should “feel”…I agree with Mora…what kind of questions are those???

  5. I’m am definitely not a Mora fan (and I do remember him getting all pissy with Murray on Sirius a couple of years back), but that really was a crappy interview. Gottlileb sounded more like a bar patron on game day than a professional.

  6. Mora couldn’t handle a couple of tough questions along a similar line from a local Philly sports personality either. Doesn’t he realize that his defensive posture just adds credence to the criticisms levied against Vick during his Falcon tenure?

  7. Mora is a douche and Gottlieb didn’t ask for anything. They were legit questions, especially considering Vick admitted he didn’t work hard. (Conveniently, Mora doesn’t acknowledge that). He knows he was an awful coach and would’ve been fired regardless hence him being butt hurt about it.

  8. Gottlieb is an idiot just trying to get recognized. cant stand him, he always looks like he’s about to cry, or whine about something.

  9. Watched video… Gottlieb is a tool, he make this kind of burned motion when he utter the phase ‘you might still be coach’…. I don’t blame for Mora not wanting to talk to this clown….

  10. Doug, does it bum you out at all that you got thrown out of Notre Dame for stealing your roommate’s credit cards?
    Smug prick.

  11. “Does it bum you out at all thought that he wasn’t that bought in to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”
    Either I am getting dumber and dumber or this sentence doesnt make sense.
    ditto my friend!!!
    I think it was written by confusiousita.

  12. @kev0126 Try this:
    “Does it bum you out at all though? That he wasn’t that ‘bought in’ to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”
    Typed out it looks strange, but if you heard him say it, it makes sense….
    I listened to this live, it was hilarious

  13. To paraphrase the great Jim Mora (elder): “Jim Mora (younger) is a quarterback killer.”
    I love how Vick was becoming great with Dan Reeves, is greater with Andy Reid, but regressed under Mora and somehow Vick is the coach killer.

  14. kevo126 says:
    September 30, 2010 1:19 PM
    “Does it bum you out at all thought that he wasn’t that bought in to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”
    Either I am getting dumber and dumber or this sentence doesnt make sense.
    If you are a regular on PFT and read most of the garbage written by Florio/Rosenthal/MDS, chances are you are getting significantly dumber.

  15. “Does it bum you out at all thought that he wasn’t that bought in to be what it took to be a great quarterback when you coached him in Atlanta?”
    Honestly, what the hell kind of question is that? Is this Gottlieb’s first interview? It doesn’t make a bit of sense!

  16. I guess this guy is Calvin Coward’s evil twin, since the video had the Heard graphics up and the interview was conducted in the same loud mouth style.

  17. Why does Gottlieb even have a job at ESPN ? He sounds like a moron everytime I have heard him on the radio.

  18. No those weren’t his words, the first “thought” was “though” which makes the sentence make sense.
    I guess we know where you come out on this Florio since you are even drumming up in
    correct quotes to make DG look bad.

  19. Gottlieb, prepare for an interview, be a professional. Mora has a right to be pissed. How should the people of Philadelphia feel? I am surprised he did not start the interview with, “Man, this is awesome. ummm…Do you remember that time you coached the Falcons and…”

  20. BSPN at again. I thought thet fired Gottliebs years ago.
    Anyway, I don’t listen or watch BSPN anymore unless my footbal team is playing on their network.

  21. I couldn’t wait for you to bring this up. Dork Gotleib was totally out of line. i was sitting here listening at worl and could not believe how pompous this guy sounded. Do you think this guy is not going to get pissed when this dork was questoning his coaching ability? Once he could tell Mora was not happy he further berated him over the air. Dork Gottleib had to feel stupid when he plays it back to Trey Wingo who gently called him out for the questions he posed to him. Mr. Gotlieb has been brought down a notch in my book to notch: -1

  22. The only “bad” question he asked was “How should Eagles fans react?” Everything else was more than fair game. Mora was a complete unprofessional there and it is a good sign of why he is no longer a NFL head coach. Gottleib correctly pointed out that Vick has admitted he is doing more film work and studying now than he ever did in Atlanta. Would it really have been so hard for Mora to have answered the first question with, “Yeah, Vick admitting he didn’t always put the best effort into preparing for games in Atlanta is a bit frustrating and it makes you think of what could have been, but that being said, he was still a great competitor for us who gave everything he had when he was on the field and was a great player for the Falcons organization.” He could have pointed out the flaw while still singing Vick’s praises and not trashing the guy. Gottleib set him up perfectly for a PC answer like that — and gave Mora a chance to save face that maybe Mora’s coaching wasn’t the only reason he was fired — and Mora still screws it up. Nice.

  23. I heard the interview driving to work. Some of the questions were out of line in my humble opinion, and asking how Philly fans should react was just stupid. I’m surprised he didn’t hit him with ” If you were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be?”

  24. At least he didn’t ask Mora “How should Kevin Kolb feel about being benched after less than a half of Game 1 into his reign over The Kevin Kolb Era of the Philadelphia Eagles”.

  25. I like the Mora’s!
    Reporter is a douche for trying to start something obviously.
    A player can transform and gets his act together has nothing to do with previous coaches. One can argue Vick wasn’t devoting time to football because he was thinking of more cruel ways to kill dogs at the time.
    Not Mora’s fault.

  26. I’m not a fan of Mora Jr. but he was right on track in this interview. Gottlieb acted like a dweeb with that question “how do you think they should feel”? This is a football coach not a guidance counselor, who the hell cares what he thinks about how fans should feel.
    I’ve listened to a lot of sports talk show hosts and honestly Gottlieb is my least favorite. He can’t hold a candle to Cowherd, Tirico, Van Pelt, or Jason Smith.

  27. All this talk about Vick as though he’s performed some kind of miracle. Let’s review:
    He’s lost to the Packers and beaten the LIONS and JAGS, two of the very worst teams in the NFL.
    Anything less than complete success against these teams would be cause for concern. Now, he’s headed back home to play the increasingly woeful Redskins, who are bleeding points like a sieve.
    I tell you, he couldn’t have written a better script. It’s like major college programs gorging on small school at the start of the season. Kolb would have the exact same record right now, of course – any halfway-decent QB would.

  28. 1) Matt Lienart gets brought up in the comments? Wow someone’s sister got it at USC and her brother is posting as “BDawk” in a profootballtalk.forum to try and even the score because Matt never called her back. She got treated like the trash she is, get over it and go make a screen name using a nickname for another grown man you dont know.
    2) Vick is highly overrated? This comment will never get old. Im willing to bet you’re a white male who lives in a town house, 40-50 years of age.

  29. I would like to see Vick win a few more games including a playoff game before I pronounce him the next Peyton Manning.
    Over hyped by the media, he is still a dog killing, STD spreading douche bag in my book.

  30. mora comes off really bad here–feelings about gottlieb aside, its hard to side with mora. seemed like perfectly reasonable questions to me. a star player says he was lazy in the past and virtually apologizes publicly for it. now he says he’s a much harder worker, focused, and “10x better” –so why wouldn’t you ask his former coach about his self-admitted laziness? i think mora actually answered the question the right way (e.g. 3-time pro bowler, we all grow and mature….) but the moment he gets angry he starts coming off really poorly. re: the mcnabb question, it won’t win the pulitzer but it wasn’t necessarily a poor question–it just so happens to be the most discussed topic in sports this week and arguably one of the most compelling games of the NFL season for the very reason of “how will fans react to mcnabb in his return” and “how will mcnabb act/perform in return.

  31. You know what, nothing annoys me more than those “how do you feel” or “what was going through your mind when…” questions.
    I really don’t blame him for going off at the interviewer.

  32. I dont like Mora Jr at all but Gottlieb is even worse at his job. Did anybody else hear him talk during lunch today? “I don’t know who the best coach is, but I can tell you who the worst is” It seems to me it’s a lot easier to determine who the best coach is.

  33. Although the questions were dumb, Mora showed his wound up nature as usual when pressed. He’s an angry guy who doesn’t get why he’s not that good at his job.
    Mora wasn’t a good coach, and his tenure in Atlanta helped to put that dougnut in Vick’s career that will be there when he’s done playing with his poor coaching (or Greg Knapp, which ever one you want to blame).
    As far as Gottlieb, he’s terrible. He stumbles across reads and generally is a bad talk show host. I saw him once filling in on Jim Rome’s TV show, and it was insufferable. He’s the white Emmit Smith, lol.

  34. LOL KEVO, I was thinking the same thing. Im kinda “in the clouds” right now so I thought I was reading it wrong when I first read it.lol. I read it like 3 times before I realized it wasnt me.

  35. He said “does it bum you out THOUGH…” not thought.” The sentence makes a lot more sense when you drop the t
    Mora got pissy at the weirdest times. Gottlieb asked and innocuous question about McNabb and Mora went off on him. Mora is so stubborn and is just an all-around bitter jackass

  36. “Would you say he was nearly what he could have gotten…” This moron doesn’t know how to phrase a simple sentence. Why is he allowed behind a microphone?

  37. A lot of you are saying he only has or had a job cuz of his old man, ok fair enough, but then I guess you can say that about a LOT of coaches, ex. – Rex and Rob Ryan, The Shotenheimers, Jon Gruden, Lane Kiffen, Don Shulas son coached for a cup of coffee, Im sure there are others I am blanking on, I think Mora is actually a good coach and his dad was THE MAN, Playoffs you kiddin me, dont talk about playoffs, PLAYOFFS?

  38. c’mon…..stupid talk show host and sideline reporters and the whole bunch are guilty of asking the dumbest questions.
    reporter: how does it feel to get the victory tonight?
    player: feels great!
    are you f-in kiddin me? thats hard-hitting top notch reporting right there. anymore softballs you wanna throw at them? they should stop interviewing players after games, win or lose. they offer no insight and the questions are ridiculous.
    talk show host are equally guilty of this crap. ask some real questions instead of kissing ass. the retarded question about how the fans should react to donovan returning to philly has/had nothing to do with mora so why on earth did he ask him that?

  39. Anyone recall when Little Mora as Coach of the Seahawks exploded in a comical fit of sustained rage blaming a loss on his kicker for missing a 46 yard kick?
    Instead of it being a team sport or Mora acknowledging that his coaching may have been a factor — Mora instead pinned every bit of that loss on a missed kick from distance. Little Mora’s protracted public hissy fit on Josh Wilson was also voiced in a tone that seemed a mixture of juvenile and feminine.
    Real classy – that’s the kind of rant one might expect from a child or some inebriated “no life” ass clown in Philly. It’s not what one would expect from an NFL Head Coach.
    Better yet was this hypocritcal jackass going into attack mode on SFO QB Alex Smith —- for publicly calling out the offensive coordinator.
    Little Mora is no position to get all self-righteous — in that regard in particular.
    Dude is a fool – he’s just one level below Lane Kiffen when it comes to being perceived as a wunderkind of sorts ……… with zippo to back it up and multiple failures dotting his resume.
    Why do Baby Mora and Lame Kitten keep getting bad-ass gigs for big coin? Why do these turds have such influence? One factor is they each have daddys of influence. That certainly helps ……… so these two douchebags continue to take giant shits all over the NFL and major college football.

  40. Mora should have asked Gottlieb how he felt when he got kicked of his team after getting busted for credit card fraud. Now that would have been HILARIOUS!!!

  41. “(asking) the retarded question about how the fans should react to donovan returning to philly has/had nothing to do with mora so why on earth did he ask him that? ”
    The Top Game in NFL Week 4 is McNabb returning to Philly to face Vick and the Eagles. You don’t see the connection? Duhh. The connection is Philly fans and their generally obnoxious behavior toward players who have left the Eagles for other teams. The difference is McNabb was traded. It was a softball question for Mora who merely could have responded with ” McNabb was traded to the Skins, so fans should remember the 11 years, 5 NFC Chamionship games, and SuperBowl appearance Donovan delivered to them. But they may not ( laughs). “. Why posters defend Mora for being unprofessional toward a radio host is beyond me. Maybe they don’t realize that Mora was appearing on that show partly to promote his NFL Network interview with Mike Vick. Then he lost his composure. Mike Vick should have cancelled his interview with Mora.

  42. If a lot of people don’t like Gottlieb then why listen, all i know is Mora Jr. is a idiot and that’s why he cant even get a job coaching high school football, i am so glad he got fired from the Falcons and the Seahawks, he was only at Seattle one year and Matt regressed badly that year, so to Jim Mora you suck and you shouldn’t even be on the radio or around people period.

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