McNabb will have at least one fan in Philly on Sunday

As debates rage regarding whether former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb will be booed when he returns to Philadelphia on Sunday, there’s at least one person who’ll be in his corner.

Former Philadelphia 76ers star Charles Barkley told Howard Eskin of WIP radio that Barkley will be wearing a McNabb jersey — in his new Redskins colors — to Sunday’s game.

Maybe Barkley is simply hoping to draw some of the fire away from McNabb.

59 responses to “McNabb will have at least one fan in Philly on Sunday

  1. McNabb was booed on draft day, booed when he was leading them to the playoffs, booed when they lost the Superbowl, booed on his way out. McNabb is used to it. This is a non-issue. But keep writing about non-issues…it’s what you do best.

  2. so an ex-nba player says he’s wearing a football jersey on sunday… STOP THE PRESSES!!! THIS IS BREAKING NEWS!!! how is this not the top story on your site?!?!?!?

  3. “Media types” are funny.
    Do all of you, believe your own B.S.
    McNabb will be welcomed by most fans.
    but,, I forgot..all you want to report is
    the 40 draft-day boo’ers and Santa.
    Not what really happens @ the linc.

  4. Mike. They threw stuff at Santa. What the F do you think they are going to do for a player from the other team (and not the North Pole)? Of course he’ll be bood. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist OR a lot of debate. Just call me “master of the obvious”.

  5. Sir Charles is well aware of what can happen to ex-philly athletes when they return to Philadelphia with another team.
    I believe it was 1999 when Barkley as a Houston Rockets ended his career in Philadelphia by rupturing his left quadricep tendon.
    It goes beyond irony.

  6. Maybe Barkley is simply hoping to draw some of the fire away from McNabb.
    That would make it worse. A Philly legend dawning the colors of a rival team. Unclassy and disrespectful to the fans and the city that supported him for many years.

  7. “McNabb was booed on draft day, booed when he was leading them to the playoffs, booed when they lost the Superbowl, booed on his way out. McNabb is used to it. This is a non-issue. But keep writing about non-issues…it’s what you do best.”
    And you keep reading them. lmfao — at you.

  8. downwithdansnyder says:
    September 30, 2010 8:31 PM
    Mike. They threw stuff at Santa. What the F do you think they are going to do for a player from the other team (and not the North Pole)? Of course he’ll be bood. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist OR a lot of debate. Just call me “master of the obvious”.
    It’s a good thing it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, because you sure as hell aren’t one. In fact- you’re an idiot.
    I’m not an Eagles fan, but seriously, enough with the Santa thing. It was 40 years ago, and they booed (not bood) him because he was skinny and drunk.
    As a matter of fact, not that you care about anything as boring as facts, Philadelphia fans are usually quite welcoming to athletes who leave in trades and not via free agency, and who didn’t burn bridges on the way out. Ask Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, or even Pat Burrell, all of whom were warmly recieved when they returned for the first time.
    They certainly won’t root for him during the game, but I expect the fans to applaud him the first time he walks out on the field.

  9. OMG…..
    NOT EVERYONE BOOED DONOVAN WHEN HE WAS HERE…..Did we boo when he threw an int…yes..did we boo when they lost 4 NFC championship games, well 3 the Rams game they got a mulligan, yes. But common, last yr @ Green Bay Favre was booed relentlessly and no one made a big deal of it @ all. Giant fans bashed philly fans cars in ’08 during the divisional playoffs. That was a blurb for a day and then it was gone. If it happend here it would have been the end of the world and the national media would have eaten that story alive. Detriot riots, LA riots, and so did Chicago, but why do we have a worse rep?? Because we boo??? It’s been blown way out of proportion and the media has ran wild with this reputation. Giants and Jet fans are not the classiest and there have been stabbings @ Oakland games. Yet we get labeled as classless. Its a load of B.S. And as far as Barkley goes when he returned here we chanted MVP for him when he was in a Sun’s jersey…So give it a rest!!!

  10. So just like when Brian Dawkins played in Philadelphia as a Bronco last season and he was given a standing ovation?
    Is it like that?
    McNabb will be cheered by the majority, and there will always be boos. It’s sports, people boo. Get over it.

  11. realitypolice – I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sick of people in the media (and others) who don’t have a clue about Philly fans. They only know what they read and hear. Everyone is quick to jump on our tail when a situation arises – whether it be booing Santa (1960s, btw), throwing batteries at JD Drew, etc. No one seems to care about the other cities where this stuff occurs. How about New York when Yankees fans threw batteries at Joe Carter? Los Angeles where there was a STABBING in the parking lot? Cleveland where they threw beer bottles on the field? Chicago where Shane Victorino had a beer thrown on him during the game?
    Journalists and “analysts” that continuously blast Philly fans about their “behavior” have no standing in judging us. It’s lazy journalism. They don’t know gather the recent facts. Same goes for you, downwithdansnyder. Go ahead and blame me for throwing snowballs at Santa even though I wasn’t even born when that happened. Blame me for booing McNabb at the draft even though it was only 30 fans that were booing the SELECTION, not McNabb himself. Get your facts straight and come back.

  12. “Sir Charles is well aware of what can happen to ex-philly athletes when they return to Philadelphia with another team.”
    Charles came back with the Suns, played a game against a 76ers squad that was led by Manute Bol (he hit something like 7 treys that night).
    He was cheered loudly.
    Not that it matters, you will never let the facts get in the way of your easy, lazy storyline.
    Iverson – cheered loudly.
    Burrell – cheered loudly.
    Ya know why? Those guys were REAL. They connected with the fan base. They didn’t whine. They didn’t cry. They didn’t blame others. They never mailed it in.
    McNabb? Not so much.
    It’s really that simple.

  13. I hope the idiot sports fans and ESPN dopes DEMAND that the Cavaliers fans cheer for LeBron when he comes back to Cleveland.
    Not suggest. Not hint. DEMAND that they cheer him.
    Like they DEMAND that we cheer for McNabb.
    My guess…they won’t.

  14. And Cavs fans BETTER cheer for LeBron when he comes back. Else they’ll be “classless” too.
    Right? And if not, why not?

  15. If you make $100,000,000 from a team and the player plays the air guitar coming out of the tunnel after getting his ass handed to him the week before by the same team what should he expect? Now multiply that same answer by 11 years.

  16. You know, in terms of booing Eagles fans, Jaworski was treated a hell of a lot worse than McNabb. Why is that never mentioned?

  17. i’m from the area, give me a break with this “My team sucks and i have to complain about a winning teams fanbase booing”. That booing stuff happens everywhere. When lebron goes back to face the cavs, i’m sure cavs fans will go, thanks for the help. And philly fans are the only rowdy ones. The father and son meth addict team that beat up an ump, where was that. The santa claus incident happened damn near 40 years ago, when the team was horrendous, the santa was drunk and was wearing i think an orange shirt. People also forget that John Elway was wanted out before shanahan got there. So much they drafted Tommy Maddox to replace him. When you go to 5 Nfc championships and are favored in 4 and only win one come back and talk. And to the skins fans… How is your red zone percentage with Donovan the great? Just letting ya know something too, players aren’t dumb enough to not sign a contract extension when theres a lockout looming. If they don’t its because they have no intentions of hanging around.

  18. @ Mooch:
    Don’t forget about Dawkins who get a standing ovation. Or Jim Thome who was cheered even after he hit a big homerun against the Phillies.
    Just let these mindless morons allow ESPN to give them their opinion!

  19. Dear Charles…
    If you wanted so much attention…
    You should have had your @$$ in shape during your playing days cause that Suns squad should have won an NBA title if they had had a in-shape leading player…

  20. I wonder who gets booed more….McNabb in Philly or Florio on this website. I think you guys are all jealous of Florio. You wish you had his job 🙂

  21. McNabb is the epitome of class.
    Philly (much of it anyway) is the epitome of the converse.
    In large part, Philly is a bunch of angry out-of-shape dudes with zero athletic ability — clumsy bloated clods who lash out at real athletes who lay it on the line. It makes them feel less miserable about themselves to posture as superior to an elite athlete – albeit safely tucked in the anonymity of the stands or one’s computer keyboard.
    Teddy Roosevelt’s words come to mind when contemplating “Philly fan”: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. “

  22. @Philly700 so, your gonna complain about people taking shit about Philly fans, and in the same post go after Redskins fans when no one was even really talking about the skins in the first place? Funny. McNabb is going to get booed, plain and simple. Being a life long Skins fan, I know a thing or two about needing a good quarterback, and if we had somebody for 11 years who was Half as good as McNabb has been for y’all, he wouldn’t get booed here.

  23. F it I am going to boo and throw batteries at the overrated cry baby who was carried by Jim Johnson’s defense for 10 years. I wish I was there on draft day to boo that fat punk like the 30 awesome eagles fans that did. Oh and stop calling him the greatest Eagle qb of all time. That belongs to the dutchman, the last eagle qb to win a world championship. They should cheer him in TB, without McScrub they wouldn’t have ever won a SB. I can still see Barber running it back. And it is lazy to keep recycling the same stories about Philly fans for half a century. Oh and Trent Dilfer if you ever come to Philly I will shank you in the back.

  24. Give him a golf clap at introductions. Once the game starts boo him mercilessly. He made $112 million playing in philly and he’s got all of you feeling sorry for him. Suckers!! F the national media who crawled up this mans colon the day after limbaugh ripped him. He came up real small in too many big games. 5 nfc title games. he lost 4 of them. 3 as the favorite. 2 at home. 1 vomit and interception filled super bowl appearance. The definition of a choke artist.
    P.S Brady was booed off the field during last years playoff loss to the Ravens. Simms, got the same treatment in New York. Those guys actually won something…a few times.

  25. LETS GO SKINS….. We win this game we are first in the division babi lets gooooooooooo

  26. I think it is constant stories like this one that will get McNabb booed. I think everyone will just be tired of hearing about it everyday.

  27. Please stop with the ‘snowballs at Santa’ story. It happened when most of you weren’t even born. The reason the fans threw snowballs at Santa was because the guy in the suit was intoxicated and acting like an idiot.
    McNabb’s laid back, soft skinned personality didn’t fit well with the Philadelphia fans, who are passionate, hard working, and very serious about their hometown athletes giving everything they have out on the playing field.
    I think you’ll hear more cheers than boos. The people here are very knowledgeable about their football and understand that Donovan did a lot for the city and gave the Eagles fans some great seasons. It was time for him to move on.

  28. Filthydelphia Fans suck. Low rent, no class, and above all else: No Superbowl Trophy. Ha Ha Ha

  29. Wick – The best boxers in the world come out of Philly. The same with sprinters. You obviously watch too much ESPN since thats what your opinion of Philly is. I wouldnt want to be a fan anywhere else.

  30. The media is very desirous to see a black QB succeed. ABSOLUTELY. This man has received less media criticism than most QB’s. As a season ticket holder he was cheered mostly, mainly because they won most times McNabb was the starter.
    The national media is now continuing to perceive McNabb as some kind of mistreated victim. In reality he’s very lucky to have played in a good system surrounded by good players and a stable coaching staff while making 120 million bucks!!!!!!!
    Now he’s comes across as a whining, spineless baby. Google McNabb underappreciated, mega hits!! Pathetic. I was there, he’s was mainly cheered and appreciated. Wake up minions.

  31. As someone who thought it was time for McNabb to go, I think he should be applauded upon his return.

  32. Let’s see Philly fan suck huh, Well let me point some things out for all you loyal fans of other teams let’s look at Tampa ok. The buccaneers won a SB not long ago but cant sell out games and get blacked out The Rays are going to the playoffs this year and were in the WS 2 years ago have to give 20,000 tic’s away let me say that again give them away just to fill there stadium, Atlanta fans will not go to game unless the team is winning and that is just two cities dont have enough space here to list them all. In Philly we go to games even if the team suck’s bad even if it’s to let them know they are not playing well and we know you can do better, you see as a million dollar baby you can NEVER NEVER take a day off play every game as if it were the last in todays sports they only remember the winners not the best losers. But in Philly athletes like McNabb and Barkley never took responibility for anything but the wins but when they lost it was as Don said the young guns fault not his. And that my friends ia why he is now gone that one comment lost the locker room for him and Andy saw it.

  33. This just goes to show how incompetent some members of the media are AND how retarded Eagle fans really are. To back up to this past off season, lets see what actually occurred.
    1. Eagles MANAGEMENT traded Mcnabb. I do not recall Mcnabb requesting a trade, so the retarded Eagle fan would be booing MANAGEMENT.
    2. Mcnabb not only DID NOT request a trade and it certainly would not be to the Redskins IF he did
    so, what we have here is a CLEAR attempt by the MEDIA to make an issue out of nothing AND stupid Eagle fans (who would kill their own mothers if she was lets say a Dallas fan or any other fan for that matter), jumping on board and using as another excuse to get plastered at the game and act likt the moronic idiots they are infamous for.

  34. I know the article is about McNabb getting booed, but there have been a ton of comments about the Santa incident. Here’s the story:
    There had been a big snow storm the night before and the sellout crowd that showed up to watch a 2-11 Eagles team arrived at the stadium to find their seats still covered with snow. So, after digging their seats out and watching the pathetic Eagles in the first half, Santa Claus was supposed to come out at halftime on a sleigh going across the field. Only, the sleigh got stuck in the middle of the field because the field was so soggy. And, the original Santa Claus was drunk, so they grabbed some 20 year old kid out of the stands at the last second who looked nothing like Santa Claus. Of course they booed. When the 20 year old kid started yelling things at the fans after they started booing him, then they threw snowballs at him.
    So, ever since then, its been “Philadelphia even boos Santa Claus! What terrible fans!”

  35. @Vikesfan1
    1. Why would I boo management when I thought it was time for McNabb to move on?
    2. McNabb seems happy to be in Washington. Perhaps you are angry because you wish the Vikings would have traded for McNabb. You should be angry with Vikings MANAGEMENT. Had they offered the Eagles the 30th pick, they could have had McNabb. Instead they decided on drama and a gimp QB.

  36. @ Wick- What are you talking about? Out of shape people? Since when does that have any relevance in this conversation?
    Wick+trying to sound smart= Fail.
    What a loser.

  37. Vikesfan1 your own coach did not want him and he coached him for along time, so that says one of 2 things either he is not as good as we all think or Bret’s dick is bigger, but wait that can’t be true cause Bret is a white man. LMOA at you Vikesfan1 because you have no life because you post on a story that has nothing to do with your team or frozen hell hole of a city that cant even fix it’s bridges!!! YOU A LOSER have fun with Mr.Playoff Game INT .

  38. ProfessorEmmitt says:
    September 30, 2010 8:35 PM
    Members of the “No Rings” club always support each other…
    ^^^ Sad but true. LOL…Im a die hard Eagles fan, but I will cheer Mcnabb….Until kickoff. Bottom line is McNabb didnt get it done. Period. Time for a change.
    @ wick…
    JUST when I thought you couldnt POSSIBLY be ANY DUMBER…. You TOTALLY out-do yourself. Way to go champ, we are all now just a tad bit dumber after reading yet ANOTHER of your moronic, incoherent, babbling retard POSTS. GO AWAY AND STFU already.
    And NOW I get it as to why everyone on here cant drop the santa issue. Its because a majority if the posters on here are little juvenile b@stard children who have no parental guidance to the fact that SANTA IS NOT REAL !!!
    MORONS !!!

  39. I read a story about the game where Santa was booed. There were over 50,000 fans there – for a 2 win Eagles team that had been out of the running for a month. That’s all yo need to know about Philly fans and their commitment to their teams.
    And Barkley is probably only wearing a Redskins jersey because he lost another bet.

  40. Kevin from Philly says:
    October 1, 2010 11:13 AM
    And Barkley is probably only wearing a Redskins jersey because he lost another bet.
    ^^^ Zing…LMFAO, well played sir.

  41. Philly fans aren’t as good as, say, Atlanta or Tampa fans…
    Just look at the attendance levels over the course of the recent baseball season.
    Oh, wait…

  42. Athletes hate playing in Philly. They can’t stand playing in front of full stadiums.
    Look at the people that walked and ripped the fans – Scott Rolen and Billy Wagner.
    In subsequent stops, both were proven to be d-bags of the highest caliber.
    Cavs fans BETTER cheer LeBron!

  43. Mooch says:
    September 30, 2010 10:00 PM
    And Cavs fans BETTER cheer for LeBron when he comes back. Else they’ll be “classless” too.
    Right? And if not, why not?
    BIG difference.
    LeBron nationally televised his departure in grandiose style.
    McNabb got traded.
    One voluntary, one involuntary….

  44. Shootah, is it different on the core facts of why ESPN expects Eagles fans to cheer?
    No, it makes no difference. Like McNabb, LeBron
    BUILT BACK that franchise.
    Made the team RELEVANT.
    Provided EXCITEMENT.
    So no matter what, he should be cheered because you OWE HIM for what he DID FOR YOU.
    Did LeBron not do all these things for you? If so, you OWE him.
    That is what I hear from ESPN.
    Ludicrous premise, I agree. Boo LeBron back to the stone age if you like. Cheer him if you like. I just want to know why none of this will be a factor or subject of discussion when James comes back to Cleveland.

  45. PS – Donovan blocked one trade (to the Raiders) so he could have blocked the deal to the Skins.
    Technically speaking…
    He left voluntarily.

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