Ravens thought Pryce would re-sign

The 54-man roster trick has only one design flaw.  In order to dump a vested veteran and bring him back the following week, the vested veteran must not sign with another team in the interim.

And that’s precisely what defensive lineman Trevor Pryce has done a day after being cut by the Ravens.  As first reported by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and confirmed by PFT, Pryce has defected to the Jets.

It’s our understanding that the Ravens had an understanding with Pryce that he’d be coming back.  Any such arrangement would be unenforceable at best, a violation of Article XXV, Section 1 of the CBA at worst; NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has confirmed that a team cannot promise to re-sign a player at a later date.  Nevertheless, Mike Lombardi of NFL Network calls Pryce’s decision to sign with the Jets “serious,” and he suggests that the Ravens “won’t be doing a deal anytime in the near future” with Lamont Smith and Peter Schaffer of All Pro Sports & Entertainment, the agents who represent Pryce.

Regardless of whether the Ravens are upset about Pryce going elsewhere (and it’s our understanding that they aren’t upset), it’s the primary risk a team takes when hoping to dump a vested veteran and then pick him back up later.

And if the Ravens currently aren’t upset, we’ll see what happens if/when Pryce opts to take the balance of his $2 million base salary as termination pay — while also getting paid by the Jets.

UPDATE:  Reached for comment on the situation, Schaffer responded to Lombardi’s comments.  “You would hope that before Michael Lombardi would write something like that, he would call one of the two parties involved to get the facts,” Schaffer said.  “Everything was done in a professional way.  [G.M.] Ozzie [Newsome] and I have had numerous conversations over the past 48 hours and we’re comfortable with how the process went down.”  Calling Lombardi’s remarks “irresponsible,” Schaffer said, “It was my obligation to present [Pryce] with the opportunity” to sign with the Jets.

39 responses to “Ravens thought Pryce would re-sign

  1. Just taking full advantage of the opportunity in front of him…
    no different than a team that doesn’t uphold a deal with a player who got hurt, etc…
    But boy if he can still get the 2 million from the Ravens even though he’s now with the Jets, ain’t that something………….knew I shoulda went out for football

  2. He had played 3 games with no tackles, sacks, etc. to mention. His playing time was becoming an issue. I wish him well with the Jets.

  3. How would you like a player to feel after he has been dumped for a week to clear roster spot for someone else? We can say maybe he should be a team player, but i dont think he did it to collect two paychecks.
    I think he saw an opportunity to go play for a Coach he loved on a contender. I know Baltimore has a great team too this year but maybe he felt betrayed by being dumped.

  4. Good luck Pryce; we appreciate your time with the Ravens but it’s time for the young guns now

  5. The Ravens got what they deserved playing this game. It should not be allowed in upcoming labor negotiations. They got what they deserved.
    They are pretenders at best and Flacco is nothing more than Jason Campbell with a good defense.
    Rice will be done within a year or two.

  6. Bye Trevor.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
    Good riddance!We needed some new blood on the DE position anyway.

  7. I agree with the agent…Don’t think, that for as long as owners have tried to screw their products (players) out of their due profit share, that there wont be a player capable of doing the same….good for Pryce and his agent getting 2mil compensation from Baltimore then getting whatever the Jets are offering on top of that….
    I hate the “Good ‘ole boy mentality”/”unwritten rules” in sports, so I’m glad somebody stomped on the taboo….

  8. This is why we have Twitter… so we don’t have to believe these stupid media-outlets and “experts” who are pushing their own agenda.
    And anyone who knows the Ravens, Pryce, or Rex Ryan… could see this was coming the moment he was released. 2 years ago Pryce said he’d follow Ryan wherever he went. His first opportunity… and he did just that. The Ravens made another nonsensical roster move. And the Jets had injuries on their defensive line.
    Who DIDN’T think this move was coming?

  9. Why would the Ravens hold this against the agents?
    The Ravens released him, the agents didn’t lock Trevor in a basement and torture him until he signed with the Jets…or even advise him to hold out.
    Hell, Pryce took a paycut in order to not get cut in the offseason.
    Lombardi is clueless.

  10. Isn’t Pryce like 38 years old, and a backup (maybe even 3rd string)?
    They guy is worthy of the Hall of Fame in my book…but at this point, he’s too far past his prime for this to be a big deal.
    I guess it’s just a warning to teams that try to use the 54 man roster trick.
    I can’t stand the Jets (especially their fans), but I actually applaud them on this move…shoving the 54-man roster trick back in the face of a team using that tactic.

  11. If the Ravens were stupid enough to waive a player they supposedly needed, why is it the fault of Pryce and his agent that he signed with the Jets. he simply followed the rules of free agency. The Ravens were the ones trying to have a half ass “54 man roster’ as Florio put it. It’s on Ozzie Newsome, he’s an idiot , plain and simple. Do you think if Pryce had been injured in a serious auto accident or something while he was a temporary FA that the Ravens would have done a damn thing for him? No, they would have said he’s not our problem. The Jets, and Pryce agent did what was in their best interest, the ravens were dumb. If they were trying to make a backdoor deal, and it blew up in their face, that’s too damn bad. BTW, I’m an Eagles fan, I have no bias in this case, I couldn’t care less what AFC team he plays for. But let’s call it what it is.

  12. Egocentrics owners and coaches will think twice next time they choose to use players like pawns. Good for you Trevor; and I’m a Ravens fan.

  13. Get real…this former great player had lost it. He has had no sacks for over a year…has been getting hurt and wasn’t stopping the run either. He was on the field when Peyton Hillis ran for 144 yards..end of story.
    We are going with younger and BETTER players. We didn’t just release Demarcus Ware, Julius Peppers, or Dwight Freeney. Rex Ryan was desperate for a warm body for his lousy D-line and someone he knew.
    This is no different than when the Browns would sign every Raven that was cut or every free agent we let go so as to appease the Cleveland fans who wanted revenge for the team leaving and “thought” this would hurt the team. NOT. Try Orlando Brown, Gary Baxter, Jamal Lewis, and Derek Anderson to name a few.

  14. Ravens need a pass rush. Weren’t getting any with him. If his replacement can help that aspect, than it’s for the better. Everyone was concerned with the secondary but they are actually playing well. It’s the D line that’s been dissapointing.

  15. As sleazy as I feel many agents are, this guy is right. Lombardi went “Florio” when he should have done some real journalism and made a couple calls. Does he not have the Ravens’ number? That’s the lazy speculative reporting that should be reserved for rumor sites.
    This is no dis of PFT. PFT is where this sort of stuff belongs, and it has a rightful place in the world of information. NFL Network, on the other hand, has a responsibility to NOT engage in such sort of reporting.

  16. Schaffer is correct, he does have a fiduciary responsibility to present the offer to his client.

  17. Sure the Ravens wanted him back but I dont see it being a huge disappointment. The guy is well past him prime and was only being used on 3rd downs mostly. This will obviously allow someone younger on their defense to gain more experience and perhaps make a difference. Pryce obviously wasnt doing that in 3 games.

  18. BBB82 says:
    September 30, 2010 2:31 PM
    Lombardi just makes crap up. How that man has a job is beyond me.
    Great point. He actually doesn’t have a job where he would rather be… in an NFL front office. The guy volunteered his services to the Broncos and they still said no thanks.
    He’ll keep throwing crap against the wall and hope it sticks.

  19. You have to ask…why Trevor Pryce? So far this year he has done nothing and that is a consideration but of all people why Pryce?
    I have to believe that Ozzie and the coaching staff thought that he was:
    1) in agreement and it was OK
    2) wasn’t playing well anyhow
    If #1 was the truth then good riddens to Pryce. This is not the kind of person you want on your team. If #2 was true then thanks Trevor and I hope you enjoy your time with the Jets.
    The more I watch the Jets personnel moves the more I wonder if Dan Snyder really owns the team. If the Jets don’t do what their fans expect them to, someone will be looking for work.
    It is very hard to buy a championship.

  20. # Maddog says: September 30, 2010 2:37 PM
    “Here come the “We didn’t want him back anyway” comments from Ravens fans.”
    Yea, they are the Masters of Excuses aren’t they?
    “The refs robbed us”
    “The best team lost today”
    “I didn’t see no murder your honor”

  21. this guy didnt see much playing time, and its understandable when the ravens have a d line with kelly gregg and haloti ngata. on a 3-4 team and those two definitely playing most snaps, there is only one starting position in the air. the jets could use more depth along the d line with big jenks out. he’ll probably take devitos starting spot, or at least become a solid man in the rotation. might not be in his prime but hes a solid veteran player.

  22. I ocmpletely agree with Pryce. Would have done it too. Baltimore rolled the dice and lost. Imagine your job laying you off and giving you a severance package. Most people would try to find another job and still pocket the severance to get ahead. This is the same thing.

  23. BS, the Jets are thin on their D line. Love the way everyone piles on Jets moves. So many people said J. Taylor and L.T. were “Snyder” moves, well its working out pretty damn well so far. Long way to go, but please enough with the Snyder and Redskins remarks already.

  24. RebaTe (Mail-in) says:
    September 30, 2010 3:38 PM
    # Maddog says: September 30, 2010 2:37 PM
    “Here come the “We didn’t want him back anyway” comments from Ravens fans.”
    Yea, they are the Masters of Excuses aren’t they?
    “The refs robbed us”
    “The best team lost today”
    “I didn’t see no murder your honor”
    It is always something.

  25. The way I see it he was about to lose playing time to younger and more mobile players. If he was that valuable, he wouldn’t have been cut in the first place.
    He is a great player and hopefully he gets more playing time and helps the Jets defense. He has been a good player for Baltimore. No one should blame him for wanting to play.

  26. Trevor Pryce had one tackle in three games and had lost his starting position. He hasn’t played well for the Ravens since 2008. A rookie took his job this year. What’s the big loss?

  27. Trevor Pryce had one tackle in three games and had lost his starting position. He hasn’t played well for the Ravens since 2008. A rookie took his job this year. What’s the big loss?

  28. Honestly, the way Trevor Pryce was playing this year, you’d thought he had already been released. Three games, no sacks, one tackle?

  29. Looks like the Ravens took a risk and lost , but it just another reason to dislike Rex Ryan and his Jets.

  30. tobago says:
    Looks like the Ravens took a risk and lost , but it just another reason to dislike Rex Ryan and his Jets.
    Like you need another reason. Granted, your reason isn’t valid in a logical sense, but it’s a reason in your mind, nonetheless.

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