Robert Mathis pockets AFC defensive player of the month award

The Colts could be 3-0, if their defense hadn’t let them down in Week One against the Texans.  But one of their defenders was able to overcome that performance and win the AFC defensive player of the month award for September.

Mathis racked up four sacks in three games, getting at least one in each of the three September games. 

It’s the second time in three NFL months that Mathis has won the award; he received the honor in November 2009.

The performance comes after an offseason of discontent for Mathis, during which he skipped a mandatory minicamp in a failed effort to get a new contract.

Mathis remains signed through 2011, at base salaries of $2.31 million this year and $2.41 million next year.

By next year, Peyton Manning could be getting that much per game.

17 responses to “Robert Mathis pockets AFC defensive player of the month award

  1. Please, if you write, that Mathis is underpaid, then write in his 1 million roster bonus for this year and next year too.

  2. I think Polamalu is the most deserving of the award, but these tend to go to pass rushers. Unless Troy had 2 picks in each of the first 3 games or a pair of pick sixs or something this isn’t surprising.
    Having said that, James Harrison has more than twice as many tackles as Mathis, has one more forced fumble, and has a fumble recovery. But he has ONE less sack and he’s kind of a thug (though he wouldn’t hold out) and he doesn’t play for the Colts so of course not.

  3. Typical whiny Steeler fans!!
    Mathis is an animal and deserves the award. I’m sure the so-called “Steel Curtain” boys took votes away from each other, therefore allowing Mathis to take the title. I know you retarded Tuffburgh people cant figure that out though…dumb ass meatheads!!

  4. Robert Mathis with 11 total tackles, 4 of them sacks…no Interceptions. No forced fumbles.
    James Harrison with more than twice as many tackles at 22. 3 sacks. 2 forced fumbles, and one deflection of a pass that caused an Interception.
    And you all are gonna tell me that Mathis was a better first Month defensive player ?
    Yeah, okay, whatever.

  5. Queaaff Queaaff Queaaff wrote:
    I’m sure the so-called “Steel Curtain” boys took votes away from each other, therefore allowing Mathis to take the title.
    So Mathis deserves it because the other people on his defense are much worse than he is?
    Dumbass is right.

  6. That Colts D has been dominating… oh wait…
    I dislike the Steelers almost as much as the Colts, but that award is a total crock.
    Harrison was far far more deserving

  7. I don’t think it’s a matter of “whiney Steeler fans,” I think it’s a matter of “Harrison’s numbers are better and he plays on the best defense in the league.”
    No one is arguing that Mathis is a bad player, he’s a great player, but Harrison and Polamalu have had a better start to their seasons.

  8. @ColtFan21
    Don’t you think people have the right to voice their opinion about whether or not Mathis deserved this award? No AFC player of the month isn’t a huge deal but it’s still kind of hilarious how beloved the Colts are by the media/ league.
    And it’s not a post about the Steelers; there just happens to be at least one Steelers player who had a better month than Robert Mathis did.
    If Bart Scott or Ray Lewis or Revis or someone else had a better month than Mathis, you’d see fans of their teams taking exception too.
    But honestly it’s all expected given the fact that it’s the Colts we’re talking about. Still, I’m not sure how the NFL manages to talk about other players; they’re too busy gagging on Peyton Manning’s you-know-what.
    I’d just like to know the criteria for this. If they’re going purely by the numbers Harrison still beats him. If you add in impact in the games and making plays that don’t necessarily show up on the stat sheet, Harrison and Polamalu both easily win.
    Anyone who isn’t a Colts fan can see that.

  9. @ syge
    I think people can say whatever the hell they want, just like I did.
    So go gag on Peyton’s you-know-what.

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