Second straight sellout for Omaha

Maybe Mark Cuban was right.  Maybe the UFL can “take on” the NFL.

After all, more than a handful of NFL teams are struggling to sell tickets.  The Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL, however, are having no trouble at all.  They’ve sold out the second straight game of their two-game existence.

Then again, their home stadium holds only 24,000 people.

Still, the Nighthawks are a Nebraska hit, with a team featuring plenty of former NFL players.

“The atmosphere in Rosenblatt Stadium last week was electric and the passion and enthusiasm the Omaha fans have for football and for the Nighthawks was evident for all to see,” Commissioner Michael Huyghue said.  “People assured us then that in less than a week the second home game would sell out and they have made true on that promise.  The stadium will be rocking [editor’s note:  don’t go a-knocking] again on Saturday night and will make for a great atmosphere and compelling television viewing.”

And that’s the next frontier for the still-fledgling UFL.  They need to get people to watch the games on television.

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  1. it IS good football. Also the sideline interviews with the player that just made a big play are cool.
    Viva le UFL.

  2. Omaha selling out should really not come as a surprise. The midwest loves football, and Nebraska is no exception. Case in point, when you think of Nebraska sports, generally the first sport that will come to mind is University of Nebraska football (Big 12/Big 10).

  3. Could you imagine the poor guys that didnt get NFL contracts that have to live in Omaha?!?!? Ugh those poor saps. At least Garcia and the others get to fly in for game day.

  4. This should show the NFL that Jacksonville should lose their team to Omaha. Florida is the worst for professional sports teams. The only team that is even remotely popular is the Miami Dolphins. The Marlins, Rays, Buccaneers, Magic, will never have passionate fans. The Heat do because of the collusion between Dwyane Wade, Lebron, and that other guy (Chris Bosh I know, it just that he is getting more credit than he deserves).
    Nebraska has wildly passionate fans (see Cornhuskers). They would also draw interest from states like Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Iowa. The fact that Jacksonville was given a team and the Browns immediately moved to Baltimore is just unbelievable. Sorry Jags fans (all 4 of you), your city should never have had a team.

  5. Perhaps they should move one of these poopy NFL teams like the Bills, Jaguars, Rams or Vikings to Omaha since they can sellout there.

  6. I watch the UFL once in a while if I am at home and there is no good College games. I find it entertaining.

  7. I was at the first Nighthawks game and the atmosphere was buzzing to say the least.
    Nebraskans are so loyal, loyal enough to watch a bunch of scrubs play football and loyal enough to buy the shirts/jerseys and gear. They love their football out here.
    An NFL team would thrive here in Omaha. They would sell out every single game ever. Its no wonder, the Cornhuskers are currently on a sell out streak of over 300 consecutive games.
    NFL – take notice! Bring a team to the Big O!

  8. The big question here is how much do the tickets cost. I would also guarantee that there are no PSL’s…..
    I think the NFL is missing out on the whole “Minor League” aspect of things. I believe a feeder league of minor league teams would be great for the NFL if games were played on Thursday Nights and if players could be in a waiver/claim system where real NFL teams could pick them up after the season. The season could end at the half way point of the regular NFL season and could be eight games. Would be a great way to add to the roster of NFL teams.
    The new rules for NFL rosters, assuming 18 games, should include more players AND it should increase again by four players at the half way point of the season so that teams could keep players who are injured available for the playoffs and add some minor league type players of practice squad players to the active rosters.

  9. I love the idea of a NFL minor league. You would not see the cry baby attitude as in the No Fun League. These guys would be trying to make it to the big show. Like the idea of TV on Thursdays and having the season end 1/2 the way through the NFL season so they could be signed to the NFL teams interested.
    If not then Ohama needs an NFL team. Nebraska fans are pationate about their football.

  10. I have lived in Omaha my whole life, We are desperate for more football. The huskers are in Lincoln and the tickets are impossible plus its an hour and a half drive. If we had the Jags I guarantee we would sell out every week. People in Omaha are mostly pretty rich and we love football. Even 25 year olds like me with bad jobs would easily pay the 35 bucks for a nosebleed seat to watch a nfl game. Trust me NFL, give us the Jags. Now back to reality because I know it will never happen lol

  11. they need to HAVE games on tv, first.
    I don’t know a single person who gets Versus or HDnet. Put this stuff on ESPN2 at the very least!

  12. @ SF Saints Fan:
    Great point…tickets are pretty cheap, range from about $10 – $50 max.
    But with the proposed 18 game schedule, NFL teams are going to need more players. And more players are going to get hurt during the year thus needing ACTIVE players to “call up” to the big dance.
    Hopefully, the UFL can expand and become that minor league source for the NFL…if there is a NFL next year.

  13. “And that’s the next frontier for the still-fledgling UFL. They need to get people to watch the games on television.”
    The next frontier is getting their games on television; then maybe people will watch them.
    And “on television,” for the purpose of this discussion, does not mean an obscure cable or satellite channel. What this league needs is basic, free, Over-The-Air broadcasting.
    CBS, Fox, and NBC are out, of course, given their relationship with the NFL. Same with ABC (ESPN).
    A viable alternative would be for the UFL to establish relationships with various independent TV stations around the country. If the UFL were to offer broadcast rights to these stations at rates comparable to what they presently pay for syndicated reruns of Seinfeld or films from the Turner catalog, it could reach a much wider audience.

  14. The UFL will eventually be purchased/merged with the NFL and become the developmental league which plays in the springtime. This must come as part of the CBA with the expansion of the season. Until then, the NFL will use the UFL as leverage against the players. With the threat of another football league filling the absence in case of a lockout, which the owners are more capable of riding out, the players are more likely to cave.

  15. Other than pie eating contests, cow tipping and pumpkin growing what else is there to do in Omaha?
    Selling out 24,000 seats at whatever ridiculously low rate in an entertainment starved part of the world does not translate into “able to take on the NFL”. However, if i lived there I sure as heck would go see a game.

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