Terrell Owens passive aggressively blames the Bengals offensive line

Terrell Owens tried to say the right things on Wednesday.

Robin is averaging only 10.9 yards-per-catch and 51 yards-per-game thus far, but Owens stressed that the Bengals’ 2-1 record was the most important stat.    But old habits die hard, and Owens couldn’t help but pinpoint the biggest problem on the Bengals offense.

“I’ve been open on a number of routes, and for whatever reason, there’s
always been some kind of breakdown with protection
, or Carson [Palmer] has to
come out of the pocket, or he’s rushed. It’s one of those things where
it’s frustrating for myself, but I’ve got to keep plugging away. I’m not
going to gripe,” Owens said via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Palmer has misfired on a number of throws, even when he’s had time in the pocket.  But we essentially agree with T.O.’s passive aggressive assessment. The Bengals offensive line has declined from last year. 

As we said earlier this week, the Bengals don’t seem to be enjoying winning ugly.

“If we were losing, then I would definitely have a lot to say, but the most important thing is the W,” Owens said.

Translation: They better keep winning.

52 responses to “Terrell Owens passive aggressively blames the Bengals offensive line

  1. TO is a rodeo clown at this point, but I can’t really interpret his quote above to mean that he was “calling out” the o-line. Reaching, Rosenthal. Reaching.

  2. He’s 5th in the league in targets, which is kinda crazy, and I don’t think it’s just him and Carson to blame for a lot of the missed connections…

  3. Three games into the season, and T.O. is already starting to throw members of his team under the bus. The Bengals are about to find out exactly why there was virtually nobody competing with them to sign this cancer to their team.
    Better getcha popcorn ready.

  4. Once again, TO getting lambasted and painted as a malcontent when he’s right…
    3 Undrafted FA’s on the O-Line, and it’s struggling… imagine that!!! Penalties galore on that line, and it’s killing momentum, field position, and the ability to catch teams off guard with a deep ball on short yardage situations.
    Get of TO’s nuts!

  5. Its only going to go downhill from here. Just like TO always does. As for Ocho saying in the pre season how are teams going to stop our passing game this season, well I think teams didn’t have to think very hard on that one. I hope Ocho decides to catch some damn passes for my fantasy team.

  6. It’s a damn good thing fat ass Andre Smith held out so long last year, stayed fat over the offseason, causing him to miss training camp this year and STILL isn’t healthy enough rto play each down, ALL CAUSE HE WANTED TO GET PAID MORE! Looks like he’s really helping this O line out a lot…. Dick head.

  7. Non-story, everyone knows our line sucks right now, Mainly because Dennis Roland sucks balls and Andre Smith can’t get on the field for some reason…..had Big Willie Anderson at practice this week trying to teach these tards how to pass block so hopefully last week was a wake up call
    WHO-DEY….oh and Reds are division champs, meaning we are actually Division Champs in both football and baseball right now…..WOW

  8. Three weeks before T.O. starts undermining his team mates. That MUST be a new record. I guess he is mellowing out in his advanced age.
    Now WHO could have seen this coming?

  9. Old news, big whoop, nothing that any intelligent fan isn’t thinking as well. That said, things are scary from this fan’s perspective. 4-1 at the bye please, and some serious soul searching during that off week (or before would work too).

  10. Its very likely the Browns get their first win of the year on Sunday.
    Congratulations Cleveland.
    PFT Personal Chef

  11. He kept quiet on the Bills because he didn’t expect the team to win anything. The Bengals had a lot of hype going in to the year and they are grossly under performing. Of course he’s going to start speaking up.

  12. I hope that Terrell Owens tears the team apart because of their failure to do a single thing to improve the offensive line. They deserve it.

  13. There he goes again. So, if they were losing, he would “definitely have a lot to say”. But he is already at least throwing the OL under the bus because his stats are not up to his standards. Never mind the team has a winning record, he is concerned about his stats.
    LOL, I am glad he is not on our team. The guy is trouble, and has been on just about every team he played with. He is his own worst enemy. Good luck with him, Bengals, but you might regret ever having signed him.

  14. I’m the biggest Bengal fan there is and I will say that they are the most overrated team outside of Baltimore. We can blame the offensive line all we want because it’s warranted, but the blame also lies on Carson Palmer.
    His elbow isn’t right and he has lost some strength and velocity on his throws. The problem is, he still thinks he can zip it in there but he can’t. This thinking will create more interceptions.
    He should have had the Tommy John surgery. We are now feeling the affects of his choice not to do so.

  15. Here we go the downward spin from bring in T.O. Lets see first its Bennson now T.O next it will be Batgirls main but buddy Robbin saying he’s not getting it enough that his balls are dropping in front of him . Think it might be a great week to bet the Browns

  16. You guys are really stretching to make a story out of this little sound bite.
    He was being matter-of-fact, not whining.

  17. Yes, keep plugging away, TO. By the way, you and Chad are the 4th and 5th most targeted players in the game after 3 weeks. I would think you would be able to catch a few more of those, but I guess that is the O-lines fault, too.

  18. Show me ANY NFL WR that doesn’t think he’s always ‘open’.
    TO is a joke, sad ending to a talented guy

  19. “LOL, I am glad he is not on our team. The guy is trouble, and has been on just about every team he played with. He is his own worst enemy. Good luck with him, Bengals, but you might regret ever having signed him. GO STEELERS!!”
    Wait, were you talking about our WR or your QB?

  20. The hate for T.O. on the comments is absurd. Sure he says stupid things from time to time but the guy plays the game the right way. He’s a workout freak, gives 100% on the field and has never really had any off field problems. On the other hand you have Moss who is a child and takes plays off.
    I watched Owens in SF and to be completely honest he was held behind Rice for a number of years even though he was the better receiver at that time. The dude could easily be the 2nd best receiver of all time he was that good.
    Leave him alone he has been a model player the last few seasons. All you people jump on him no matter what he says.

  21. connie says:
    September 30, 2010 11:18 AM
    T.O. is not going to gripe Is he nuts what did he just do 4th game about time let carson have it t.o.
    ^^^ What?

  22. connie says:
    September 30, 2010 11:18 AM
    T.O. is not going to gripe Is he nuts what did he just do 4th game about time let carson have it t.o.
    ^^^ What ???

  23. Uhhhh, he is correct. Watch the film and you will agree.
    Throwing someone under the bus would have included calling out the injured wing of #9.
    He hasn’t gone there, so for right now…he is correct.
    More to come if this unit does get it together soon.

  24. @WhoDeySood5, way to beat your chest over a division championship. The goal is to capture The Ring, of which you have none. WhoDey!!!!

  25. It will be good to sit back and watch the bungles implode. I haven’t seen any trash talk from their fans on here. They had won the afc championship already in preaseason! The run game sucks and your QB. looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing when he drops back in the pocket..

  26. JoeSchmoe-
    TO being right is not the point.
    The point is you don’t throw your team mates under the bus.
    Do you really expect 3 UDFA’s to be Pro-bowlers?
    Some people, Joe, will never get it.

  27. Exactly why he’s so reviled. Chad Johnson changed his name to Chad Ochocinco. I think it’s time Terrell Owens changed his name to:
    Lou Zerr

  28. As a Bengals fan who does not have tremendous love for T.O., the fact is he is right. The Bengals O-Line has been decent in run blocking, but the pass protection has been subpar for a couple years now. Carson is hurried on every throw.

  29. Speaking of melt downs and all that non sense if and when the steelers get beat by the ravens because Charlie batch wakes up the Bengals will be leading the north… again…. after a win against the browns… so even though the Bengals are melting down still gonna be in first… still winning games so I guess let the melt down continue so they can continue to win games
    Who dey

  30. @SDW2001 …
    Gregg’s right about the passive-aggressiveness. Owens points out these issues, then says he won’t gripe. But he is griping. He warns he’ll have plenty to say if they don’t win. He’s threatening the team–and promising the media–more to come.
    If this were the Steelers, Ward, Farrior, etc., would pull him aside and say, “Who do you think you are?” On the Ravens, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed would do the same. Who are the Bengals team leaders?
    Palmer has never been that guy. And #85 is too self-focused to be a team leader–that’s why he lobbied for T.O. He was thinking about marketing a “Dynamic Duo.” Brown cuts off Marv at the knees. So T.O. will be free to wreak havoc for coaches and teammates–as usual.

  31. People in Cincinnati already knew the O-Line wasn’t good at pass protection. It wasn’t good last year either! We masked it by running the ball 60% of the time because our O-Line was good at that. Now we’re trying to throw more and people that didn’t know, now know we can’t pass block. What’s really frustrating is Andre Smith, our #1 pick, can’t beat out an undrafted RT in Roland and that they can’t clean up the O-Line’s false starts.

  32. It’s never Terrell Owens fault, he’s never to blame. He’s a legend in his own mind. Marvin Lewis gets what he deserves, anyone stupid enough to put Terrell Owens on their team is just that………………stupid!!!!!!!

  33. Mount T.O. is showing some smoke around the rim. The lava and magma are starting to gel and combust. Give it two weeks and that thing is going to BLOW. I think everyone is waiting for BFFs Ochocinco and T.O. to turn on each other, which now looks like just a matter of time.

  34. Batman is a big talent, but a chronic complainer. Just not a team player and divides locker rooms. Glad he left the Cowboys–he divided them as well. Crayton bought the Kool-Aid, so he’s gone now, too.

  35. The media is actually hitting this on the head for once. It’s all over NFL Nerwork, ESPN, and the blogs: Carson Palmer isn’t playing up to his skill level.
    I believe that a number of factors are to blame.
    1) While he has only been sacked 3 times (nearly a league best) he has been hit 17 times (near the middle but on the lower end of the middle). He’s getting the passes off but he’s rushing them.
    2) The offensive line overachieved last season. This season they look more like what every one thought they’d look like last season.
    3) Injuries. He is showing some wear. This is his 8th year and he has had two major injuries. After the 05 Playoff injury we all wanted him back at the beginning of the 06 season and when he made it with no apparent I’ll affects we were elated. People forget that as many times as that clip has been shown, Carson never missed a game. Then there was the elbow injury that kept him out of all but 4 games in 08. No surgery. Was that a mistake?
    4) A completely revamped receiving corps. The only guy that was there last year and is receiving considerable playing time is Chad. TO is new and Shipley and Gresham are rookies. This offense is still gelling. Andre Caldwell caught game winning passes against Pittsburgh and Baltimore last year. Carson depended on him heavily in those situations. Shipley is getting his playing time partially due to an injury. In the long run that’s the better scenario because Shipley is the better receiver.
    Let’s not forget that the stretch of late game wins last season that earned the team the nickname “Cardiac Cats” was mostly due to Palmer’s brilliance. This team has some gelling to do. If we go to the bye and they’re not starting to turn it around then it’s time to worry. For now let’s just chalk it up to several factors, all of which are correctable.
    If this season turns into a disaster then at least TO will make it an entertaining one.

  36. Why didn’t Rosenthal cry like Chris Parnell in ‘Anchorman’ when T.O. said that the Bills’ and Cowboys’ O-Line needs to protect Trent Edwards and Tony Romo better?
    Oh, I know why because he is too lazy to go to the teams’ websites and watch the press conferences on the spot. Instead, he makes something out of nothing while he took whatever NFL Network or ESPN took as they were too lazy to look at other teams’ press conferences on their sites.
    Oh Rosenthal!!! I ripped on you and told a bad truth about you!!!
    Am I destroying Pro Football Talk???

  37. Carson Palmer is who everyone outside of Cinci thought he was. Since Kimo took out his knee he hasn’t been the same.

  38. Say what you want about TO but he’s right. The problem is the O-line. Don’t start harping on the man for telling the truth!

  39. Can’t wait til he plays in Pittsburgh and has his usual meltdown with the Quarterback.
    Remember Romo and McNabb-gates both started in games against the Steelers.

  40. # Jack Burton says: September 30, 2010 1:22 PM
    Carson Palmer is who everyone outside of Cinci thought he was. Since Kimo took out his knee he hasn’t been the same.
    I am not a Bengals fan, but that is urban legend. CP was still a very accurate passer with prototypically good mechanics for a couple years after that knee. In fact, I was astonished how good he was in 06 the year directly following the knee . The problem is what another poster alluded to earlier: he probably should have had TJ surgery in 08. Looking at the way he throws now vs pre-elbow problems, it appears obvious. Perhaps he was advised to let the UCL blow up completely before he had the surgery but either way, he ain’t gonna be right physically until it’s fixed.

  41. put on your raingear; the pot has started boiling, but what comes out when it explodes won’t be popcorn.

  42. @CincyAllDaWay …
    It doesn’t matter if it’s true. How does it benefit the Bengals going forward for him to call out the o-line at a press conference? You have local sports media and fans to do that. If he has a problem with their play or Palmer’s, he should talk to them personally. I said the same in 09 when Ward criticized Roethlisberger for missing the Ravens game w/a concussion. If team members are publicly pointing fingers at or defending themselves against one another, they’re not focused on opponents. And if you’re putting the team first instead of yourself, you keep that stuff in-house.
    At least Ward is a longtime team leader and he later apologized to Roethlisberger. This jackass is an offseason pickup on the tail end of his career. He has no business publicly ripping anyone on the team that gave him a home when no one else would touch him.
    You think your o-line has problems now? Wait ’til this guy gets through with them.

  43. Another example of the media making a mountain out of a molehill and the stupid people are eating it right up.
    What TO said is correct. What Hardcore said is correct.
    The question is whether Palmer can bounce back. I am still betting he can. His mechanics look better than they did last year; he just needs to get his head straightened out, and the OL needs to give him time to allow him to work it out. Old man Boomer said this as well. If he gets one good game (maybe Tampa), then his confidence should pick back up and he can shake off his metal issues.

  44. leave it up to the media to turn nothing into something and mis interpret something that he or someone else says. i am a bengals fan and don’t really care for TO all that much, he can help us so i guess im okay with it but you can’t blame the guy for stating the obvious. The o line has been very shaky so far this season and hasn’t been all that great. The one pick Palmer threw that was going to a wide open TO 50 yards down the field was a direct result of the line not blocking, if Palmer could have stepped into that throw and not got pancaked as he threw that ball don’t get picked and TO goes the distance. O line needs to step up, even last year they were not that great pass protecting but awesome with the run blocking and this year they arent even doing good in the run blocking department. it seems like every time Benson gets the ball their is 2 or 3 guys instantly in the back field and he has to bounce around or dance to get away from them, point is the O line is sucking it up bigtime and they need to step up.

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