Tiki Barber: Tom Coughlin's control "slipping away"

It’s almost like Tiki Barber wants to go get booed Sunday when he gets inducted to the Giants’ new Ring of Honor.

Showing a typical lack of self-awareness, Barber weighed in on his former coach Tom Coughlin Wednesday on Yahoo! Sports.

“I don’t know if he’s completely lost control of the team, but it’s definitely slipping away,” Barber said.  “Right now, Tom Coughlin is at a crisis.  His job is certainly in jeopardy.”

It’s not like that opinion is unique, but it’s already riled up a few folks.  Compare Barber’s reaction to that of former teammate Michael Strahan, who strongly defended Coughlin this week.

“Now all of a sudden [Coughlin] can’t coach? I don’t think that is the case,” Strahan told ESPNNewYork.com.

It’s hardly the first time Barber made unpopular comments that contrasted with Strahan.  Tiki once weighed in on Strahan’s contract holdout, saying Strahan was greedy.

Barber’s penchant for sounding tone deaf goes beyond Coughlin.  At one point during his video, host Charissa Thompson told Tiki, “You might need to come out of retirement, there’s no running game.”

Barber’s response: “I can’t tell you how many people have told me that.”

We’ll bet he hears something a little different on Sunday.

58 responses to “Tiki Barber: Tom Coughlin's control "slipping away"

  1. If anyone knows about things slipping away its this tool. First his ability to hold onto a football, second his ability to hold on to his career and finally is ability to be faithful to his wife. Oh and his career as a “journalist”. All of those things have slipped into non existence for this idiot. Rot in hell Tikster.

  2. At one point during his video, host Charissa Thompson told Tiki, “You might need to come out of retirement, there’s no running game.”
    Barber’s response: “I can’t tell you how many people have told me that. How old are you? 21! Perfect! Let’s go make a baby or two.”

  3. I guess you could same thing about Tiki losing control when he cheated on his wife now couldn’t you? Why does NBC continue to employ this has been?

  4. I thought Tiki was kicked off the air after the Total Medal Count deal?
    Guess that was wishful thinking.
    How can Tiki and Ronde be related? Clearly Ronde spent his childhood apologizing for his brothers stupidity.

  5. Well, Tiki does have a certain expertise in jobs slipping away. Why doesn’t he just go back to banging interns and engaging in other sleaze ball tactics and just STFU.

  6. tiki is a clown. the way he trashed coughlin after the 2006 season was inappropriate. he’s just mad that they won a super bowl after he retired. his opinions should carry no value. i think the handling of his marriage, along with this, speaks volume of his character.

  7. I suppose you could say Tiki lost control of his marriage when he cheated on his wife then left her for another younger woman while his wife was pregnant. He truly is no longer relevant.

  8. Tiki barber is an idiot….he should stop worrying about Tom and realize how big of a scumbag he is for leaving his pregnant wife for some hoooo.
    We would never want you back Tiki…hell, a soon as you left we won a superbowl..

  9. Tiki Barber might be the most fraudulant former NFL player in the last 20 years. He has ZERO credibility.
    1. He retires and the team WINS the Super Bowl. Coincidence?
    2. He calls out Eli’s leadership. Less than a year later, Eli is the SB MVP. Talk about egg on your face…
    3. This guys was a walking fumble waiting to happen. I used to love when he ran against the Eagles. I knew it was only a matter of time until Dawkins would strip the ball from him.
    4. He was basically a KR/PR in the beginning of his career. He acts like he was an all time great.
    5. The guy is a turd. He left his wife high and dry.
    Tiki’s opinion is bogus.

  10. Tiki’s just saying what everyone knows. TC has come to the end of a fine career. He’s pushing 65… it happens.

  11. Nobody on the Giants wants this guy back. Not in the locker room or the front office. This guy was arrogant and never knew when to shut up to the media. Nobody on that team was sorry to see him go.
    His act is tired. He thought he would be a big star on TV and he has faded into obscurity. The Giants shouldnt even honor the guy, the team was 20 times better as soon as he retired

  12. Is Tom Coughlin’s grip slipping away much like Tiki’s marriage did when Tiki was slutting around with some hoar at a television station while his wife was getting ready to give birth to twins-you mean that Tiki Barber?????????? Tiki THIS slutting around is what you’ll hear about on your induction (is this why you’re being inducted). Not only are you a lowlife……..but you’re stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shut up Tiki, you loser. No one wants to hear from you on anything. You opinion of the Giants is useless considering the fact you still have egg on your face from retiring the season before they won the superbowl. Go vanish into the ether forever…or go on a speaking tour of community colleges.

  14. This actually makes me feel better about my Giants. If Tiki thinks that Coughlin is losing control, the team must be stronger behind him than ever. For a guy that basically took him from fumble machine to pro bowl RB, he really lacks any respect for Coughlin.

  15. Bradshaw isn’t a bad tailback. I’d easily take him over Tiki. Just hard to run when you start 1st and 15 due to penalties.
    Can’t wait to hear the outcry after the Bears blow them out at home this weekend. We’ll get to see it telecast in espanol on NBC too.

  16. Coughlin showed tiki how to stop fumbling but he also took all of the love of the game out of him with his control freak style. Shockey was shown the door as well when he spoke out. Tom just needs to move on. Bill cowher is coming soon I believe

  17. You know waht else was “slipping away”, Tiki? The ball, every time you touched it until Tom Coughlin got there. God Damn, show some respect for the man that saved your career.
    Super Bowl 42 hurt as a Pats fan, but a silver lining to it was that the Giants won it the year AFTER this ass clown retired. All season Tiki was on NBC talking about how the Giants are going to stumble without him. Yeah, wrong BITCH!

  18. What Tiki really needed to be asked was, “Did your ex-wife give birth to the twins yet? I know she was about 8 months along when you left her, and it seems like you’ve been shacking up with that bimbo longer. Were you allowed in the delivery room? Did you bring the bimbo with you to the hospital? Do you hold the babies against your shoulder so you don’t fumble them?”

  19. Tiki Barber might be the most fraudulant former NFL player in the last 20 years. He has ZERO credibility.
    1. He retires and the team WINS the Super Bowl. Coincidence?
    He is the Don Mattingly of Football

  20. Was Tiki reporting from out of his bedroom window? Because that’s the only media outlet I’m sure he’s on these days.

  21. i guess if tiki talks smack annually about his former team, eventually he will be right. a coach’s message has to stop being effective at some point, then tiki can say “i told you so.” he will just quietly mutter the part about it “taking 5 years longer than he thought and a super bowl win in that time and mumble, mumble, mumble.”

  22. wait a sec, i hate the giants but
    tiki barber is the last person to speak on something slipping away
    first of all his fumbleitis and second, the guy cheated on his wife
    he has no control over himself, how’s he going to chastize someone else’s?
    someone needs to tackle that moron, hard

  23. Who’s Tiki Barber? The name sounds familiar but it has been so long since it was relevant. Quit giving tools like him a platform so they can spend their time doing other things, like say, taking care of their families.

  24. Ya know, Cadillac had it perfect when they had him talk about himself driving an Escalade.
    Tiki gets Big Ben’s leftovers. They just can’t suspend Tiki as he quit. (on a lot of things)

  25. My friends who worked with this guy at nbc said he’d walk around completely clueless all day, had no idea what was going on during broadcasts…we wonder why he’s on a yahoo video stream now….why are we still paying attention to him?…go away Tiki!!!

  26. @chapnasty and king joe, I agree 100%. This guy is such a loser and has no credibility in NY. hard to believe Giants will put him into Ring of Honor as Tiki doesn’t have a Ring, (SB or marriage) and certainly doesn’t have any Honor (players, media, ex-players and fans).
    I hope Giant fans boo the crap out of him.

  27. The Giants should have two ceremonies. The first would be almost unveiling a Ring of Honor starring Tiki Barber followed a year later by an actual unveiling of a Ring of Honor without Tiki Barber. (The Giants should also consider a Marital Bliss Ring of Honor starring Barber, Frank Gifford, Michael Strahan and Lawrence Taylor.) Hail!

  28. Tiki is as useless as the mammalary glands on a male pig.
    i think that sums it up best.
    hey Tiki, how are the kids? you schmegma

  29. Coughlin’s going to use this as motivation just like Roy Williams and win the SB this year again.
    Just like last time in 2006 when Tiki’s buttocks opened wide and this type of noise flew out.

  30. Astonishing how Tiki managed to go from the 2nd most popular athlete in town (Jeter #1) to a reviled villain. It isn’t easy to destroy that much goodwill as quickly as he did without committing a felony, but the Tikster managed. Perhaps he isn’t quite as smart as he thinks he is. Listen up Tiki–SHUT UP!

  31. Tiki is dancing a big vat of sour NYGiant grapes just like Lucy did on I Love Lucy.
    Why would anyone really believe he has ears in the Giants locker room? If this had come from Strahan’s mouth I might be more inclined to pay attention.

  32. It’s embarrassing to recall that in the dim and distant past, I thought that Tiki Barber was sentient. No, really.
    And that Michael Strahan, while a beautiful thing on the field, had nothing particularly cogent to say. Michael IS pretty egocentric, with a petty turn to him, but in the last year or so, I’ve learned he actually has a LOT of on-the-money observations. He frequently says things that make it worthwhile to look past the excess and listen.
    Can’t we just send Tiki somewhere where all the communication lines are down?

  33. Who cares what Tiki says…he’s a turncoat malcontent. He’s a weatherman who happens to have played pro football at one time. Screw you Tiki, you wannabe Matt Lauer.

  34. Barber is an idiot although Coughlin has lost some control and the blame is squarely on the shoulders of Jerry Reese who keeps signing thugs and showboaters to the team. Put Coughlin in charge of signing players and they would be on the way to another Super Bowl

  35. Everything that comes out of Tiki’s mouth is BS. Eli proved him wrong, Tom proved him wrong, even Jacobs proved him wrong (he has a ring, you don’t).
    I cant wait to boo this man on Sunday.

  36. There have been a few times over the past couple of years when I’ve thought that it’s time for Giant fans to forgive Tiki’s backstabbing comments after his retirement. Then he dumps his pregnant wife, and now sees fit to start shooting his mouth off again, and I realize that he deserves every drop of venom that gets spat in his arrogant face. Just don’t throw anything at him on Sunday, Giant fans; you might accidentally hit Harry Carson.

  37. He is right, Coughlin is more than likely on his last legs out in New York. They have been on a steady decline since their last Super Bowl Championship. Look at the way that they have been playing so far this season. And I have a feeling that it is going to continue. Here is how is see this scenario playing out. Unless Tom Coughlin takes them to a Super Bowl, he will more than likely be out as coach.

  38. Shut up Tiki .. u have no credibility !! BTW, did you notice the NYG won the SB after you left .. coincidence ?!?!?

  39. This comes from a LOSER, who was not part of the Super Bowl team and then LEFT HIS 8 MONTH PREGNANAT WIFE FOR A SKANK! By the way Tiki, hows the NBC gig going?????

  40. Lets start the chant right now Tiki Sucks Tiki Sucks Tiki Sucks
    Giant fans are pissed now after last week so lets bring this ahole out
    I hope the rest of the ring of honor players show off there SB rings
    TC is the one that taught that no talent ahole how to hold the balls with out dropping it what a douche

  41. I still can’t understand why anyone would listen to Tiki Barber. As soon as he left town the Giants win a SB. Maybe he was the problem all along.

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