At least Mike Shanahan is honest about something

Thumbnail image for NFL_shanahan_250.jpgFlorio has noted the last few weeks how the Redskins abuse the “questionable” tag on the weekly injury report, in an effort to obfuscate (thanks, Tiki) the truth.

It’s not a new trick.  The Colts, for instance, have long loved to use the “Q” tag liberally.  The integrity of the injury report is such a joke, in fact, that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan isn’t afraid to make light of it.

Shanahan said Friday that some teams are more honest than others when reporting injuries. Asked if the Redskins fit into the honest category, Shanahan responded, “No.”

In related news, someone inside the league office just made an epic facepalm.

46 responses to “At least Mike Shanahan is honest about something

  1. All the injury tags are for is the bookies and the gamblers. Fantasy owners can just start a different player if in doubt!

  2. Mike Shennaigans abused the injury reporting all the time while in Denver just so that an opposing team could not game plan accordingly.

  3. He should be honest about how sharp his teeth are. I think he sharpens them on a bench grinder.

  4. Not sure how he is “overratted”. I hear the argument that he only was able to win with Elway. Ummm..ok. How many SB’s did Elway have before Shanny?

  5. @Bills-N-Yankees, you’re wrong about that. The main reason the injury report was designed to keep teams more honest about injured players. The secondary reason was to prevent a black market of “speculators” or “moles” FROM profiting of releasing team injury secrets FOR the purpose of gambling.
    It was a way to provide transparency and eliminate that black market.
    Gamblers will STILL find a way to gamble on something regardless, but at least the injury rule let’s everyone know what is supposedly going on with a player.

  6. How to punish the Redskins? Make them sit every over-rated and over-the-hill player on the squad for one game.
    Oops — even if they tried fielding a 2-way team, you couldn’t find 11 bodies to fill the bill. Guess that would be a forfeit. Of course, the way Michael Vick is playing out of his mind, maybe a forfeit would be less painful.

  7. “How many SB’s did Elway have before Shanny?”
    How many did either have before Terrell Davis?

  8. RE: Shanahan being overrated:
    The only reason Chuck Noll won those Super Bowls was he had Terry Bradshaw.
    The only reason Bill Belicheck won those Super Bowls was that he had Tom Brady.
    The only reason Tom Landry won those Super Bowls was that he had Rodger Staubach.
    Come on guys. I’m not saying Shanahan is the best coach in the world or that he’s gonna turn the skins around, but the “only reason” excuse is kind of lame…I mean, even Belicheck struggled in Cleveland and no one is calling him a “fraud.”

  9. Excerpt from Yahoo news article in 2007:
    “So for 70 consecutive game weeks, Belichick has listed Tom Brady on the injury report as “probable” due to a “right shoulder” injury. Seventy consecutive weeks and Brady hasn’t missed a single game. Seventy consecutive weeks of mocking the league.” —
    And yet you never bashed the Patriots once for this. Why? The answer is simple. You’ve been in bed with the Patriots since day one of ProFootballTalk. You are to the Patriots what FoxNews is to the Republican party.
    Shanahan has been at the helm of the Redskins for 5 minutes and you’ve bashed him nonstop for his injury report antics. Yet 9 years of the Belicheck’s antics never once made you feel like this is an issue you should be undertaking. And please don’t hide behind the “look – here – x,y, and z, all articles by me that I pointed out Tom Brady is on the injury report.” There is a big difference between acknowledging an a occurrence (which I’m sure you did for the Patriots) and taking the same type of occurrence, but framing it in such a way as to make the perpetrator of the occurrence the poster-boy for something that you (or should I saw you all – you know, since its always “we”, and never I over there at ProFootballTalk) think needs to be reformed.

  10. Yeah, I gotta admit the whole Shanny thing not winning the SB without Elway is pretty lame. You could say that for a lot of coaches like… How many SB’s has Belichick won without Brady? How many did Walsh win without Montana? How many has Holmgren win without Favre? How many has Andy Reid won without McNabb… oh wait!

  11. “Not sure how he is “overratted”. I hear the argument that he only was able to win with Elway. Ummm..ok. How many SB’s did Elway have before Shanny?”
    How about because the Donks were repeatedly busted cheating on the salary cap in a big way to win their Super Bowls under Shanahan ? The received huge fines and lost draft picks for doing so.

  12. How many SB’s did Elway, Shanny, or Terrell have before Brett Favre handed it to them?

  13. Oakland Raiders-3 SB championships
    Denver Broncos-2 SB championships
    KC Chiefs-1 SB championship
    SD SuperChargers- ZERO, nada, zilch, goose egg

  14. Yes, the REDSKINS are the biggest offender of this practice. Tom Brady was “questionable” every week of an 18-1 season. Give me a break.

  15. You can talk all the shit you want about Shanahan. The fact of the matter is he put together a team that won back to back super bowls. Belicheat was a mediocre coach before Tom Brady came along. Coaches should be concerned about winning football games not catering to the bookies and gamblers.

  16. Yawn. The only people that care about injury reports are degenerate gamblers, fantasy geeks, and of course PFT. Great company.

  17. @heyguru
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  18. I wonder if the boss one of the “Famlies” spoke to him about screwing up the line if he would be more honest.

  19. If the NFL was serious about injury reports it would get rid of the ‘Probable’ listing. When was the last time someone was listed as ‘Probable’ and missed a game?

  20. “At least Mike Shanahan is honest about something…”
    All of the coaches have the same level of honesty as Shananhan, but PFT is very slective on who it hammers.
    I’m sure many NFL players and coaches read PFT, but unlike the average fan they know what PFT is in it for- headlines and drama and let the quaility of the journalism fall where it may.

  21. “yet you never bashed the Patriots once for this.”
    You’re a retard. Florio has mentioned that numerous times.

  22. @heyguru
    Was that supposed to be funny? That is one dumbest things i have ever read on here and I have seen a lot of ignorant posts from boysroll. Wow, u r a Douchebag. Keep that D material coming Loser!
    Says the guy with the screen name SmootySmoot…….douche

  23. Shanahan looks like a carny. One of the really creepy ones. Still, coaches lie about it every week, and everyone knows they’re lying, so I’m going to give the beady-eyed midget lip-sucker credit for owning it.

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