Could the AFC East send three teams to the postseason?

The question in the title to this item is a question that Joe Brocato (unabashed Jets fan) raised with me during one of this week’s PFTV segments.

And so I answered the question.  And since the cameras were rolling at the time, you can see and hear the answer in the video player below.

And since it’s Friday and the boss usually comes in late on Friday, you can probably get away with watching some web video while you finish off that bagel and/or muffin top.


26 responses to “Could the AFC East send three teams to the postseason?

  1. The Patriots aren’t going to make it in with that Defense ,they have a stretch of Indy & Pitt ,Miami, G.B Etc.etc. coming up teams that like the Jets play a little bit a D , and can score ,I see only 2 teams coming out AFCE ..NYJ ,Mia

  2. For three AFC East teams to make that would imply only one of Colts/Texans and one of Steelers/Ravens makes it (plus possibly the Titans or even Bungles slip in). I would call that “improbable.” It’s more likely only one makes it in than three.

  3. WHAT …. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat …. remember the Jets last year LIMPED in at 9-7. Maybe two teams make it, maybe …. what a stupid post …. which two are out of Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Colts?????

  4. KC and SD will make it from the West..
    Mark it, Florio..
    The AFC East is overrated.. Dolphins have a soft QB, the Jets will falter, and the Pats will be the last man standing.
    Chiefs 2010.

  5. Will the AFC Central send 3 teams?
    Will the AFC North send 3 teams?
    And…most curiously….will the AFC West send 3 teams?

  6. With Miami’s defense on Sunday? NO.
    With Patriots defense on Sunday? NO.
    However, with Patriots Offense, Jets Offense, and Miamis offense on Sunday… perhaps.

  7. The Texans better start learning how to stop teams on defense .. Nice win against Colts ,but beating the Dredskins and getting rolled up at home against Dallas doesnt spell automatic playoff ,I think there D is dead last in NFL ..not winning games against good teams that way…

  8. It is a little early for this type of speculative nonsense. Let’s see how the season plays out, injuries impact performance, and teams improve or fade. Every year teams come out hot and then die.
    Right now, the Patriots face an excruciating out of division schedule that, in the past, their veteran teams could handle but there is no assurance their young defense will be able to handle. That said, all the talk about how weak their defense is lacks the realization that every team understands it will need to put up a lot of points to beat the Patriots and they gameplan accordingly.

  9. possible, but no, the Patroits have issues on defense and the Dolphins need help at free safety, i think the winner of the East and likely another East team will make it, BUT it wont be easy, they will battle with the Ravens and Bengals and possibly the Colts or Texans over the final playoff spot.

  10. The Pats are a playoff team (weaker than in past years)
    The Fins and Jets are definitly not playoff caliber teams, both are pretenders.

  11. No way. You’ve got Tenn, Indy and Houston in the Central.
    Pitt., Balt. and Cinci. in the North.
    Even the West doesn’t look as bad this year.
    There are too many good teams out there for three to go from one division.

  12. GreeneBlitz, you should open your own think tank and have Florio in it as well. Fins and Jets are pretenders? Please elaborate, I’d love to hear your brilliant insight.
    Florio, The Jets might make the playoffs? How is that possible when you didn’t pick them to make it? Is this the same team you had losing what was it 34-13 to the Pats? I must have missed something, shouldn’t the Jets be in last by now? Hmm…

  13. Pats gonna sit out!! Their defense is too weak, I don’t see them as a playoff team right now. Miami should be though. The Jets are definitely looking like they should be there, Sanchez is playing as well as pretty much anybody right now with 6 TD 0 INT. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indy all look better to me than the Pats.

  14. Keep burying the Patriots all you want. This young defense is growing through experience
    With 3 rookies, McCourtey, Spikes and Cunningham in starting roles along with 3-4 2nd year players starting, this is a very athletic talented Defense which will improve as the season progresses.
    Jets fans are in their yearly September/October mantra about being the best team going to the Super Bowl and already have won their paper championship.
    Tom Brady = 10 + wins
    In my opinion, this is much more of a must win game for Miami being their home game coming off a tough loss to the Jets.
    At Miami is always tough.

  15. @greeneblitz
    wow you’re that dumb huh..the pats are better than the jets & fins? LOL I can’t wait for monday night.

  16. It would be amazing to see 3 teams from the AFCE go through. I don’t see it as likely though. Probably just 2 teams.

  17. GreeneBlitz says:
    October 1, 2010 10:17 AM
    The Pats are a playoff team (weaker than in past years)
    The Fins and Jets are definitly not playoff caliber teams, both are pretenders.
    You are a complete tool……nothing esle to say, get a clue….

  18. It is impossible to say.
    Will the Pat’s young D gel? Has Sanchez improved as much as it seems in the last 2 games? Is Miami a good defensive team and is Henne permanently mediocre?
    The division has a tough schedule this year. It seems unlikely 3 teams will make the playoffs.

  19. You know something Mike; after watching all those little broadcasts that you put up with Brocato I always was trying to figure out what is up with him. Seriously.
    You at least reply to his questions by addressing not only the camera but him too! I come away from many of these feeling like he’s asking me (the camera) these questions when he’s directing them to you.
    In short, the answer came to me based on this last article. “An unabashed Jets fan.”
    Let me spell this out for you…
    Honestly though, you need to get another “talking head” to do these clips with you.

  20. Jets and Dolphins are the only AFCE teams that will/could make the playoffs. NE is done. Enjoy 3rd place.

  21. if NE loses to miami this week…and that’s pretty likley….the balance of power has clearly turned.
    Take the blinders off pats fans.

  22. Dear Patriot fans,
    30 points to the Bills, like the guys at NFL Monday Night Cowdown say, ” Come On Man”. The Dolphins WILL SHREAD UP that bottom third of the NFL defense. The Dolphins are certainly not the Bills and Chad Henne is a hell of alot better then Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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