Jahvid Best returns to practice

It’s not quite judgment day for all the injured running backs we’ve tracked this week, but it’s getting close.  Missing three straight days of practice usually means there’s no chance for Sunday.

Luckily for Lions fans (and fantasy owners), Jahvid Best returned to work on Friday, according to MLive.com’s Tom Kowalski.  Best is “expected to start” against the Packers despite his turf toe injury.  His normal role could be reduced after missing Wednesday and Thursday’s practice. 

Defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch (back) missed practice, but is expected to suit up.  Wide receiver Nate Burleson (ankle) looks likely to be out.

14 responses to “Jahvid Best returns to practice

  1. Start calling him Jahvid BUST. The guy is only averaging 3.3 yards per carry, and already living up to the pre-draft label that he was injury prone. Another wasted pick by the Lions.

  2. sure rovibe… except that he is leading the league in TD’s. But that’s not important to you I guess.

  3. @ rovibe
    Let’s see……Best is named rookie offensive player of the month, leads the league in TD’s and after only 3 games. You’re obviously another one of those with a great sense for talent. Is your last name Millen?

  4. dixinpunani says:
    October 1, 2010 12:49 PM ———————— Scoring a bunch of TD’s from 1 or 2 yards is important — if you’re a fantasy football nerd. Otherwise, I’d rather have a REAL RB who can move the chains, like Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, etc. As long as you have that, you put EVERY ONE of your offewnsive weapons in position to score the TD. Best will be like all the losers who score 12 TD’s or more in a year, but only rush for 300 yards. BUST BUST BUST!! And the Lions STILL suck. What’s up with that?!?

  5. Rushing him back from a turf toe injury is one of the world’s worst ideas.
    Look for him to aggravate it this Sunday….

  6. rovibe:
    ok, best isn’t a household name like CJ, but if you compare numbers, Best is still up there.
    CJ: 328 APY w/ 4TDs
    Best 307 APY w/ 5 TDs
    One problem though….CJ has 1 lost fumble.
    Maybe it’s just me….?

  7. @ Rovide
    Once again.. I say “pffft!”
    Best may not be the best right now (pun intended).. and perhaps he may not be the top back in the league EVER.. but I’d still take a chance on this guy in ANY draft!!!..
    I agree that they should not rush this kid back this week.. I think that he should spend another week on the bike.. that said.. if he thinks he can go.. who am I to say no
    By the way Rovibe…. How is C.J. Spiller working out for you?

  8. I like people who call rookies that are 3 games into what so far looks like a great rookie season a “Bust.” They’re special people.

  9. @rovibe is clearly an idiot. and even if best had ZERO td’s he still couldnt be called a bust you cant call anyone that after 3 games

  10. @ rovibe
    I’d love to watch Best highlights with you while I stuff turd sandwiches down your throat. What kind of buffoon calls a rookie RB who leads the league in touchdowns a BUST after 3 freakin weeks???! You are truly touched in the head, man.
    How would you like your sandwiches? Maybe open-faced? Or on a hoagie roll? Or maybe even a tortilla wrap? I’ll do whatever you want…its taco night for me so i’ll have plenty of ingredients in the morning. Cant wait to see ya!

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