Sharper getting closer to 100 percent

NFL_Sharper1.jpgSaints safety Darren Sharper started the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list, which means he won’t be eligible to play until after Week Six.  But it looks like he could indeed by ready to roll once Week Six has come and gone.

Per a league source, Sharper was able to run full speed before Sunday’s game against the Falcons, though he had some soreness in his knee after doing so.

Sharper had knee surgery only days before the opening of free agency, which forced him to defer his effort to parlay a strong 2009 performance into a new deal.  Eventually, he took another modest one-year deal from the Saints.

Once healthy, it’s unclear when Sharper will return to the starting lineup.  Still, the Saints apparently think that he has something to contribute to the effort to repeat, otherwise he wouldn’t have been re-signed — or he would have been cut before the start of the season.

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  1. Not a big difference maker like Troy but the Saints D does seem to lack the fire it had last year. The whole team is lacking some fire, but the D hasn’t been a turnover machine yet.

  2. Yeah, the Saintz haven’t given up a long passing TD this year, so Sharper’s return is mandatory for non-Saintz fans.

  3. TomBrady’sHairStylist says:
    When is Garret Hartley going to get healthy?
    When he goes on a diet…..Fat Punk Kicker……

  4. Despite the negative one liners about him, Darren added a certain intangible value to the Saints D last year. Conrad Dobler did the same for the O line many years ago. He is more of a spiritual leader and we welcome him back! His career stats speaks for itself to all the haters.

  5. Ha ha ha, haters can eat lead. Darren Sharper is 6th on the all-time interceptions list. He broke the record for interception return yards last year. Darren Sharper rules!!!!
    Ha ha ha ha, DARREN SHARPER OWNS YOU!!!!

  6. Sharper won’t see the field that much. The Saints other safeties can tackle. It’s a reason the Vikings let him walk. He does bring a certain mentality that rubs off on the players and helps though…

  7. Sharper is a turnover machine. He does not get beat deep like so many douchers on here claim and he has been a good tackler and has delivered some crushing big hits in his time as well (see Kevin Faulk and Brett Favre last year).

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