Keller, Sanchez credit "Jets West Camp" for rapport

This offseason Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez brought some of his teammates to California for a series of workouts they called the “Jets West Camp.”

Tight end Dustin Keller says those workouts are one of the reasons he and Sanchez have such a good rapport.

“Whether it was just being in this building back when [Sanchez’s] knee was hurt and he couldn’t do much throwing, to being in this building and watching a lot of film with him or if it was ‘Jets West,’ . . . things like that were huge in our development,” Keller said, per the New York Daily News.

At least one team has accused the Jets of violating league rules by having coaches present at those Jets West workouts. But Jets coach Rex Ryan says he’s just glad Keller, who has 15 catches for 226 yards and three touchdowns, is off to such a good start.

“It looks like Mark and him have a great connection,” Ryan said. “[Keller] knows where he’s going to be and Mark knows how he’s going to break his route off and all that. The guys are clearly on the same page.”

16 responses to “Keller, Sanchez credit "Jets West Camp" for rapport

  1. you just know bill bellidick and the patriots filed that claim against the jets. in the past, they filed a few frivolous tampering charges against the jets as well. kudos to eric mangini for retaliating and blowing the whistle on the pats and their cheating ways.
    btw pats fans, how did that beat down by the jets taste?

  2. Keller knows where he is going to be … About a half yard short of a first down on a fourth down play. Yep, that’s the mark of an all time great.

  3. jets are stacked,
    Congratulations, you beat the Pats Week#2 at the Meadowlands.
    Everyone knows its October 2nd and as every season for the past 41 YEARS, Jets fans are thumping their chests and talking Super Bowl .
    And as every season for the past 41 years, disappointment will happen for the red headed stepchild franchise from Florham Park, NJ.
    Enjoy your paper championship since based on your comments I can safely say you have never seen your favorite franchise in the Super Bowl in your entire lifetime.
    Keep talking trash, nothing else is expected from a Jests fan since you never back it up. Even Joe Namath knows this team doesn’t have it.

  4. —-you just know Bill BELICHICK and the Patriots filed that claim—-
    Then there is the claim that the Pats didn’t file–and in hindsight should have:
    Scott Sheaffer:
    “Then there was the Patriots/ Jets camera incident.
    The first one.
    When the Jets got caught.
    In a playoff game, Patriots’ security prevented a Jets camera crew from filming. The crew was there in addition to the cameramen already recording game film from end zone and sideline angles. New England security didn’t confiscate the footage and turn it over to the NFL.”
    If your team broke the rules, they should get fined. It is pretty simple. If your team held illegal practices that could be construed as a competitive edge don’t you think? The Jets in the past are no saints- a quick Google shows a ton of doping on the team in the past 10 years(Ainge, Pace..), and a few fines for not disclosing injuries, not once but twice.Way to protect your players. I can think of only one –ONE doping ‘scandal’ on the Pats in a decade.
    Don’t be fooled the only reason this ‘West Coast Jets’ story does not have legs, is because you have not won a thing. If this story came out about the Saints or Indy, fines would be coming.
    As for your win, whatever dude. “Oh my god the Jets might actually win something!!” Call me after you win a SB this century.

  5. iampats – if you have such hostility towards the top team in the division, stop reading about them. you know the jets are better, they have a good offense AND a good defense, which the pats do not. come down to NY and start talking that crap. yeah, i didn’t think so.

  6. iampats sounds a little upset that mr brady couldnt get anything going against the jets…. for 30 minutes……….

  7. This team is totally irrelevant until they are a .500 franchise.
    No one cares about yapping from the 7th All time Worst NFL franchise from noo joisey.
    You’re still the red-headed stepchildren from the G MEN mixed offspring.

  8. Iampats, what has your team ever won? 3 cheatergate titles?
    everybody knows every single one of bellicheks titles are tainted….. how many has he won since he was exposed….
    at least the Redheaded Stepchild has one that was legit in 69
    Your pats have none

  9. Hey SomeFans!
    How many years ago was your last SuperBowl win? Who did you JUST lose to, not even a week ago?
    Keep quiet.

  10. whoaleckna says:
    October 2, 2010 9:03 AM
    How does Keller explain the 2010 playoffs?
    The 2010 season playoffs haven’t happened yet you tool. Second they had the camp this past summer, AFTER the 2009 playoffs, so since you don’t know shit you should quit……

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