Shaun Phillips settles assault suit, still faces another one

Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips faced a fairly significant distraction from football practice and game preparation next week.  He was scheduled to be in court.

Specifically, Phillips faced a trial on civil assault charges.  The case arose from allegations that Phillips punched a security guard in April 2009.  According to Brent Schrotenboer of the San Diego Union-Tribune, a “conditional settlement” has been reached.

Though the authorities opted not to pursue the case as a criminal matter, the alleged victim filed a lawsuit.  Since civil suits rely on a much lower standard of proof than criminal charges, Phillips could have been found liable even without a prosecution.

Terms of the settlement weren’t disclosed.

The development cuts Phillips’ pending legal entanglements in half.  He still faces a civil lawsuit in Las Vegas arising from allegations that he struck and injured a 54-year-old woman at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Phillips was not arrested or charged in the February 2008 incident.

14 responses to “Shaun Phillips settles assault suit, still faces another one

  1. Clearly, had the victims simply steered clear of the defendant’s fists, we would not be having this discussion today.

  2. “he struck and injured a 54-year-old woman”
    Wow! This guy is kind of old to not have learned he can’t be putting his hands on other people. A 54 year old woman?

  3. “…allegations that he struck and injured a 54-year-old woman…”
    Wow, he’s quite the badass isn’t he?

  4. In April 2006, prosecutors declined to file charges in a third incident in which Phillips was arrested after an alleged altercation with a San Diego police officer.
    The woman, Lourdes Jaross, told police she tried to get onto a raised dance floor when Phillips told her not to and elbowed her in the head. “She had a bump on her head,” the police report said. Jaross “seemed by her conduct, speech and demeanor, to have been drunk.”
    According to the police report, Phillips said he saw Jaross getting up to the stage area “where she shouldn’t be” and told her not to go there.
    “He stated that she grabbed the back of his pants and he fell onto her. He apologized for the accident.”
    Clearly just another simple understanding.

  5. people just don’t understand how gangster a 54 year old women is.
    A: not old enough to retire and therefore still in peak physical condition
    B:a women, female of the species yadda, yadda,
    Phillips should be carrying a gun at all times and never hesitate when it comes time because grandmothers are straight up gangster

  6. When will people realize Chargers are a bunch of crybabies and punks. Cue the stay classy comments in 5….

  7. Let’s see their medical bills…oh wait, there aren’t any. You don’t suppose it could possibly be about $$$, do you? No…

  8. WHAT a P… A. .B…. !!
    Why is it always the same people constantly in trouble?? Its not a race issue, its a bad person issue. Typical bully, spoiled athlete, not getting his way and attacking someone physically smaller than him. Why is it these A..-holes never seem to pick a fight with the OL who are 50-75lbs heavier than them, but are always picking on men and women smaller in stature? A 54yr old woman?? Phillips, you are a P..K A.S B…H.
    He probably isnt smart enough to figure out the missing letters, maybe he can get his high priced attny to fill in the blanks for his illiterate, bully a..!!!
    What a sad excuse for a human being.!! I dont care what team you are on or what race you are.
    KARMA.. 1 of these days… u pathetic piece of manure.

  9. Yuck. You’d think people would get the story before you comment. The cop thing was SP being dumb, and he should probably have faced some misdemeanor battery charge or something.
    The woman on the stage was asking for bad luck, and happened in a stroke of good luck to ask a millionaire. She was trying to get somewhere she wasn’t allowed to go, through an NFL linebacker. If she escaped totally unscathed, I’d be a tad concerned.
    So yeah, if he’s not facing anything for hitting that cop, he’s probably not facing anything for being assaulted by that drunk lady and (accidentally?) knocking her over. Not that SP isn’t a thug, but this remaining suit is just all kinds of stupid.

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