Arian Foster makes a little history after his benching

Texans running back Arian Foster did more in two and a half quarters than some running backs will do all year.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports Foster was benched early in Sunday’s game against Oakland because Foster missed one meeting during the week and was late to another.  Coach Gary Kubiak chided Foster’s professionalism at times last year as well.

Foster racked up 187 yards from scrimmage with two touchdowns on 19 touches.  The Texans dominated Oakland on the ground even before Foster came in.  Derrick Ward (remember him?) chipped in with 12 carries and 80 yards.  The Texans rushed for 249 yards overall.

Foster is the third running back in NFL history to total more than 500 rushing yards and 100 receiving yards in the first four games of the season. The other two: Emmitt Smith and Billy Sims.

Sunday’s win shows progress for Houston. It was a road game they should win and they did.  Now they are in sole possession of first place in the AFC South at 3-1.

21 responses to “Arian Foster makes a little history after his benching

  1. The Raiders are AWESOME! Wooo!
    Detaching from reality can be fun. Now I understand the mentality of Raiders fans.
    DMC is MVP. DHB is Sophomore of the Year. Cable guy is the second best HC in history – anybody who says different is a hater.

  2. Statistics accumulated against the Raiders should have asterisks next to them, like baseball records during the steroid era.

  3. That is a sick stat.
    Funny, if Ben Tate doesn’t get hurt, Foster may not even be a blip on the screen.

  4. Bill Callahan was right. The Raiders ARE the dumbest players in America. Callahan was forced to apologize for saying it. Why? Because it’s like making fun of handicapped children. What do you expect when the players don’t know their assignments? Why don’t they know their assignments? Because they’re too busy daydreaming about clubbin’ & chasing pussy instead of paying attention.
    The Raiders always draft speed, even if the player isn’t too talented. Too bad none of the speedsters can catch Arian Foster, Matt Forte, CJ, or even Louis Rankin. Yet McFadden, Murphy, & DHB have all been chased down this yr.

  5. Adrian Peterson was off today. Just 108 yards against the Jets next week (4th game for the Vikings), and he’ll join that list.

  6. Raiders only lost by a TD to one of the league’s strongest offenses and a pretty decent defense in their own right. If it weren’t for Murphy’s dropsies (he always has one at the wrong time) then it would’ve been more interesting at the end. I swear people do not watch games, just ESPN highlights.
    Abe, spoken like a true virgin. One day you’ll get lucky or you could just pay for it…

  7. “Waiver wire pickup of the year so far (least in my league).”
    If somebody cut him, you’re a league full of idiots.
    If he wasn’t drafted, you’re in a league full of idiots.
    That, or you’re playing in some bullshit 6-team league.

  8. @Justin
    Sit down, sonny. I’ve been a Raider fan probably longer than you’ve been alive. I REMEMBER those Raider teams from the late 70’s & early 80’s.
    I remember when they were 33-3 on MNF & ‘The KINGS of Monday Night”.
    When you see the team making the same BS mistakes week after week, yr after yr, & losing in predictable disgusting fashion, that MEANS something. Every week, they find new ways to give the game away. The players take turns making dumb mistakes.
    They practice all week. They watch film. They practice some more. Then, they come out on Sunday, AT HOME no less, & get in each other’s way. They should be embarrassed to show their faces in public.
    These are not the Raiders. These guys are imposters. Gene Upshaw, & Jack Tatum are rolling over in their graves right now.

  9. …& Stacy Toran, & even Leon Bender, who died before he made it to his first camp.
    I think that’s all.

  10. Yeah the Raiders just love screwing my sundays over and over again its truly amazing how with ever different players its the same mistakes every year….man i cannot wait til al davis kicks the bucket.

  11. What kinda league are you guys in where he went undrafted?
    I took him in all three of my leagues…. between the 4-6 rounds. Only someone with their eyes closed couldn’t see this coming…. and after the 3rd preseason game, it was a no brainer.
    I told the guys in one of my leagues he’d lead the league in rushing and they told me i was nutz. I told one of my buddies to draft him and after week 1, he traded him for Ray Rice. What a dumbazz.

  12. I have to agree with Abe. What is the deal with this defense? I know the Texans are a good offensive team and all, but the Raiders defense looked soft, out of place, and were tripping over one another. It almost looked as if they practiced one game plan all week long, and installed another a few hours before the game. Maybe what Warren Sapp said a few weeks back was correct, when he mentioned the defense would game plan all week long and then the night before the game Al Davis would stick his nose in everything and force them to change it up.

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