Chuck Cecil shows official who's No. 1

Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil took exception to a penalty thrown against the Tennessee defense for encroachment.

And so Cecil took matters into his own hands in the home game against the Broncos.  More accurately, he took matters into his own finger.

Per a league source who was watching the game (and various Twitter users who have commented on it), Cecil gave the middle finger to an official.  The image was caught the live broadcast of the game.

Last year, Titans owner Bud Adams was fined $250,000 for giving two middle fingers in the direction of the Buffalo sideline.  Earlier this year, the Jets fined Rex Ryan $50,000 for giving the finger at an event away from the workplace.

Our guess?  The fine will land somewhere between $75,000 and $125,000. 

UPDATE:  A reader has sent in a screen shot of the incident.  Cecil should protect that hand for the rest of the game; he’ll need it to write a check.  (Robert Littal has the photo at  And here’s the video.)

SECOND UPDATE:  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says that the fine “will depend on the full set of circumstances.”