Jared Allen's calf-roping days may have ended

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen celebrates each sack by pretending to rope a calf.  The next time he does it, he could draw a flag and a fine.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the league has advised the Vikings that any future calf roping by Allen will be regarded as a violation of the rules, because he puts his knee on the ground when doing it.  The league prohibits any celebrations that involve going to the turf.

So if he does it, he’ll be fined and the Vikings will draw a 15-yard penalty.  (The potential penalty likely will be enough to get Allen to stop, given that it becomes a matter that extends beyond his “cashish.”)

The most amazing aspect of this development is that it took the league so long to realize that Allen goes to the ground when he ropes a calf.

So if Allen plans to do any more post-sack calf roping, he’ll need to do it from a two-point stance. 

47 responses to “Jared Allen's calf-roping days may have ended

  1. What’s he have, 1 sack in 3 games? Maybe he should worry about that before worrying about his dance.

  2. Stupid rule. Overzealous comish.
    The calf roping act is entertaining, and exactly the sort of celebration fans can appreciate. And I’m not even a Vikings fan.

  3. Lame, Goodell.
    I hope he starts galloping around with an imaginary lasso like a damned yahoo.

  4. I am against all choreographed celebrations. I am excited about what Clay Mathews brings to the Packers, but am left cold by his posing after a sack or tackle for a loss. It’s too much “look at me”. Yeah look! There he stands in the middle of the field looking like a doufus.
    Any celebrating should be with his team mates who were certainly a part of enabling him to make the play.
    There is so much selfishness in sports. I think the day is coming when two players from the same team will get in a fight because one beat the other to a tackle.

  5. I’m a Packer fan. I think Jared Allen is a huge douche bag, but the NFL needs to lighten up (although I’m all for the 15-yard penalty – again, Packer fan). If you like Allen and the Vikings, you probably like the celebration. If your team is playing the Vikings or if the Vikings are one of your team’s rivals, then it makes you hate him more. Either way, it gets the fans involved which is a good thing, right?

  6. He hasn’t had many sacks in his last 7 games anyway. Also he looks like he has lost a lot of weight. Especially his little chicken legs. Get back into shape Jared.

  7. The NFL is ridiculous. I guess Goodell took a minute off from ruining the league to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. What a tool…

  8. The amazing thing is that the League sees this as a problem with his knee going down. Not that is it taunting of the other team.
    So, calf roping okay, as long your knee is not down. End Zone celebrations with your friends, not okay.
    The NoFunLeague strikes again.

  9. Of all the celebrations, the calf roping Allen does is one of the least offensive, most entertaining ones…and they ban it.
    Now all we get to watch is a league full of piss poor dances.

  10. Wait the NFL is telling the Refs how to call penalties?? Hmmmmmm is that kind of like dictating to the refs how to determine the outcome of the game.

  11. Maybe he should start to pretend to load a .30-06 and aim it at the quarterback since the NFL won’t allow calf roping anymore. Could you imagine how angry they would get?

  12. wow don’t they have more important things to worry about?I mean celebrations are getting out of hand but this is just stupid. as for celebrations they used to mean something but now guys celebrate everything they do,hey look at me I caught the pass or look at me I got the 1 yard for the first down.you know things they are getting paid to do in the first place! at least ochocinco’s are fun or meant to be fun and he does not do it everytime he catches a ball.

  13. The rules in the NFL get dumb and dumber and
    dumber by the week. WHO CARES. The NFL always talks about protecting their image but i think the NFL needs to go back and see what made it popular to begin with. I can promise you that it wasnt the stupid NO-TOUCH LEAGUE where any hard hit is a penalty. If the hard hits are so bad maybe they shouldnt show them on the highlights and sell them on DVDS etc. I hate to think about how lame the rules will be in 5 years or so, they get lamer and lamer every week. People need to boycott the first quarter a few times and maybe the NFL will pay attention and if that doesnt work maybe they will have to skip some games to make the point.

  14. The league needs to lighten up. The TD celebrations ruling was pretty lame, this is just as bad.

  15. So where were the flags on the Lions when twice they dropped to their knees?
    Either get rid of the penalty, or enforce it. Idiots.

  16. Minnesotamomentum.com
    The Vikings come from the Land of Ice and Snow, NOT sunscreen and botox.

  17. Jared can stand up and do his (rope) thing just as well. But I need to see about twenty of them this year to determine if I like as well.

  18. Who??
    I couldn’t agree anymore, PurplePeopleBeaters!
    Saints are still cream of the crop. 3-1, ladies. 3-1. If you some how manage to sneak into the playoffs you will be coming to our house again. LOL, good luck with that…..

  19. Someone has to much time on their hands if they are making up rules like that! Its a clean little celebration, this is rediculous!!

  20. King Goodell & the No Fun League strike again. What’s next, a penalty for high-fiving teammates? Dear NFL owners, please force Goodell to resign, he is ruining the game.

  21. Two things strike me in this post —
    First, Goodell needs to resign! He is becoming much like Hitler!
    Second, this is the second post in a row that PFT has gotten info from a FOX correspondent. Here I thought Florio worked for NBC! Doesn’t NBC have anyone to get information from?

  22. As Tony Dungy said Tonight Saints just as easily an 0-4 team just luck and refs go the Aints way. Lions EXPOSED Packers as Giant with less defense than the Vikes beat up Bears. The Jets will be the Party Starter Vikes 6-3 after 9 Games. Peterson and Gerhart by the End of the Super Bowl will be Gayle Sayers and Brian Picilo of 2012. Bret will carry Grandson on Shoulder in Texas Stadium as Houston’s Cindarella Season Ends.

  23. Hey Alleged Free,
    Who dat sayin dey gonna beat dem Saints? Not the Vikings!! NFC North can’t touch the NFC South. South has elite talent/teams. I wish we could play the Lions twice a year…….TWO DAT!
    You guys make it so easy to stir sh*t up. People like you, Alleged, are why you Vikings will set sail for LA.

  24. @Mason222
    Try winning more than one game before you claim title to this year’s Superbowl. No wonder everyone hates the trash talking CryQueen fans, tons of talk, no Lombardi’s.

  25. If any of you bashers watched and listened to commentators of the games so far there are alot of teams that shouldn’t have the records they have, partial to Lions even though I’m not a Lion fan they have been bit by bad calls and luck. Most of the bloggers/trolls should do some homework before they write something. The NFL is starting to get way to nitpicky,GOODELL should sit through an actual game and listen to the fans get into the game, because sadly we are the ones paying his way and the rest of the officials, if we the fans get pissed, without the us fans the NFL is no longer… Jerry Glanville said it years ago the nfl stands for NOT FOR LONG and it is turning into the no fun league. the celebrations of the players are part of the game the fans love to see, but they should just do their job, have to agree that some players do celebrate way too much for a tackle that is suposed to be made anyway. a football fan good luck all…

  26. So the object is to get him to stop doing it? Well I just have a feeling that Allen will alter his calf roping, it will get more publicized than it already is, and Goodell will look like even more of a jackass than he does now. Also, Allen says he plans to bring a rug out to put under his knee so it won’t touch the ground. I do agree that celebrations after every single tackle have to stop. My favorite was last week when Morgan Burnett of the Packers committed a pass interference at the end of the game to put the bears within field goal range, then when the bears didn’t punch it in on third down he came off the field celebrating the stop (which he had nothing to do with) when he knew the bears were about to kick the game winning field goal. What a douche

  27. Whatever happened to the good old days of guys just doing their freakin’ jobs and going back to the huddle??? I wish they would outlaw all of this crap! Who needs it.

  28. If a perfectly good douchebag wants to act like a douchebag, let him.
    She is one of the biggest clowns in the NFL.
    Perfect match for the Big Top in minnesota.

  29. With all the crap we have to watch when a TD is made of just a catch or a first down is made and all the piles of players in the end zone isn’t called. Don’t get it. Primetime hands behind the head is ok but don’t rope a steer got it.

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