Jay Cutler doesn't survive nine first half sacks

Bears coach Lovie Smith doesn’t fault Jay Cutler for holding the ball too long after taking a record nine sacks in the first half of Sunday night’s game against the Giants.

“If you were hit that many times, you’d be skittish too,” Smith told NBC’s Andre Kremer.

It turns out Cutler was more than skittish; he was concussed.  NBC’s Andrea Kremer reports Cutler will not return after halftime after getting his head slammed to the turf on the second to last play of the first half.  Todd Collins is in at quarterback.

Aaron Ross recorded the final sack of Cutler; Osi Umenyiora had three sacks of his own in the first half.

Despite producing only 28 total yards of offense in the first 35 minutes of the game, the Bears only trail 3-0.

37 responses to “Jay Cutler doesn't survive nine first half sacks

  1. He was beat. Completely defeated after the 5th sack. He wanted to be taken out after that half. Mike Martz really came across as stuborn tonight. He kept calling deep drops and tried having his pass catching TE block the Giants DE’s. How about some adjustments? and no I dont mean adjusting to Todd Collins.

  2. The Bears are clueless, Lovie Smith is on Cutlers jock way to much. Jay looks dumb before his concussion and looks even dumber now!!!

  3. Jay Cutler is a fat diabetic piece of sh1t.
    The only qb in the league with 2 chins.
    (Big Ben is close, but at least he can win a superbowl.)

  4. Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo, and Lovie Smith should all be canned for failing to protect the team’s franchise QB. Virginia, please promote your son Brian to run the organization already.

  5. Martz: they keep sending the house! I KNOW let’s keep passing but not use shotgun or run screens!
    Cutler: OKAY! I’ll hold onto to the ball for 8 or 10 seconds and just keep waiting for receivers to get open!
    Tice: GOOD IDEA! We are starting an incredible patchwork of retarded ex-UPS drivers, you’ve got the time!

  6. 9 Times in one half? Holy Shit! Well Martz’s system has always been known to leave the QB exposed a lot, but this is ridiculous. Well he has had the sense knocked back into him. time for him to see of he can edge out Alex Smith for most INT’s this year. Smith has a good head start, but hey 7 int’s is really only 2 of Jay’s typical games away.

  7. Man Jay take a midol and get back in the game. Oh, and Bears fans, Jay Cutler football IQ just went down 20 points expect more interceptions this season.

  8. Cutler was deer in the headlights up until his departure.
    Where are all you fellas that have been bashing McDaniels since the trade?
    …………crickets chirping………….

  9. Cutler concussed? Not able to show up for the second half?
    The way I saw it, it didn’t look like Cutler was “slammed to the turf” hard enough to cause a concussion. Perhaps he was fed up with getting sacked nine times and was just not interested in taking more of the same in the second half.
    As Lovie Smith said; “If you were hit that many times, you’d be skittish too,”

  10. Cutler barely survived last week almost throwing 4 INT’s… This week, he takes 9 first half sacks. His luck ran out, and the OL cost him dearly this week. Chicago’s offense is brutual, and the typical 8-8 Lovie Smith coached team will appear from behind it’s false start this season… good luck Bear fans.. sucks to be you.

  11. The look on Cutler’s perma-douche face after about the 6th sack was priceless. He just reeks of “it isn’t my fault.”
    Better man up and realize you’re HOLDING THE BALL TOO LONG.

  12. Worst football game I ever sat through. (demonstrating that I’m fairly pathetic to continue watching, but, hey, nothing else was on)

  13. Either the Giants have an awesome pass rush, or the Bears have a horrible O-line, or both……
    Seems like there’s been a lot of concussions so far this year……..

  14. Yea, I gotta say, the Packers were slamming him around pretty hard the first half Monday night too. I was surprised he made it through that!

  15. Didn’t anyone see the sideline shot from the TV crew when Cutler was trying to put on his beanie on the bench. I thought he had a concussion at that time. He had the look of a person dazed and the Bears still put him in the game. It was ugly as far as the game went for the Bears, but it could have really gotten ugly for Cutler, the person. Were in the hell was the medical staff for the Bears and why did it take them to halftime to recognize he had a concussion, I’m not a Dr. but even I could recognize he wasn’t all there mentally from a brief sideline shot.

  16. Dear Lovie,
    If you are skittish, you DON’T hold onto the ball like it’s your last rock of crack and you are a hardcore addict.

  17. For Jay, its a fine line. Hold on to the ball and take a sack, or throw it and get picked. Last week, picks. This week, sacks. Next week, picks. The funny thing with Jay is that the better the rush is, the longer he holds the ball. This is the week the coaches start wanting to kill each other. Tice will want Martz to call some plays where the QB isn’t a sitting duck. Martz will want Tice to come out of retirement and play. Angelo will make Tice an offer, knowing he’s better than what they have now. Lovie may be Loviedovey, but Martz and Tice are complete opposite personality types and they are going to hate each other. Now the defense is finally healthy and they are going to watch the O flush the season down the drain. The implosion in Chicago will be fun to watch.

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