Let the Max Hall era begin

Somewhere, Matt Leinart is laughing. 

Derek Anderson was pulled from Cardinals lineup late in the second quarter after another ugly start.  The Cardinals trailed San Diego 28-7 when Anderson was relieved of his duties after throwing two interceptions.  The second pick was returned by Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips for a touchdown.

Anderson completed six-of-14 for 64 yards and the two picks before getting the hook.  Undrafted rookie Max Hall replaced Anderson and completed three of his first four passes for 32 yards.

We’d guess this move will be permanent.  We don’t think Matt Leinart was released because of Anderson.  Rather, Ken Whisenhunt truly believed in Hall and he didn’t seem to see much of a difference between Leinart and Anderson as veteran stop-gaps.

Hall could wind up getting 12 starts to reward Whisenhunt’s faith.

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  1. “We don’t think Matt Leinart was released because of Anderson. Rather, Ken Whisenhunt truly believed in Hall and he didn’t seem to see much of a difference between Leinart and Anderson as veteran stop-gaps.”
    Thank you Gregg for saying the truth.. if this was Florio he wouldve said something stupid about the cards

  2. Matt Leinart shouldn’t be laughing, the man wanted to be a starter, now he’s a third stringer. jokes on you, man.

  3. damn a cheetah never loses spots and anderson still cant lose the inaccuracy he has had since college. hard to believe this kid was a ‘future’ number draft pick prior to entering college. leinart is laughing as he may not get a bonus for being the number 2 qb the most through the season. what usc qb has made it from the carrol era? palmer has faltered since injury, leinart never did a thing, booty where is he? and sanchez is mediocre and who knows if he will ever be better than good. no u of m qbs, brady henne, even collins have been good or atleast consistent and starting their careers off to a good start

  4. Laughing? I doubt it.
    He was picked to be a starter and didn’t get it when Kurt Warner proved to not be washed up.
    He was appointed starter after Kurt Warner retired and got dumped before the regular season could even start. Now he’s a back up.
    Laughing? He might be saying to himself, “I couldn’t even beat out Derek Anderson and now Max Hall…….Max frickin’ Hall…… is now the starter. I may have to think of a new line of work.”

  5. Haha.
    I always said Leinart was the better QB and never got a shot…
    Whisenhunt just didn’t like him and ran him out of the desert.
    Guess your move paid off really well, huh Arizona?

  6. Hall could wind up getting 12 starts to reward Whisenhunt’s faith.
    And Whisenhunt could wind up with a pink slip as a reward for his stupidity. For a supposed contender to go into the season with these weak ass choices at QB, he deserves whatever he gets.

  7. just further confirmation to what everyone in Ohio already knew…………..
    …………..it wasn’t the orange helmet that made you suck, Anderson.

  8. Bring in Skelton! He has the bigger and stronger arm to throw deep to Fitz! Hall arm strength is bad. H eis a possesion QB throwing 10-15 yards, when Skelton can throw deep like Warner did.

  9. Skelton is the #3 QB. Too raw to play now, but the coaches are high as kites on his ability. Just needs to adapt to the pro game.
    The Cards were never contenders this season, with the 49ers supposedly much better and the USCehawks also getting better. But hey, its the NFC West, so everyone is a contender.

  10. Who is Max Hall?
    Anyone outside of Arizona heard of this guy?
    Yeah he was pretty good at BYU. Probably needs a year or two.

  11. Somewhere, Matt Leinart is laughing.
    As am I. Remember when I said that the Max Hall era would start after the bye and it appears to be a little early for them. Certainly the end of the Whisenhunt era is near. I don’t expect him to make it halfway through next season. He rode the Warner train and didn’t realize how he wasn’t nearly the offensive genius that he thought he was and now, his inability to get anyone but Warner to move the ball and the crappy defense will mean a very bad season. 5 wins would be a miracle.

  12. Through his accuracy, Max Hall made teammates Austin Collie and Dennis Pitta draftable in the NFL. Hall may encounter some ups and downs his rookie season, but he definitely will have opportunities to prove Whiz was right in dumping Leinart and yanking Anderson.

  13. Lineart may be laughing at the QB situation in Zona, but he still is worst QB bust of this decade.
    He truly has no business in the NFL and is only drawing any kind of NFL check because of his draft position.
    He is horrible…

  14. “Who is Max Hall?
    Anyone outside of Arizona heard of this guy?”
    I’m from California and I love the guy. Just a few Names for you- Jim McMahon (Super Bowl Ring), Ty Detmer (Heisman), Steve Young (he’s Steve Young…) and a handful of others are QB’s that have come out of the factory they’ve got up there at BYU.
    Yeah, he is short, but he’s got heart and his career numbers at BYU are comparable if not better than any other BYU QB. He’s definitely young and this may be too early in his career to go to him (look at his BYU predecessor, John Beck, and his bust of a career- starting too early on a sad Miami sqaud, as a rookie) but he’s a good player. I think you will like what you’ve got. He’s better than you think and the coaching staff has seen that. He’s a smart QB with an undrafted chip on his shoulder.
    Best of Luck Max!

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