Michael Vick injured, Kevin Kolb in

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick suffered a rib injury late in the first quarter of today’s game against the Redskins and was replaced by Kevin Kolb.

Vick suffered the injury when he was sandwiched by two Redskins at the end of a sensational 23-yard run down to the 1-yard line. Vick got up in obvious pain and appeared to be holding his rib or collarbone, and to add insult to injury, the run was called back on a holding penalty.

The Eagles said it’s a rib injury. UPDATE: The Eagles said at halftime that Vick will not return.

Kolb, who lost the starting job to Vick this season, then came in to take Vick’s place. On his first play, Kolb checked down and completed a three-yard pass on third-and-16. On Kolb’s second play he fumbled the shotgun snap, picked it up and threw incomplete, and you could feel the fans in Philly getting ready to boo.

But Kolb then settled down and threw some good passes, moving the Eagles down the field on their best drive of the game so far.

The man who was ahead of both Vick and Kolb on the Eagles’ depth chart last year, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb, is having a big game, completing six of eight passes for 115 yards and a touchdown.

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  1. Are the Eagles gonna put Vick out of his misery like he would with the dogs that couldn’t cut it?

  2. I have never advocated cheering the injury of a player on any team.
    I must admit a certain happiness to hearing about this one, however.

  3. Vick was Mr. Checkdown all game and overthrew his only pass over 10 yards, but of course no one can report bad news on the NFLs poster boy can you?

  4. Unfortunately there will be a lot of fans happy that Vick got hurt just because of his past. That’s the risk Vick brings (or any running QB), when they take those kinds of hits they are very vulnerable to getting injured.
    And now maybe Kolb can be the redeemer? Then what?

  5. How many times must it be said??…..This is what happens to “running quarterbacks”….They always end up hurt………Has a “running QB” ever won a Super Bowl?….closest thing was Elway, but he only ran as a last resort.

  6. This has Florios bias all over it, I’m guessing Florio wrote it and had MDS post it.
    Andy screws up with clock management again.
    Hard to imagine this getting much better.

  7. Why of course Vick is injured. I sat Phillip Rivers for him this week in my fantasy league.
    Thank me later Charger fans, this means Rivers will throw for 500 yards and 8 touchdowns.

  8. Kolb always looks confused.
    Not a great quality for a quarterback.
    Stripper, yes…….quarterback, not so much.

  9. LOL @ these haters….so apparently every player that gets hurt has been fighting dogs or what? So every single team evidently has this bad karma? What did Dennis Dixon do?

  10. TheWizard says:
    October 3, 2010 5:27 PM
    I have never advocated cheering the injury of a player on any team.
    I must admit a certain happiness to hearing about this one, however.
    maybe im barking up the wrong tree because i know what you mean when you say this BUT.. why do fans always get giddy when a Good/great starting qb gets injured?? i had to hear it when Tom Brady went down… its kinda embarassing that you have to get excited that the other teams qb goes down.. says alot about your team

  11. Unfortunately there will be a lot of fans happy that Vick got hurt just because of his past
    You infer that he’s redeemed himself somehow.

  12. I’m still surprised they were so high on Vick to begin with. Sure, he’s looked great. But how long can they expect him to stay healthy when he exposes himself to so many open field tackles? I predicted he’d get hurt on a runnin play, and sure enough, he’s already out.

  13. Anyone who posted a negative comment about Vick and his off the field legal issues is a bitch. This is about football. Take your comments to a PETA rally not a football website… bitch.

  14. It’s really sad how you people talk about Vick like he’s not a human being and doesn’t deserve a second chance. Just shows how the ignorance of dumbasses like you prevent us from moving forward in this world.

  15. Dryheave says:
    October 3, 2010 5:43 PM
    How many times must it be said??…..This is what happens to “running quarterbacks”….The y always end up hurt………Has a “running QB” ever won a Super Bowl?….closest thing was Elway, but he only ran as a last resort.
    ————————————————–Excellent point. I’ll take a statue that throw it over a running QB any day.

  16. You chumps cheering about karma catching up with him realize that being happy about someone getting hurt is bad karma too right?

  17. Wrathchild , read the article below. UFL players can buy themselves out for $150000. OR the team could buy them out.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a supposed starting caliber quarterback look as bad as Kolb has looked in this game.
    Someone should introduce the wide receivers to him in the huddle because he’s noticed them yet.

  19. Kevin Kolb….best agent Vick ever had!! LMAO, sorry haters.. Vick is the undisputed starter for the Eagles.! No questions!

  20. why do fans always get giddy when a Good/great starting qb gets injured??
    When that happens, I’ll wish his team luck and hope for the best with his rehab.
    What does that have to do with today?

  21. Imagine that. Vick sucked, and was getting beat down like a little bitch. Vick made one read, and ran, as he does 90% of the time, and got hurt. boo hoo Whaa Whaaa.
    Sorry Vick ball washers, but this was bound to happen. Once a real QB gets settled in, Eagles fans will forget about this washed up hero of “Thugland USA”. Vick is garbage, and his only fans come from section 8 housing. Let the gunfire fly in Newport News. I’ve got my flack-jacket on!!!

  22. HTTR but I am glad Vickey got taken out of the game. Dynamics certainly different with Kolb in there.
    All the trash talking about how much better the Egirls are then the Skins..NFC East it dont matter baby. Have a great week in Philly.

  23. So much for the Eagles being a better team. Vick out and the QB position not playing out of this world, and they look like nothing more than a somewhat better than average team, but no where the elite catagory they are attempting to reach.
    The Eagles run defense was shakey and will be horrible against the better running teams.
    Redskins did enough to win. Something they will have to learn to do if they are to progress.

  24. Hahahaha!
    The game announcer has just commented on how Vick got his legs back, unlike last year.
    How ironic that those same legs got his sorry azz taken out of the game! Hahahahhahaha!

  25. AhhhHaaa, My goodness The Redskins had no business winning this Because:They were playing a Better team so we thought,playing them at home another advantage and playinga power house offense and they beat them! LOL. And now they Redskins are the Division Leaders becuase they beat Dallas and the Eegles haha!

  26. I am glad Rex Grossman wasn’t starting. Imagine what the outcome would have been if they had a QB capable of completing double digit passes…

  27. Hey Vick, call your boy Q.P. Maybe he can hook you with some purple drank to cure your ills…. hahahahaha!

  28. Kolb with the exception of the interception played better than Vick has. He completed a higher percentage of passes and threw downfield more. Yet he is being bad mouthed. I had to turn off espn. Tom Jackson said the receivers wouldn’t be happy with them throwing screens and 10 yard passes. Tom, Do you mean like the last 11 years with McNabb? Once again proving Rush Limbaugh was right. Meanwhile both TJ and Dilfer talked about how graceful Mcnabb wa shandling the situation. McNabb really lead them to victory with those 8 completions.

  29. @runtheball
    The white filter on your television must be set too high.
    See the stats for Philly’s wide receivers this season and then in this game. Then realize this was against the 2nd to last pass defense in the league.
    Kolb sucked so bad I’m surprised a black hole didn’t open up under Lincoln field.

  30. Yeah Ron 22 of 35 is terrible. Oh wait it was actuallly better than every game Vick played this year except the fluke game against GB when GB was ahead and traded yards for time of the clock.

  31. @BIG JB
    Wasn’t talking about McNabb, and I’m no particular McNabb fan. As you can guess by my screen name I’m not a fan of Vick either. Watching Kolb was just painful. Remember the beginning of the season? He put up a sparkling 56.2 passer rating going 5 for 10 for 25 yards. Today the offensive coordinator covered up for him and using a third of the field he managed another whooping 5 yards per completion. Either he’s got a noodle arm and can’t get it outside or he can’t read a defense.
    Did you see DeSean Jackson today? Neither did Kolb.
    31st ranked pass defense in the league missing a starting corner and all Kolb can do is complete 5 yard passes under a prevent defense.
    Jackson 3 passes for 19 yds. Never mind that he went for 135 and 153 the two weeks prior.
    Maclin- 4 touchdowns in the previous 3 weeks. 1 reception for 15 yds today.
    Lastly, the Rams hung 30 points on that defense last week.

  32. After reading all the negative/anti Vick garbage on this page, I am convinced, that most of you are not real sports fans, but sore losers who don’t have a life. What bunch of clowns the lot of you are!!

  33. @runtheball
    Let’s get all the stats out there.
    201 yards
    1 touchdown, 1 interception.
    passer rating of 76
    Vick was 5/7
    49 yards
    0/0 tds/picks
    passer rating of 90.8
    If you’re an Eagles fan and you want Kolb to be your guy you have lots of company. Every opposing defensive co-ordinator on the Eagles schedule.

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