Sanchez attributes blowout to "trash talk" from Bills

The New York Jets, who have made trash talk into a virtual art form, found motivation in alleged trash talk from the Buffalo Bills.

After Sunday’s 38-14 win over the Bills, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez told reporters that something the Bills said during the week “really fired up” the Jets, according to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Sanchez didn’t specify the trash talk, and Hubbuch writes that the assembled media members weren’t aware of anything specific.

We’ve racked our feeble brains, and we can’t recall anything, either.

So we’ll throw it out there to PFT Planet.  What did someone from the Bills say?

53 responses to “Sanchez attributes blowout to "trash talk" from Bills

  1. Probably nothing in the media. Ryan probably just told them something he made up and attributed to an unknown Bills player or coach. Or maybe Doug Flutie mouthed off again.

  2. Even after a blowout win you STILL attempt to knock the jets. Florio, week in and week out you continue to prove yourself as a joke.

  3. The coach is so hyper-sensitive I’m sure it was something like, “We are going to play very hard.”
    That fat fugly dude has GOT to be on roids.

  4. What did someone from the Bills say?
    I bet you can only beat us by 17 points.

  5. Rex probably told the team they threatened to take his bucket of chicken. Gotta’ have some sort of motivation to play the Bills, I guess.

  6. Rexxy must have made something up. Don’t believe the Bills would say anything with how bad they are playing. I just heard a lot from the Jesters.
    Talking about blowing out the Bills is like punching someone in a wheelchair and running away. Yea, anyone can do it, but why?

  7. The BILLS were talking trash? Really? The Bills? Weren’t talking about the Bills, right? I mean..they’re the Bills. And they’re talking trash. Do they realize who they are? They’re the Bills.

  8. If anything, it was Bart Scott’s comment that he didn’t want Ryan Fitzpatrick to “hit him with a book” that did the trash talking, not the Bills.

  9. Sanchez is delusional. The Bills have no offensive line and therefore no offense, so the Jets continued to get the ball after a lot of three and outs. Take away the 74 yards that QB Fitzpatrick rushed for and the Bills RBs only had about 30 yards total, because the O-line can’t block. The Bills do not trash talk, because they realize they are a lousy team. If Sanchez played behind the Bills O-line, he would do nothing. However, let him run his mouth about how the Jets taught the Bills a lesson and perhaps in the next game the Bills will decide that even if they can’t win, they can at least take out big mouth’s knees!

  10. I think I heard the Bills say something like, “Yeah we’ll probably only lose by a score or two this week.”
    And the Jets were all, “SCREW THAT—BLOWOUT!!!”

  11. Maybe the Bills said they’d take away that Week 3 Season Champs title the Jets have won.

  12. Hey the Rex is fat jokes are hysterical, really original too. The creativity and intelligence shown on this site really bodes well for the future of our country. Who says the school systems are garbage?
    All you haters can’t come up with anything else because after all your blustering about how the Jets were going 7-9 or 8-8 and the Pats and Dolphins would wipe the floor with them…what do you got now big shots? Fat jokes about Rex that’s what you got. Keep it coming, because soon when your teams are once again sitting home in January you’ll have plenty of time to whip out some more Rex is fat jokes. Oh what a knee slapper those are.

  13. the jets dont talk that much trash (yes, i’m being serious). if you pay attention to what they say they mostly just talk themselves up. rarely have they talked disparagingly about an opponent. the media and dbags like florio just broadcast every little thing they say.

  14. wasn’t donte whitner all pissed off and talkin? dunno if it was bout jets but i think i remember him talkin…

  15. Chan Gailey to Sanchez – ” Hey nacho, how does it feel to be the only USC player who didnt get paid in college?”

  16. jeremy u r either a jackass or just a lil 9yr old kid 2 believe that nonsense. go watch spongebob ok?

  17. It is so funny that Florio and the rest of u pansies want the Jets to lose so badly that when they kill the team they play you guys gotta dig so deep to find some sort of irrelevant trash to talk about!!!
    3-1 First Place

  18. Florio — You are right about one thing. That would be the line about you’re feeble brain. In fact, you look feeble in its entirety. I’ll bet you couldn’t kick Rosenthal’s ass and he’s about 5’1.

  19. “Sanchez attributes blowout to “trash talk” from Bills”
    Most people who watch football would attribute the blowout to the Buffalo Bills not being very good at playing football this year. Just sayin’.

  20. Jets have consistently said they know talking puts a bullseye on their backs and so far, have put up. Not sure what the bills said, but they played awful today. That’s what I attribute the blowout to.

  21. bobinpuertorico:
    So how come that same bills offense put up 30 against new eng…and made it a competitive game until the very end. Against jets, they got one TD when it mattered and generated almost nothing.
    Funny how fans can say, well it’s only the (fill in the blank) when the haters from other teams (ie. Dolphins, Pats) had close games with these guys.
    ‘Splain that. Or just keep hating while jets take control of the division.

  22. Ya, benching Trent was the answer. QB play wasn’t an issue. We have no O-Line and without an O-Line, you don’t win. Fitz was running for his life all day. The Bills are a joke and 0-16 is realistic.

  23. Lets see
    Buffalo 10 Dolfins 15
    Buffalo 30 Patriots 38
    Seems to me Buffalo played those games pretty tight. But they are a horrible team when they play the Jets and get blown out.
    You wait Jets haters. 3 and 1 and 3 and 0 in the division is just a start.
    How about a little credit when a lot is due.

  24. I’m not wearing underwear.
    Rex is the best coach ever. fat, yes. great, yes. Jets, good. You all, suck

  25. Could someone please tell me how Florio reporting that Sanchez said that they were fired up because the Bills talked trash during the week means that Florio hates the Jets?
    All you people saying that this is just another way for Florio to hate on your team are way too sensitive. He didn’t say the horrendous NY Jets had to get their garbage team fired up by listening to trash talk from the lowly Bills in order to win, otherwise they would have been destroyed. All he did was report a quote from Sanchez. Go whine somehwere else if that’s all your going to do… (and no, I don’t actually think the Jets suck, they are one of the more solid teams in the league, though Sanchez needs to play consistently like he has the last couple of weeks for them to have a shot at the Super Bowl, and Revis has to come back healthy, but they are good)
    By the way, I’m a Bills fan, so go ahead and tell me how much they suck, because I already know.

  26. Sanchez ran up the score because he is still embarassed from both games last year when he played like a 7th grade qb against the bills.

  27. @cunning
    ampats-probably dead
    somefans(=koamisi)-sucking his thumb in a corner somewhere.
    Damn straight!! He’s finally playing at the level he should be

  28. Sorry Jersey Jets fans. Ampats got banned and hasn’t been allowed back to post for some reason.
    Congratulations on your start. But we have seen this before several times in the past 41 years.
    Its a long season, one major injury changes everything.

  29. October 4, 2010 7:42 AM
    Sorry Jersey Jets fans. Ampats got banned and hasn’t been allowed back to post for some reason.
    Congratulations on your start. But we have seen this before several times in the past 41 years.
    Its a long season, one major injury changes everything.
    What you call losing Jenkins …… minor injury

  30. iampats said: Its a long season, one major injury changes everything.
    Kind of like the multiple injuries/suspensions they’ve already been facing in their three big wins?

  31. Florio,still you manage to say a negative about the Jets…I dont get you at all!…Did someone someone wearing a Jets jersey kick your ass when you were small?..or did a drunk uncle have his way with you while wearing a Jets hat?

  32. said that Sanchez was pissed at Byrd for making him look stupid last year. They didn’t mention any trash talk though (other than from Sanchez himself).
    Sanchez seems to be just as dilusional as his coach. Even after they whooped the Bills, Sanchez thought it was appropriate to rub it in Byrd’s face after the game.

  33. “The media sports writers, who have made creating headlings out of nothing a virtual art form, found yet another way to claim the Jets trashed talk without providing actual quotes.”
    Hey Florio, how about you start pasting some of these “Jets trash talk” quotes. Because the only one that I see trash talking is you.

  34. smokeydabear says:
    j-e-t-s suck suck suck
    You must be talking about OFF the field, because ON the field we kick @$$.
    It’s great being a Jets fan. Our young QB is doing well (8 tds, 0 ints), our defense is doing well, and we have three of our best players (Revis, Pace, Santonio) coming back next week.
    And the BEST part? Fans of OTHER (likely cellar dwelling) football teams take time out of their schedules to take cracks at us on PFT.
    Thanks fellas. We’ll be sure to obliterate your teams when we play them…and talk $h!t about it in our postgame conferences.
    Why? Because we’re the best in the league right now and we CAN.

  35. What do the 3-1 Steelers and the 3-1 Jets have in common? Both have a good defense and both lost to the Ravens.

  36. Dave says:
    October 4, 2010 12:50 AM
    Super Bowls
    Isn’t that a little old pal? Can’t you at least come up with something a little better Dave?

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