Singletary's job is safe — but only for now

With the 49ers at 0-3, coach Mike Singletary can’t feel very good about his job security. But he apparently isn’t going to be fired any time soon.

Adam Schefter reported on ESPN this morning that sources inside the team say Singletary’s job is safe for now.

Of course, in the NFL, a coach whose job is safe “for now” doesn’t necessarily feel safe for very long. Just ask Jimmy Raye, whom Singletary fired as 49ers offensive coordinator last week — shortly after Singletary said Raye’s job was safe.

In fact, Schefter reports that Singletary could be out of a job after the season even if the 49ers were to turn things around and get to the playoffs. The biggest reason Singletary doesn’t appear to be in danger of getting fired during the season is that the 49ers’ front office wouldn’t feel confident giving any of the assistant coaches on the staff the title of interim head coach during the season.

So Singletary probably won’t get fired in 2010. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be safe at the start of 2011.

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  1. Why wouldn’t they feel comfortable? Does it matter who is listed as the HC of a team that hasn’t won? I’m sure any of the coordinators or even the waterboy is capable of losing games just as well as Singletary.

  2. Yeah I think Manusky could still do a better job on a temporary basis. I don’t care if they pull a miracle streak, Singletary needs to get the axe. Bring in Cowher or Gruden

  3. You have to love the drama with the Shorty9ers, the dont have a quarterback, or receivers to throw to. They keep losing ground in the division, and are going to drop another one today. Good job media way to anoit a loser as a Super Bowl Contender. Singletary should lose his good, and so should you all. Go Hawks

  4. Beware the Crabtree Curse: Under Mike Singletary, San Francisco is 8-5 without Michael Crabtree and 5-10 with him.
    In 2009 Coach Mike Singletary had San Francisco’s players buying into the notion that no one’s bigger than the team. Then, suddenly, you can jerk San Francisco around all you want and get $17 million guaranteed as your reward. San Francisco management’s cave-in to the me-first Crabtree communicates to the other 49ers the message that the team-first stuff was always just empty talk.
    By Gregg Easterbrook

  5. Henry – I Agree on the QB situation.. smith is not an NFL QB.. missing wide open Wide outs and throwing silly ints is not how an NFL NFL qb should play. this guys is nothing but a backup QB.. period!

  6. Update:
    Beware the Crabtree Curse: Under Mike Singletary, San Francisco is 8-5 without Michael Crabtree and 5-11 with him.

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