Tebow returns to No. 2 today

Last week, the Broncos surprisingly demoted rookie quarterback Tim Tebow from No. 2 to No. 3, even though Tebow was under the impression that he’d be the primary backup all year.

In the aftermath, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels suggested that the identity of the backup will be determined on a week-by-week basis.

For this week, against the Titans, the decision has been made to move Tebow back to No. 2. 

The difference is significant.  As the primary backup, Tebow can enter the game at any time, either if starter Kyle Orton is injured or if the Broncos want to use Tebow in their single-wing offense.

At No. 3, if Tebow enters the game at any point before the fourth quarter, neither of the other two quarterbacks (Orton and Brady Quinn) can return.

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  1. The funny thing about you national guys is that McD has been saying that– the part about the back up being decided on a week-to-week basis– for about, oh, 6 0r 7 weeks now. So when you guys are so out of touch about the most routine matters, it makes a discerning fan wonder why we should trust anything you say about any team. When you can’t even consistently nail the ‘hard fact’ parts, it makes your opinions– positive or negative– seem equally dubious.

  2. I wish they would just start him already, so people will figure out that he will NEVER be a quality NFL QB!

  3. Wrong. The rule has nothing to do with QB depth chart. If he is designated the 3rd QB he cannot enter the game prior to the 4th quarter without an injury. If he is the third string he can enter any time as long as he is on the active roster for the game. You can have a 5th string QB and he can play as long as he is no designated 3rdQB/Emergency QB

  4. Jeez Florio, you are out of touch with reality and football.
    Provide the source, and not your unnamed one, that shows where Tebow said or thought he’d be the #2 for the entire season.
    And another thing, if all 3 QB’s are on the 45 man roster, any of the 3 can enter or leave the game at any time.

  5. broncotrimmer says:
    October 3, 2010 11:26 AM
    Netdawg,check Orton’s numbers;doesn’t smell that bad.
    Where are the points and wins from all of those passing yards. What’s Orton’s red zone scoring percentage? 3rd down conversion percentage, etc.?

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