Vick hurt, Kolb struggles; McNabb beats Eagles and hugs Reid

Donovan McNabb was victorious in his return to Philadelphia, leading the Redskins to a 17-12 win while his heir apparent Kevin Kolb struggled after Michael Vick got hurt.

After the game, McNabb and Eagles coach Andy Reid hugged it out at midfield.

And as Reid watched McNabb walk off the field a winner, he had to be wondering what he’s gotten himself into with his quarterback situation.

This offseason, Reid chose to anoint Kolb as his starter, make Vick the backup and trade McNabb to Washington. Nothing we’ve seen so far this season suggests that Kolb is better than either McNabb or Vick, let alone both of them.

After Vick suffered an apparent rib and chest injury in the first quarter today, Kolb took the helm and struggled. His numbers — 22-of-35 for 201 yards, with a touchdown and an interception — weren’t terrible, but it was maddening to watch him constantly check down and fail to connect with his receivers downfield.

Kolb’s game consists almost entirely of short passes to his running backs and tight ends: In the three quarters that Kolb played, wide receiver DeSean Jackson caught just two passes for 13 yards, and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin caught just one pass for 15 yards.

McNabb didn’t play particularly well, either, going 8-of-19 for 125 yards with a touchdown and an interception. But McNabb had a big first quarter to lead the Redskins to a 14-0 lead, and he could get away with coasting the rest of the day.

The result of the game means the Eagles and Redskins are both 2-2 and tied atop the NFC East. But the Redskins have to feel a lot better about themselves right now than the Eagles do. Especially at quarterback, where the folks in Philadelphia will be talking on Monday about the one who got away.

59 responses to “Vick hurt, Kolb struggles; McNabb beats Eagles and hugs Reid

  1. McNabb did everything he could to cost Washington the game, but they prevailed despite him.

  2. It’s the Eagles defense that is a major problem, not Kevin Kolb. So they played well last week, big deal. The Redskins had big plays all over the place. And can we cut Kolb a break? Surely he wasn’t practicing with the first team and wasn’t ready to go in. Let’s give him a week or two to get back into it before we just write him off.
    But yes, it’s chaos in Philly, and if the Giants lose tonight, I can imagine who’s laughing in the background.
    The Cowboys.

  3. The only way this game could have turned out better is if Vick had been taken off the field on a stretcher.

  4. but did he cup him? that would’ve been the real show of affection. maybe a reach-around later

  5. Kolb hit Avant in the HANDS in the endzone on the last play of the game, did you watch the same game as I did?

  6. Eagles would have WON easily if Vick would have stayed in….. 28-21 Eagles….. Kolb looks LOST!

  7. Since Vick got hurt, he is 2nd string right? Same thing happened to Kolb. If Avent hold on to ball Philly wins! Ride the pine Vick lovers!

  8. # runtheball says: October 3, 2010 7:45 PM
    McNabb did everything he could to cost Washington the game, but they prevailed despite him.
    **waits for the media to ride his dick and/or make excuses all week anyway, as has happened his entire career whether he played well or sucked.**

  9. A lot of Eagles fans spent this wk calling the Skins a bye wk…typical idiots…didnt even realize we have now beaten them 3 out of the past 5 games at the Linc

  10. Numbers don’t lie. Kolb outplayed McNabb. Philly’s defense outplayed Kolb. If you can’t figure that out, then please retreat back to school. Eagles beat themselves. (Oh, and with a little added ‘help’ from the refs, the Eagles beat themselves..)
    Please insert another quarter and try again, media.

  11. Skins are not tied for NFC East, they are leading it. They beat the Cowboys and now Eagles. Eagles haven’t beat anyone in the NFC East.

  12. Fate brought Kolb against McNabb and McNabb won. Simple. Kolb was captain checkdown and only looked to the line of scrimmage to make a throw. He scared himself from throwing more than 5 yards away, and that’s why he can never succeed as a starting QB in this league. He had Jackson and Maclin open plenty of times, and he just blew it. Yeah, Avant dropped a Hail Mary pass, but Kolb did nothing to help the Eagles win that game. Not to mention the refs were horrible. What was with them keeping the clock rolling when Reid was asking about the ball spot before the end of the half? That was a huge play, come to think about it. The refs this year have no common sense. See: Johnson, Calvin

  13. Man this is rigged I knew from day one Vick was going to get hurt to give khlb his postion back. defense suck and is soft. no super bowl this year. I bet Johnson the defense coordinator is rolling over in his grave.

  14. Philly fans can accept their loss, typical.
    Kolb better than McNabb? Congratulations you have a qb that hits check downs 99% of the time, how many times time did Kolb throw the ball longer than 10 yrds? Maybe twice.
    Avant dropping the TD? Carlos Rodgers dropped the game ending INT. STFU

  15. If McNabb had stayed in Philly and Campbell stayed in Washington…we would have lost that game 17-12 given #5’s performance.
    Reid lost that game arguing over the placement of a ball. He’s a dope. I would have loved to see him fired when McNabb was dealt.
    Washington running game and defense very effective, Eagles game plan over-conservative, but McNabb is taking them nowhere.
    And he showed zero “class” according to the national media with his locker room comments. I was fine with what he said, I’d be cheesed off as well if my team dealt me. But since the fans are held to such a high standard…why not hold “classy McNabb” to the same standard?
    PS – Pam Oliver is a fat pig, could not stand that McNabb would not trash the fans. Asked leading questions and became visibly frustrated when she had no follow up questions. That’s a “journalist” for you. McNabb handled that great, and I do believe he was touched by the fans appropriate welcome.
    Wow, what a game. How weird was that whole scenario?
    Eagles 7-9
    Redskins 7-9
    Sadly, two afterthought teams scraping for wins.

  16. ocho: stats like that are the only resort of fans of losing teams. call us when you have a season over .500.
    the cowboy game was a gift. from the boys. this game was a gift. from the eagles and the referees (three third down stops and a touchdown nullified by penalty). don’t get too full of yourselves or don. didn’t you see those grounders he threw down the stretch?

  17. So various PFT hacks state in numerous posts over the course of the week how it was gauranteed that Eagles fans would boo McNabb when he was introduced, yet when McNabb gets a prolonged standing ovation, it get no mention in three separate posts about the game.
    Pro Football ducking accountability since 2001.


  19. Vick — 3 broken ribs. There is some justice in the world; dogs all over the world rejoice!

  20. What game were you watching, Kolb took them down the field three times and drives got stalled with two holding penalties and a fumble by the RB. Mcnabb played awful after the first couple of drives.

  21. Philly’s D couldnt stop the Redskins run game, and you want to blame Kolb/Vick?
    Typical Philly fans.
    I seriously hope DeSean is on the shelf for awhile too, so the Philly fans can sulk in their beers early in the season.
    Florio is also rumoring that Jeff Garcia might return to Philly. HAHAHA!!!

  22. Ocho – cite sources. Who did that?
    Made up.
    isonic – as we know in Philly, and you will find out, they don’t award playoff berths on October 3rd records.
    We have a pair of 7-9 teams.

  23. If Avant holds the final pass, Eagles and Kolb win. Kolb hardley “struggled” just because he’s not Mike Vick. He did a credible job. You obviously did not watch the game. McNabb was mediocre at best.

  24. Oh yeah Philly beat themselves freaking excuses your still all turds. I think the trash of Philly stayed home to comment on PFT because they sure showed some class for how they greeted Mcnabb (couldnt even hear “dirty 30” lol).

  25. @smilergrogan…exactly what Im talking about…yes i saw the grounders but i also saw him scramble for 2 big 3rd down conversions….the eagles did nothing to deserve a W, therefore they did not get a W…case closed

  26. If Vick played, outcome may have been different. Kolb was HELL BENT on checking down to running backs, fullbacks, and tight ends as soon as he finished his drop. He refused to read the secondary. In this case, the stats do lie. That Philly offense is clearly different with Vick in the game. They lack the ability to make big plays with Kolb in there.
    As for Kolb not taking snaps with the first team? Please. Vick took the second string snaps all summer and came in against the top D in the NFC in week one and played much better than Kolb today against a mediocre Skins D.

  27. HAHAHAHAAH……When Vince Young puts up the kind of numbers Kolb had, the Kool-Aid drinkers fall all over themselves talking about his “maturation”……HAHAHAHAHA…..

  28. Thought I just read ‘x-rays negative’.. where are you guys coming up with 3 broken ribs?

  29. kolb looked like shit. Mcnabb did just enough. good for him. It was nice to see Eagles fans give him a standing ovation although it is sad that it was probably the first one he’s ever seen from them. Kolb better figure it out in a hurry otherwise his trade value is gone.

  30. I hope, hope, hope this whole QB mess King Andy created for himself is his death knell as head coach.

  31. “Nothing we’ve seen so far this season suggests that Kolb is better than either McNabb or Vick, let alone both of them.”

  32. All the sorry loser Pilthydelpia Egirl fans saying if Avant catches a ball Kolb hit him in the hands with game over. What about the ball Kolb hit Carls Rogers in the hands with prior to that? Not that Rogers can catch a cold but factg is Kolb tried to lose that game. And McIntosh after that?
    Kolb was lucky he got that far you dolts. BTW anybody see that All Torain vehicle smack that Egirl flat. Bet it makes sports center and I cant wait to watch that again and again.

  33. As bad as Philly’s D looked they shutdown Washington after the first quarter. The problem for the Eagles at that point was Vick was out and Kolb just doesn’t look that impressive.
    I know that he was just thrown into the game today and didn’t work with the first team all week but it wasn’t until 2 wks ago that he stopped working with the first team offense. Vick was in a worse situation coming in during the GB and the team looked a lot better with him in the game.

  34. @Franchise
    If Kolb is starting Jackson is on the shelf unless they play him at running back.


  36. No excuses for Vick – he faced his first real defense after putting on a fancy show against cupcakes, and the result was predictable: failure.
    Let’s face it – his “miracle comeback” was just a few games against some of the worst defenses in the league. Anyone would look good with the amazingly soft start to the Eagles’ schedule.
    Now idiot Reid is left with a QB who got the rug pulled out from under him after being named starter. How’s that going to work for you, Andy?
    In summary, Kolb played well enough to win the game, and Vick just did enough to let everyone down. So, everything’s pretty much as it has been all along in Vick’s time in Philly.

  37. All you idiots talking about “if Vick plays the Eagles win”…who injured him? The Redskins did…They battered several of your players so just STFU and accept the fact that your team is exactly who we thought they were…great wins over the Lions and Jags tho…

  38. Hats off the Eagles fans for the standing O.
    Thank f*ck Vick was knocked out of the game, would have changed the outcome no doubt.
    Philly had there chances, Kolb=checkdown!!! Of course McNabb also missed a wide open Fred Davis that he could have moonwalked into the endzone.
    In the end, we are atop the NFC East…for however long that may be, be sure as f*ck, I’ll sleep well tonight that our D banged the shat out of the Eagles offence and came away with a win!!!!
    hail baby hail ! ! !

  39. Blah blah blah. “If” this and “maybe” that. The skins won the game plain and simple. The D was good, the run was good and the passing could have been better, but Mcnabb did what we needed to do. He’s already proven this season he can still put up a 400 yard game. Get over it Philly. Y’all have bigger issues than worry about losing to the Skins.

  40. Karma’s a bitch “DK”. It will only get worse. It will really hit home with you when the psycho Philly fans turn on you and pummel you with various assorted projectiles from the stands. They are maniacs but my guess is even they have some semblance of a soul left.

  41. Kolb didnt struggle he had a good game. He had to check down because of constant pressure and receivers not getting open. This is a west coast offense in Philly which is suppose to use short passes as there running game. Kolb out performed Mcnabb no matter how you slice it. If it wasnt for all the penalties and dropped passes his numbers would have been even better. The Eagles did lose but easily could have tied or even won. On a 4th down play an inch from the endzone Andy Reid called a timeout. He still some how couldnt manage to make all his substitutions and play calls before the timeout and the play clock ran out. Forcing the Eagles to kick a field . That horrible clock mangement cost the Eagles a possible 4 points. And because of that Later in the game after a td he had to go for a 2pt conversion to make it a 3 point game instead of just kicking a game tying extra point. They missed the 2 pt conversion surrending another point they should of had. That right there is the 5 point difference.
    Even if you forget about all that Kolb did what needed to be done to win. He got them within a touchdown of the win, drove the team down the field and put the ball perfectly into his receiver’s hands in the endzone. Avant dropped that game winning td not Kolb. I know Kolb out performing Mcnabb isnt the story the media wanted but fact is fact.
    Donovan McNabb – 8 of 19 – 42% completion rate – 125 yards – 1 touchdown – 1 interception – 60.19 Passer Rating
    Kevin Kolb – 22 of 35 – 62% completion rate – 201 yards – 1 touchdown – 1 interception – 76.01 Passer Rating (87.91 Passer rating if u take away the int that was throw on the last play of the game in a jump ball situation)
    Im not making excuses the Redskins won and deserved to win. They out performed the Eagles as a team. The Redskins won this game not Mcnabb. Otherwise if the winner was determined by which teams qb out performed the other then the Eagles must of won.

  42. Joe C says:
    October 3, 2010 7:45 PM
    And can we cut Kolb a break? Surely he wasn’t practicing with the first team and wasn’t ready to go in. Let’s give him a week or two to get back into it before we just write him off.
    no one should cut Kolb a break, the backup QB’s job is to be READY AT ALL TIMES, as if they are starting, backup QB’s should be able to come in seamlessly, end of story
    i HAVE NEVER in my life watched a bunch of fans come up with every excuse in the book as to why their team lost
    “if this” ” if that” “but this happened”
    VICK/KOLB & the EAGLES LOST, plain and simple
    McNabb and The Skins WON – end of story
    Reid is a jackass, end of story

  43. D was good, running game was strong – Torain was better than I thought.
    But I don’t miss McNabb. He was his usual no-show self in a big game. That’s gonna beat a C- team like the Vickless Eagles, may not beat the Rams…certainly won’t beat even the overrated faves for the NFC title.
    I just thank God I don’t have to look at Pam Oliver’s botox face for another few weeks. I’d rather see Goose!

  44. McNabb played terrible in that game, so why ia the media lying to the public by saying that he (Donovan McNabb) beat the Eagles. This is the exact same completely false hype that guy has had surrounding him his entire, rather mediocre career.

  45. redscare says: October 3, 2010 9:38 PM
    No excuses for Vick – he faced his first real defense after putting on a fancy show against cupcakes, and the result was predictable: failure.
    Redscare what are you smoking? Here is a list of the bottom 7 defenses in the league. Washington was 2nd to last going into this game.
    26 Detroit Lions
    27 New England Patriots
    28 Buffalo Bills
    29 Arizona Cardinals
    30 Jacksonville Jaguars
    31 Washington Redskins
    32 Houston Texans

  46. Oh one more thing redscare…
    Don’t forget to look at Vick’s stats vs. Kolb against that weak Green Bay defenses that’s ranked 9th in the NFL.
    Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rating
    Vick – 24 66.7 175 7.3 1 0 101.9
    Kolb – 10 50.0 24 2.4 0 0 56.2
    Att Yds Avg TD
    Vick – 11 103 9.4 1
    Kolb – 0 0 0 0

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