Week Four Quick Slants

While we wonder if the NFC West will have a team finish over .500 this year, here’s our quick slants from Week Four’s early games.

1. You can’t overstate what a massive, season-saving comeback the
Broncos had in Tennessee.  Denver won 26-20 despite giving up a kick
return touchdown.  They won despite only getting eight rushing yards on
17 carries from their running backs in the entire game.

They won
because Kyle Orton is playing like a top-five NFL quarterback. The Titans
pass defense came into Sunday’s game as one of the league’s best. Orton
carved them up for 348 yards despite no threat of a running game.  The
Broncos face the Ravens and Jets next.  They couldn’t
afford to fall to 1-3.

2. The Titans offensive line doesn’t look right.  They are supposed to be the foundation of the team, but giving up way too much penetration in the running game.  Tennessee couldn’t hold a lead against the Broncos because they couldn’t run.  Chris Johnson was held to 53 yards on 19 carries.  Forget another 2,000 yard season; Tennessee’s run game has been mediocre.

3. Opponents have taken away the deep pass from Drew Brees. I gave the Saints a pass for “winning ugly” earlier in the year, but there were worrisome aspects about their narrow victory over the Panthers.

Drew Brees threw 48 passes Sunday; not one of them went for more than 20 yards.  Teams have a book on Brees this year; he’s continually struggled to convert vertical passes.  The injury-plagued Saints running back crew was not a huge problem Sunday.

4. The Panthers, meanwhile, blew an outstanding chance for a meaningful upset.  Like the Titans, they are built from the inside out.  And like the Titans, the offensive line has let them down in key spots.   The Panthers were in position for a game-winning field goal, but a four-yard loss by DeAngelo Williams and then a sack by Saints safety Michael Jenkins won the game for New Orleans.

Give Saints safety Usama Young a lot of credit for a great tackle on Williams.

5. The Ravens earned their win in Pittsburgh. They protected Joe Flacco well most of the day.  They consistently moved the ball better than the Steelers.  (320 total yards to 210.)  Pittsburgh understandably had very conservative play-calling and struggled to protect Charlie Batch when he dropped back.

This win will echo in December.  It would have been devastating for the Ravens to fall two games behind Pittsburgh with two division losses.

6. If the Bengals didn’t like winning ugly, it will be interesting to see how they handle losing ugly in Cleveland.  You know this was an easy upset to see coming when Florio and I picked it right.  The Browns have played all four games tough and were overdue.

7. The Rams win puts them in the NFC West title race.  Really.  Eight or nine wins could win the division and there should be a three-way tie for first at 2-2 if the Cardinals lose in San Diego.  Great effort by Steven Jackson to play through a groin injury.

8. The Seahawks have lost two road games by a combined score of 51-17 this year.  They won twice in Seattle by a combined score of 58-26.

30 responses to “Week Four Quick Slants

  1. “You know this was an easy upset to see coming when Florio and I picked it right”
    yes, you and Florio. 2 of the greatest football minds of all times…….please…..spare us your gratuitous horn blowing…..

  2. “You know this was an easy upset to see coming when Florio and I picked it right.”
    Patting yourself on the back for not being very good? Well done.

  3. Kyle Orton baby! Got hit just about every single play but still put up 351 yards and 2 TDs. The man is a stud!

  4. “You know this was an easy upset to see coming when Florio and I picked it right”
    ——————– ——————– ——–
    yes, you and Florio. 2 of the greatest football minds of all times…….please.. …spare us your gratuitous horn blowing…..
    Can you guys not understand the difference between horn blowing and self depriciating humor? read what he wrote again…
    “You know this was an easy upset to see coming when (even) Florio and I picked it…”
    The word “even” is certainly implied in the context- learn some reading comprehension: it will help you later on in life.

  5. Have some of you douchebags ever heard of sarcasm?
    You guys hate Florio and his crew yet you sit here day after day hour after hour reading and commenting.
    If you hate them so damn much just walk away!!!
    Because otherwise they OWN you!!!
    To paraphrase Shaq: Hey haters tell Florio how his butt tastes!!!

  6. @ Rangenius – the Jets game spoke for itself. Two rushers over 100 yards, Sanchez 2 TD passes. The Jets dominated a team who put up a tough fight against the other two division rivals… in their own house.
    @ Dryheave – the point is that if even those two could both predict the upset, it was an easy upset to see coming.
    I was glad to see Denver and Baltimore win… I don’t think that Pittsburgh is better than Baltimore. Denver, I don’t know why, I just kinda like Denver. People never gave Orton enough credit and now hes doin’ his thing. New Orleans has to shake that Super Bowl hangover, and quick. They lost one in the superdome already and haven’t won a single game convincingly yet. I like Atlanta to win the division the way things are right now.
    I want people to start paying some respect to Sanchez though, the man is playing well. 8 TD, 0 INT, not even a fumble, with a quarter of the season down. That’s solid. Tomlinson said he thinks Sanchez is further in his progression at this point than Brees and Rivers were at week 4 in their second year. Just sayin’. Sanchez is starting to prove himself to be The Sanchize.

  7. “You know this was an easy upset to see coming when Florio and I picked it right”
    You both also picked the Titans over the Broncos and we know how that came out, lol!

  8. The steelers gave that game away. Same BS from the OC playing to stay in FG range rather than playing for a TD.

  9. The Colts losing is ALMOST as fun for me as my team winning…almost. Though since it was the Jags, I thought they would figure out a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Clausen taking the sack there was a rookie mistake as was the way he ran that drive. Watching Smith holler at him a couple times during the game was fun though. 😀 Also, Dwayne Jarrett cannot play football.
    Cincinnati is not a very good football team to date. I have seen them play 3 times so far and they haven’t impressed me as a team that does any one thing very well.
    The Saints don’t need to panic because they are winning, but they are not playing as well as they did last year, not by a long shot. It is impressive that they can win when playing not up to their capabilities.

  10. Gene Simmons Toungue.
    Add another person to the list that just does not come close to grasping how to read and understand.
    The Titans over the Broncos was not an upset, guy, it was expected. The Bronocs winning was an upset. Your quip is non sensical stupidity.
    The author of this post is essentially saying that he and Florio are not good at picking games, which goes to show how easy it was to see a Browns win coming. Your ‘witty’ little comback proved his point!
    Seriously, folks, what is so hard to understand here?

  11. To all you Josh McDaniels haters out there…
    The man can develop QB’s, case closed!
    Look at the job he did with Matt Cassel in one year, now look at Kyle Orton, who was decent last year, he’s putting up 300+ yards a game and looks solid while doing it, he does indeed look like a top 5 QB.
    That said, Tim Tebow could not be in a better situation.

  12. Of course the Titans are having problems.
    Teams do not fear Vince Young as a passer, so they concentrate on stopping the only legit threat to score on the team (other than the kicker)….

  13. Just like the browns game … Ravens didn’t win it… Game wa handed to them. They’ll need to do waaaaaaaaay better if they think they have shot at SB. Teams like pats would own them.

  14. Pats have one of the worst Ds int he league, Ravens have played 3 of the top 5 Ds on the road and came out 2-1. NE, child pulease ….

  15. AHAHAHA. Where’s all the Chris Johnson talk now? I thought he was better than AP? LMAO. One season wonder. He blows. He might be able to make the Vikes practice squad, if he was lucky.

  16. Some more quick slants –
    1 – Kyle Orton is almost single-handedly keeping the Broncos in games – and keeping Josh McDaniels employed to a team that quit on him last year and looks to do so again.
    2 – Indianapolis’ run atop the AFC South may be ending between Houston’s ascension and more teams now attacking and out-hitting the ever-flimsy Colts.
    3 – The NFC East is the division no one wants to win – after getting out-hit by the Titans the Giants worked to give the win to Chicago and couldn’t do it; the Cowboys beat Houston but have been a joke everywhere else; the Redskins are 2-0 in the division and winless everywhere else; the Eagles have more problems at quarterback.
    4 – The NFC South may be shifting to the Falcons.

  17. The Bengals didn’t lose ugly. We lost to a Browns team who fought hard. Palmer 26-37, 377 2TD, int. Isn’t ugly for a 20-23 lost. The real question is would you rather win ugly or lose pretty.

  18. Mike Daly says:
    October 4, 2010 12:04 AM
    4 – The NFC South may be shifting to the Falcons.
    Why, because they beat the Saints by a field goal in overtime after Garrett Hartley choked on a game-winner, and lost as ugly to the 0-4 49ers as the Saints lost to ugly to the 0-4 Panthers, a division rival? Is that why?

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