X-rays negative on Vick, but pain persists

A league source tells us that the initial news on Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is encouraging.  X-rays on his chest/ribs were negative.

But we’re told that Vick remains in pain, and that he currently doesn’t know whether he’ll miss any games.  The team has said an MRI will be conducted on Monday.

If he does miss games, a two-time former Eagles quarterback could be coming back.  Jeff Garcia’s agent, Doug Henrickson, told me that Garcia is interested in returning to the NFL, and specifically interested in returning to the Eagles.

It’s unknown whether the Eagles are interested in Garcia, but they should be.  The only option behind Kevin Kolb is rookie Mike Kafka.

And as we explained earlier in the day, Garcia can leave the juggernaut Omaha Nighthawks if Commissioner Michael Huyghue approves, and if someone pays the $150,000 buyout fee.

29 responses to “X-rays negative on Vick, but pain persists

  1. Screw this topic. Let’s have a real discussion. Who just witnessed Kelly Rowland butcher the national anthem?

  2. Maybe the eagles should shoot, electricute, or drowned him since he is hurt and can’t perform!! Kinda like he did to 50+ pitbulls that could no longer earn him money in dog fighting!!!!! Boohoo karma sux huh vick???

  3. A broken neck with permanent paralysis would have been better, but it was wonderful to see ol’ Dog Drownin’ Ronny in some extensive pain. Subhuman filth.

  4. Vick haters are really annoying. The dude killed some dogs, get over it. Thousands of dogs are killed all over the world in way worse, and more gruesome ways.

  5. The more pain this pos gets the better. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy.
    I hope the dogs are on his chest all season.

  6. Anybody who watched Vick in Atlanta knows the drill. The man gets hurt a lot because he doesn’t have a QB mentality. He’s not really that tough, either. Kolb is going to get his opportunities.
    By the way, Andy Reid’s going to have to be a stinking genius in order to get his offense to reconcile the difference between the occasional broken play brilliance with Vick and the more vanilla West Coast offensive plays run by Kolb. That was always a problem for the Falcons. You really do have to gear your offense toward Vick when he’s the starter. When he’s out, you really have to have a good package of plays for the backup QB to keep the O-line disciplined.

  7. AHHHH poor babi Vick…. whats wrong u get a lil bruise? Hopefully u playin when you come to FED EX man we gonna hurt u jus like them dogs playa dirty 30 gonna lay da wood sucka…
    Damn Philly some garbage man? Bet yall wish you had McNabb still….HELLL NOOO you aint gettin da best qb in the NFC east…Get use to seein the Skins at the Top cus WE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAIL!!!!!!!!! It aint ez bein greezybabi

  8. He’ll hes out for a couple games, you kidding me. Getting your chest crushed and compressed like that and he’s going to play the next week??? keep dreaming.
    I’m sure its pretty painful just to breathe.
    he’s going to need some time to heal.

  9. The Skins caught a break with Vick going down and if he played the Skins would have lost. McNabb was pretty bad after the first couple of drives. The losers who post their hate everyday are just that,,,LOSERS.

  10. People dont understand anything. Michael Vick was born and raised in communities that held events like dog fighting all the time,and what you see and learn growing up sticks with you like manners and what is right and wrong. That is not an excuse but he has taken full responsibilty and done his time. His apologies dont justify what he has done but hes out there trying to improve and make a difference.

  11. No doubt the pain of hundreds of innocent dogs coming back to seek their vengance.
    And Kelly Rowland is hot… damn hot!

  12. Ok great falconi don’t know what Mike Vick games you were watching in Atlanta but Mike didn’t stay hurt all the time , he got hurt preseason 1 year and besides that he missed 2 other regular season games .. If you really did your homework you would find out that Donovan Mcnabb stayed hurt more than Vick..it’s football people you get hurt running or staying in the pocket see Kevin Kolb , Jay Cutler or Jake Delhomme or any other regular quarter back that got hurt so put that bit 2 rest.. In regards to dog fighting yeah that’s bad but bottom line it was animals not people.I wish people had that kind of concern for there fellow Man!!

  13. The gullible fools who are trying to justify Vick’s cruelty as a byproduct of his upbringing are just trying to make themselves feel better about supporting him. Anybody who sees the pain and terror in an animal’s eyes as it’s being tortured and killed knows what he’s doing is wrong. People never want to face the ugly truth about themselves or the things they hold dear. Instead they suddenly become amatuer sociologists. Pathetic. Just admit you are addicted to the NFL and will blindly support their self absorbed criminals regardless of their behavior.

  14. I don’t wish an injury on anyone but now maybe everyone will stop slobbin on Mike’s Vick…………

  15. Wow really people. You all know who you are by reading up on the comments. So you enjoy Vick in pain huh? Well thank you for showing all of us that your no better then Vick. Actually your worse. So maybe you should start hating yourself’s people. I have to say that I am embarresed to even be a human being. Armageddon is coming soon. Cause if I was the lord looking down at how people are behaving I’d be very tempted to just end it all right now!!! You people are really a piece of work. Wishing pain on a guy who brought pain on others…lol You guys are heartless idiots!!!

  16. That hit was like something out of a movie. lol
    As for Kolb, is this what Vick was up against or did Papa Reid do a number on this kid’s head? He wouldn’t even try to go down field until the very last play.

  17. Tin Man Vick’s got the same chest problem he’s always had – no heart. Kolb is not an NFL-caliber QB. Good to see McNabb digging divots in the turf with his passes, too.

  18. # Colts18 says: October 3, 2010 10:28 PM
    Vick haters are really annoying. The dude killed some dogs, get over it. Thousands of dogs are killed all over the world in way worse, and more gruesome ways.
    Yet his supporters are even more annoying.
    Killed some dogs? Dude, he funded a criminal organization that ran an illegal gambling ring, sold drugs, and committed crimes against the community. That’s one thing the media fails to report and that chumps like you fail to realize. It wasn’t just dog fighting. What makes it even worse, is he only got two years for racketeering. Old white Italian & Greek men get ten years for funding similar types of organizations. This guy got a slap on the wrist only because he was a black QB in the NFL.
    Then to make matters even worse, he is let back in the NFL, makes a comeback, and media are washing his balls as often as they can. What kind of message has this sent out to our youth? Not a very good one, that’s for sure, because I see the results of that message every single day here in Newport News, Va, his home town. Vick’s second chance should have been swinging a hammer 40 hours a week making a blue collar wage, not slinging a football in the NFL making a few million.

  19. A cop I know in the Virginia county where Vick ran his operations said many of the dogs didn’t die immediately. That they were electrocuted and in serious, profound pain and basically buried alive to die a slow, brutal death. They could tell this from the claw marks, etc. on the insides of the graves.
    And you want me to give a damn about Michael Vick’s broken ribs?

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