Chuck Cecil apologizes for middle finger

A day after Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil fired off a middle finger to officials working the Denver-Tennessee game, Cecil has apologized for the gesture.

“I want to apologize to the NFL, organization, fans and my family for my
gesture yesterday,” Cecil said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “It was inappropriate and there is no excuse for that
type of behavior under any circumstance.”

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported earlier tonight that NFL V.P. of operations Ray Anderson has warned Cecil that another incident will lead to a suspension.  Mort pointed out that, when Cecil was fined $20,000 in December 2009 for conduct toward game officials, former V.P. of officiating wanted to suspend Cecil then and there.

13 responses to “Chuck Cecil apologizes for middle finger

  1. He should apologize for the idiot Finnegan that plays for him.
    “Finnegan” must equal “Embarrassing little angry man” in Gaelic.

  2. You don’t apologize after you get fined for $50,000 dollars. I believe the appropriate response is another middle finger.

  3. Add this to his DUI…
    his Defense the first 6 games of 2009…
    and his wife’s “Carrie Bradshaw-esque” column in local newspaper about what happens at the wives’ parking lot
    a waste of time… he is who he is…
    he should have gone Bud Adams’ Double Barrell because he likes a Double Shot….

  4. Why is this an issue? Florio and family should be smacked around. For Florio being a moron.

  5. The apology was negotiated along with the fine. Chuck isn’t sorry, but saying so reduces the penalty. Chuck still thinks you’re a pussy, and should go f*#k yourself, but please accept his sincere apologies for this particular incident.

  6. This is ridiculous. I’m a Broncos fans and don’t like the Titans after that last game, but I can’t believe the middle finger is worth $40,000 without a ring on it. Meanwhile, you land a cheap shot against a defenseless receiver that could end his career and you get between $5,000-$10,000. Something just isn’t right.

  7. No surprise Titans D is so dirty. Their boss always used dirty play to cover for his lack of talent. The finger just shows the guy still has -0- class

  8. His apology isn’t to the official he flipped off. It’s kind of an off hand way of flipping the guy off again, right under the leagues nose… 🙂

  9. well honestly, after Bud Adams got fined 100k for doing the same thing last year vs buffalo u would think that chuck cecil would have used a few more brain cells in deciding on how to express his emotions…hes lucky that fisher stood up for him as well as he did. and will vince young please help my fantasy team out?!

  10. i can see why they are the most penalized team, its like a all prison adam sandler bunch

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