C.J. feels the heat from L.T.

As we make a belated, train-ride-home review of our colleague and friend Peter King’s indispensable Monday Morning Quarterback column, I stopped in my tracks to share a great observation that Peter has made regarding the respective performances of Titans running back Chris Johnson and Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson through 25 percent of the 2010 season.

Through four games, Johnson has 354 yards on 94 carries.  Tomlinson has 341 yards on 56 carries.

C.J.’s average?  3.77 yards per carry.  L.T.’s?  6.09.

Johnson repeatedly vowed before the season to rush for 2,500 yards in 2010.  He’s currently on pace to fall more than 1,000 yards short — and more than 500 yards behind his 2009 total.

So while Johnson has plenty of work to do to win the A.P. offensive player of the year award for a second time (or the MVP award for a first time), Tomlinson looks to be the early favorite to run away with the comeback player of the year award.

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  1. Johnson repeatedly vowed before the season to rush for 2,500 yards in 2010. He’s currently on pace to fall more than 1,000 yards short — and more than 500 yards behind his 2009 total.
    he did not vow you crackhead.
    he named it as a goal that he considered realistic for himself.

  2. No wait Mike, something is amiss.
    Everyone said the Jets specifically Tanny and Rex were COMPLETE IDIOTS for letting T. Jones go and picking up a washed out L.T.
    While we are at it, Cromartie was a bad signing, so was Jason Taylor too.
    4 games and L.T. looks like he is 21 yrs old again. Rex is keeping him fresh using Shonn Greene almost as much. Jets are starting to play up to the hype.

  3. so where is all the talk from the he is underpaid and pay him crowd?do the titans get any of that money back since he is not performing up to his contract? same thing with revis,do the jets get any of the guaranteed money back since he is not even playing?

  4. Arian Foster sat out the first quarter of game 4 and is still nearly 200 yards ahead of both of them, and averaging 6.3 yards per carry. Wonder what he has to do to get some attention?

  5. My team is a rival of the Titans in the AFC South, and even I can see this clearly… cop speed is the only weapon the Titans have. If you play the Titans, your only defensive strategy should now be “Stop CJ.”
    This is going to make life for him extremely difficult, until Vince Young learns how to throw the ball. ie – never

  6. I just love how that’s considered a comeback… Can anyone tell me what LT is exactly coming back from?
    Playing like $H!T for a year hardly deserves an award… how about someone who is coming back from a major injury or something?

  7. We’ll see if you’re still talking trash when he stubs his toe, or twists his ankle and drops to 1.6 yards per carry

  8. It looks like all you have to do is blow out the Bills and you are world beaters. The Pack blew them out 2 weeks ago and now have lost to the Bears and struggle just to beat the Lions. Now the Jets blow them out and they are living up to the hype? Sanchez will soon revert to the guy we saw versus the Ravens when he plays against another real team. Let’s stop using the Bills as a measuring stick, please.

  9. Ah yes, because LT has comeback from…what exactly?
    If you look at the recent history of the award, it goes to people who suffered serious injuries and come back to perform at high levels. LT may have been “injured” the last few years (cue the Vader scene), but he didn’t suffer a serious “injury” per se.
    As Wes Welker gets closer to 100%, he’ll smoke-screen his way to the comeback player of the year award.

  10. I fail to see the correlation between these 2 players. They are being outperformed by 3 unknown players in Arian Foster, Darren McFadden, and Rashard Mendenhall. Nobody would’ve picked either of the 3 to be at the top of the list at any point this season.
    CJ is doomed by Vince Young.

  11. Have you ever heard of this one guy who plays for the Minnesota Vikings and has more yards than both C.J. and L.T., and he’s only played 3 games? He’s pretty good too . . .

  12. Not to worry, we all know that come the cold weather, LT will be found in a jacket on the sidelines with some hammy injury or something that keeps him from playing. The wheels always, always come off for the Jests and this season will be no different. I can’t think of a team in the AFC I can’t stand more than the Jests, can’t wait to watch Favre beat them next Monday night.

  13. Have you ever heard of that one guy, plays for Minnesota and has more yards than both C.J. and L.T. and has only played 3 games? He’s pretty good too . . .

  14. Arian Foster running away with the rushing title.
    Same division as CJ. Ha!
    One has a QB and one doesn’t.

  15. Please…someone define the rules for ‘Comeback Player of the Year’. don’t you have to be out for a year? I mean, as some others have said, it can’t just be because you stunk it up for a year, then had a great year.
    so please…not Vick, not L.T…maybe Mike Williams with Seattle if has a great year because he was really coming back into the NFL. Coming back from injury would qualify if you were out a looong time, but not coming back from a suspension.

  16. Found the definition “”The player named Comeback Player of the Year shows perseverance in overcoming adversity, in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year, a severe injury, or simply poor performance. “”
    Sitting on the bench does not qualify…sorry Vick.
    L.T. has a slim chance as a poor performance the year before but the overcomin aversity part? He just didn’t play well.

  17. I am really happy for LT. He deserves the very best and it’s great to see him jubilant instead of frustrated.

  18. Since when is Peter King anything but a curiosity? Given him credibility reduces yours.
    Yep, LT is doing good on the field early, but will be average in the end. Still a good deal for the Jets.

  19. So, let me get this straight. In that same column, just a week ago Peter King declared Michael Vick a favorite to win the Offensive MVP for the 2010 season. Now after one week and only a quarter of the season, LT has not only proved himself a better value than Chris Johnson but also passed Michael Vick as comeback player of the year? Can we wait until players have actually played maybe half a season before we hand out postseason awards. Also, let’s look at CJ’s surrounding team before acting as if LT is suddenly the reemergence of his old self. Also, let’s let Chris Johnson get a stab at the Buffalo defense and see what he does.

  20. @ vikesfan112 – agree 100 PERCENT!!!!
    CJ is a joke. Overrated speed guy. One good year. About 1/4 as good as Adrian Peterson.

  21. what mike’s trying to say: chris johnson is now the third best running back in the national football league.

  22. I guess the so called “experts” were wrong again. Popeye is never worng. If you want real info from the NFL…..just ask

  23. In response to the Jets living up to the hype……… they are 1 point from being undefeated and have beat everyone in their division. Sanchez is performing great without the best WR on their team to play a down yet. Give some props where they are due.

  24. LT looks good but get this strait, he’s looks nowhere NEAR as good as he did in his prime. Go back and look up highlights of the 03 season and look how fast his legs were churnin. His jump cut looked fluid, now it looks like a bit of a struggle. For the athleticism he’s lost, he’s still very smart, which puts him ahead of 90% of the RB’s in the league currently.

  25. I think everytime you guys mention LDT you should include links to the articles where you ripped the jets for dumping TJ and signed Thomlinson.

  26. Hey Some fans, still sore because the Jets beat your team like a drum? 😦 Wah Wah Wah! You’ve been really good with the predictions so far, so I’m sure your LT prediction will come true next.

  27. Quarter of a season does not make a season. Nothing more to see here. Move along now and we’ll see you in January.

  28. I’ve said LT still has some gas left in the tank,glad he’s out of the AFC West,but doubt he’ll be able to make a full season with the numbers he’s been putting up lately.Has a great read on a defence,but too many miles on the legs.

  29. Its a mirage. LT does great the first 8-10 games – then takes the dive the last 6-8. He simply cannot sustain over an entire season.
    Mark my words – by week 16, LT won’t even be in the top 15

  30. @ vikesfan112 – OK, lets use the dolphins as a measuring stick then. I’m pretty sure they came into the vikings house and beat that ass, while the jets went down to miami and beat them down there. or we can just go by what happens to the vikings when they come to the meadowlands on monday night.
    @ shaggeez – it was well more than a goal he set for himself, he said he was gonna do it man. i remember reading all about it and thinking what a douche he was for saying it. i wouldn’t have thought that if he set his goal for 2,500, cause honestly, i like seeing players setting goals for themselves. it was the fact that he said he was gonna do it publicly that made me hate the guy.
    @ GreenAsGrass – just let them keep on hating. the jets are for real. LT is simply amazing right now. he’s more or less splitting carries with shonn greene and he’s still only 14 yards shy of chris johnsons yardage this season. watching the jets play this season consistently reminds me of why LDT will be a first ballot HOF’er. Cromartie has 2 picks already, he plays SOLID coverage. I’ve even seen him tackle a running back or two since he joined the Jets. people wanna hate on the Jets, they’ll say it was a bad signing. people that watch the games have to admit he’s gettin it done. IMAGINE what its gonna be like when Revis locks down the #1 and Cromartie gets to play #2’s. INSANITY. Jason Taylor is definitely a beast too. he’s an impact player, sealed the deal against the patriots by forcing Brady to fumble like that on that last drive. so, from one jets fan to another, just let ’em hate. bad teams don’t get haters like this.

  31. Florio slobbers:
    As we make a belated, train-ride-home review of our colleague and friend Peter King’s indispensable Monday Morning Quarterback column….
    (Ass kisser)

  32. Florio slobbers:
    As we make a belated, train-ride-home review of our colleague and friend Peter King’s indispensable Monday Morning Quarterback column….
    (Ass kisser)
    Nobody cares at this point. The Chiefs are 3-0, for Christ’s sake. The ’72 Dolphins aren’t worried, and nobody cares about Comeback Player of the Year in October except Peter King, some internet hack, and LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson hasn’t done crap in the last two years, so he should be well-rested. If he can make a difference in January he should get some credit, but he has never made a difference in January, and at some point in his career he turned into a prick, so I hope he continues to fail.

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