Everyone but John Fox can admit Steve Smith isn't playing this week

The Panthers play against the Bears this week, then have a Week Six bye.

After suffering a high ankle sprain against the Saints, it seems pretty clear Panthers wideout Steve Smith won’t be in the lineup against Chicago.  Smith’s agent says his client will “most likely” be out.  The Charlotte Observer also says Smith should be out.

Even Smith admits as much:  “I’m not a doctor, but if I can’t walk, . . .” Smith said Monday according to Darin Gantt.

Smith made similar comments Sunday night after the Saints loss.  When asked how he felt after the game, Smith said:

“I feel like a trillion dollars . . . I feel like a money order, that’s what I feel like. . . . Go next week? I’m just trying to walk to the bus.”

Panthers coach John Fox simply says Smith is day-to-day.  Once Smith went out against New Orleans, the Panthers were forced to roll with three rookie wideouts along with their rookie quarterback.  There were rumors Dwayne Jarrett was also on the field, but he hasn’t caught a pass since the season opener.

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  1. theres no point in him trying to push it, its already a lost season for Carolina anyway. High ankle sprains are typically a killer for football players. There is no way he could play. Smith is one of the toughest guys in the league, but the body cant do the impossible

  2. Most Panthers fans think they are a great organization. I wonder how many of those people also think Jacksonville is a great organization?
    Facts are the Panthers have 10 less wins than Jacksonville all-time, and 2 fewer playoff appearances. I think most people would be surprised by those stats.
    Its time to get off the “yeah, but we made it to the Superbowl” bus and start talking about the real achievements of this franchise.
    Keeping it Real

  3. Ineffective rookie qb and zero help at the other receiver positions. Saints defense did him a favor.

  4. It wasn’t just a rumor. Dwayne Jarrett was on the field. Yes, he looked terrible.
    It’s hard to say, but it is time for John Fox to kick rocks. They need to rebuild the entire team.

  5. Rebuild the entire team? How much more rebuilding do you want? Fox will be gone next year, so if that’s what your after, its coming soon enough. Not really sure who the next coach will be, but give Fox his due. There’s a reason than Panthers fans are disappointed when we don’t make the playoffs and John Fox has been a large part of that reason. I think its time for Fox to move on, but I still appreciate what he’s done for us during his time here. The real problem is with the offense and that just isn’t Fox bag. You can hang that one on Jeff Davidson. Carolina needs a new OC. Hopefully, Ron Meeks will survive the coaching changes the defense has played pretty well under him especially considering the amount of time they spend on the field. As for the comments about our “ineffective rookie qb”, I thought Clausen looked pretty good for a guy playing his second NFL game behind a patchwork line, with only one proven receiver, against the defending SB champs and a division rival, in the superdome no less. Maybe Clausen won’t be the guy, but given the cicumstances, he hasn’t looked that bad. This year could be a rough one, but we have a solid core of young players and plenty of cap room for next year. Now we just need a solid #2 wr and probably some better defensive linemen and a new offensive scheme. You get those things together and if Clausen does well for himself, Carolina has the potential to be a good team for years to come.

  6. Maybe an Armanti Edwards sighting this week? What a bust that is setting up to be. Traded next years 2nd round pick for him. Looks like that pick could end up being 33rd or 34th overall. And he can’t get a helmet on Sundays. Now he is labled as a project. Who trades a 2nd round pick for a project. Nice job Hurney.

  7. looks like we might get a good draft pick next year, probably julio jones,,,might have misspelled,,,but anyway,,him a steve smith,,,dammm

  8. kravon, time for you and any other Jaguar fans that think like that to get off of the “jealousy” bus. Two NFC Championship games, one NFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance…not to mention the Panthers sellout their games.
    Don’t get me started on how you got your HC and half the roster when he took over the team from Carolina.

  9. Who cares.
    The real Steve Smith:
    -plays for the NY Giants
    -has a Superbowl Ring
    -is not a loud mouthed prick
    -is not an injury prone little bitch

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