Extent of Darren McFadden's hamstring injury not yet known

Raiders running back Darren McFadden, who was off to the best start of an up-and-down (with more down than up) NFL career, suffered a hamstring injury on Sunday.  Whether and to what extent he’ll miss time because of it remains to be seen.

We’re told that the extent of the injury is not yet known. 

Per Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, McFadden said after the game that he’ll see trainers on Monday and “take it day to day.”

“I was trying to go for another gear and I just
pulled up,” McFadden said, per Tafur.  “I tried to get out [of bounds] first because I
didn’t want to pull it too fast.”

McFadden currently is the third leading rusher in the NFL with 392 yards, behind Arian Foster of the Texans (537) and Rashard Mendenhall of the Steelers (411).  The Raiders host the Chargers in Week Five.

18 responses to “Extent of Darren McFadden's hamstring injury not yet known

  1. This is a damn shame, the kid was finally healthy and getting better with every game.

  2. We get it…you don’t like the Raiders. (with more down than up) Really not necessary…kinda like pretending that thing on your head is really hair.

  3. That 2011 first round pick New England got for Seymour is looking better and better!

  4. You knew it was coming. This is why I took M Bush in my fantasy draft and kept him while Mcfadden was running wild

  5. “You knew it was coming. This is why I took M Bush in my fantasy draft and kept him while Mcfadden was running wild”
    Yup.. I think that Bush has more desire than DM. Bush is willing and able to play event with a broken hand. I understand that a broken hand and a pulled hammy are very different things.. (you can run with a broken hand)..
    What I’m trying to say is that I believe that if they both had broken hands… Bush would be the first to say… “put me in coach!”

  6. Raiders just can’t get healthy, and stay healthy.
    Funny how the Raiders go from a ton of penalties to no penalties. Those refs yesterday didn’t call anything…I like it better that way, but funny to watch on Fosters 76yrd td, the right guard grabs a hold of DT Henderson, and just pulls him to the ground. It left a hole big enough to drive a mack truck through.
    Tough game for the rookie McClain.

  7. tooz56 says:
    October 4, 2010 8:37 AM
    We get it…you don’t like the Raiders. (with more down than up)
    It’s not a bias jack ass, it’s the truth.

  8. Hotliner you couldn’t be more wrong about DMac. In college he played through injuries in several big games. He never had any hamstring issues in college.

  9. HoustonHog:
    I agree.. and I know..
    Firstly let me say.. I like DM.. I drafted him in his rookie season… still like him… and still have him on my roster..
    With that said.. It’s simply that I think.. much like JR.. money has changed him…. I continue to like him but WILL have Bush on my roster too.
    Don’t forget… if it weren’t a broken leg.. Bush was leading the Heisman race.

  10. DM ran hard yesterday. If he had an O line that could block then maybe he would have a chance of staying healthy. dead al takes DHB as a #1 when he could have gotten him with a #3 or later and could have gotten a decent linema.n Instead we get Mario ” toast ” Henderson ! Un frickinbelievable but I am sure : aldavisisaleisuresuit: finds that totally acceptable as he follows dead al like a lap dog !

  11. tango you fat, retarded, ignorant, idiotic, window licking, drooling, banjo playing, redneck, hillbilly, bigot POS: Please remind us, hog, which NFL team did you coach? None? Oh, you must have been a GM, right? No? Well, then tell us about all of your experience as a scout? What’s that? None of that, either? Well, it sounds like a fat, malcontent, loser POS like you is talking out of your ass again. Why doesn’t that surprise any real Raiders fan you repugnant POS?
    By the way, orca, the only dog in this equation is the bitch that crapped you out.

  12. To:aldavisisinfactalapdog: Did you enjoy the 30,000 fans in the stands yesterday ? Did you see the many giving dead al the middle finger as they left in disgust ? Just curious, where do you think DHB would have fallen to had dead al not taken him ? Every GM in the league was laughing and the fans disgusted , once again at the ridiculous picks( 1-2 good ones) leisure suit has so brilliantly picked you ill informed POS

  13. allinSTACKme says: October 4, 2010 11:53 AM
    It’s not a bias jack ass, it’s the truth.
    Jerk, it was just another passive agressive shot at the Raiders by the wig wearing Florio !

  14. How come the Head Coach (supposedly an OL coach by trade) can’t get the OL to play worth a crap?

  15. Big Tex ! Because deal al davis keeps giving head coach and O line coach crap to work with

  16. tango you fat, retarded, inbred, hillbilly, banjo playing, drooling, window licking, imbecile POS: Do everyone a favor you illiterate, uneducated hick and remind us all what NFL team did you coach? None? Well, then what team just had to have you as their GM? Really, none? Then it must have been you were the ace scout for some NFL team, right? Not that either? So basically you flap your ignorant, uninformed sewer not having a damn clue what you’re talking about, don’t you retard? Here’s a newsflash for you, jackass: real Raider fans don’t give a damn what a big mouth, uneducated, retarded moron like you thinks, likes or doesn’t like. I can also assure you that God (AKA Al Davis) cares even less what a fat POS like you thinks. As long as you keep giving God (AKA Al Davis) lots of money for the 12 seats you need to cram your fat ass into, orca. By the way, GFY.

  17. To:alvasionmeds: Answer Big Tex you coward. Answer all the others who also know dead al is nothing but redundant hot air in a bad leisure suit. You have nothing to say. Your the type that pees on somebodys leg and tries to convince them it is raining! Your old new and no news. Get a grip. Until dead al leaves, the raiders are doomed except the 3% idiots like you !

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