Jets could get all three big names back next Monday

As the Patriots-Dolphins Monday night gets started, there’s a bit of news that has emerged regarding next week’s Monday night game, courtesy of Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The Jets, who’ll host the Vikings, “likely” will have three big names in the lineup for the game:  receiver Santonio Holmes, linebacker Calvin Pace, and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

If it happens, it makes the best team in the NFL right now (yes, I said it) even better.

That said, why use Revis against a team that has a collection of subpar receivers?  It possibly would be smarter to hold him out for another week.

Especially since they’ve looked great without him.

39 responses to “Jets could get all three big names back next Monday

  1. Florio stop hating on the Jets so much! Clearly by saying “right now” and not recognizing the Jets as the greatest team ever you are a giant hater.

  2. What’s with the constant hype surrounding the Jets on this site? Are the contributors all NYers or something?

  3. Best team in the league my ass…they couldn’t beat the Ravens baby!!!
    Meanwhile – Tom Brady is hit on 3rd down in first series…and go figure, he’s crying to the ref. what a freakin puss…unless he was asking the ref if he was also bangin his wife, LOL!!!

  4. “If it happens, it make the best team in the NFL right now…” &
    “That said, why used Revis against a team that has a collection of subpar receivers”
    May be time to invest in a proof reader Mike.

  5. Jets CBs have not looked great without Revis. Did you watch Henne and Marshall play catch against them last week?

  6. Lol. So now we’re the best team in the NFL. You know what’s even nicer then being the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL? Having the talking heads in the media that don’t have a clue admit where it’s at.
    I can’t wait until the Jets have the inevitable bad game and the media is off the bandwagon again. That’s fine. Those of us that have been on the bandwagon since the Kotite days don’t want you anyway. Pats fans, Fins fans and the rest of you (except for real threats such as the Steelers, Colts, Ravens and Texans) should bow down to Sexy Rexy and the J-E-T-S!

  7. the best team in the nfl? what a laughable comment florio, the jets are mediocre at best. buy hey, i guess blowing out the bills qualifies as being the “best.”

  8. How do the Steelers go from a team you think could go undefeated to an also-ran to the Jets? I’m not saying I disagree with the assessment that the Jets appear to be the best team in the league at this point (they do), but really? A three point loss did that much for you to jump ship?

  9. Best team in the NFL?
    First of all, they played the worst NFL team last week. Their defense got shredded by Miami. The Patriots defense is garbage that gets shredded by the Bills of all teams.
    I do agree, the injuries will help make this team better. How much does Revis’ presence won’t help the defense that much. Cromartie gives up as many plays as he makes, their rookie is a rookie, and their safeties are hard hitters but average in coverage.

  10. Don’t forget your superbowl pick florio. Supposedly the two best teams in the league have both LOST to the Ravens at HOME!!! Offense is only going to get better and with the best defense in the league right now, without the best safety in the league, who really wants to play the blackbirds.

  11. “Jets could get all three big names back next Monday”
    What does that tell you? “All three” …what a great team

  12. Florio – you’ve got this one wrong.
    Vikes Defense is Best in NFC – arguably best in NFL now that they have all their starters back. Jets won’t score more than 21 points… tops.
    Peterson is Best Running Back in NFL.
    Vikes pass attack is weak right now, so they won’t be going after the corners anyway. They’ll mix up plenty of runs with short passes.
    24-21 Vikings.

  13. Vikes win this won guaranteed. Bring all 3 of them back. You have got to love all the people that have written the Vikes off. Peterson is too damn good this year. The Vikes D will show the rest of the NFL that they are the top D in the league.. Bears and Pack are in trouble…

  14. whatever, people just wanna hate on the Jets. bad teams don’t get haters like this. all this talk you guys put on this website, the jets coaches see it and feed it to the team. you saw pettine looking at this site on hard knocks. they love the adversity. it gives them the “us v.s. the world” mentality, and they thrive on it. when Holmes, Revis and Pace are back, it will put their solid team over the top. the pass rush will be bolstered, the coverage will be second to none, and Sanchez will have a new speedy former Super Bowl MVP target to play with. maybe opening your mouth is the way you deal with being afraid to see the Jets this season.

  15. Jets win by 10
    They are good at forcing TOs.
    2 INTs
    atleast 2 fumbles by Peterson dunno if the Jets will get both of them.
    May be a lot like the first MNF game. Probably low scoring atleast thats what the Vikings have shown this sesason, unless they play a team that has won 2 games since 2008.

  16. @JoeMac123
    Please tell me your joking about the Vikings defense.
    Who has their defense played good against?
    The lousy Lions, and the Dolphins. Plus when they played the Saints, Brees wasnt even at his best. It’s easy for your defense to look strong against the run when the teams your playing dont have a strong running game.
    Jets offense is getting Holmes back, Plus Tomlinson is coming off his best game in 2 years, and Greene looks like hes coming into his own as they said he would. Revis will be back, one of the best corner backs in the NFL. Favre throws at least 3 INT’s. Please excuse me while I laugh at how mediocre the Vikings will play Monday Night.

  17. This game will be a true test to see where the Vikings are at. Vikings will be well rested, healthy and prepared. No excuses this game.

  18. Florio , I know your mouth must taste like vinegar just to utter those words. The best team gets even better, get ready for the pain. Gang Green- Gotta love it

  19. The Jets owe Favre. He dicked them around just like he did Green Bay. I’m really looking forward to this one. One week from today Green Bay should be 4-1 and the Vikings 1-3.

  20. ugk612 says:
    The Vikes defense will not give up more than 17 points!
    Disagree. The Jets offense is going to put the Vikings defense in a tailspin.
    Mark it, know it, it’s coming.
    Get your popcorn ready….it’s gonna be a helluva show!

  21. If the Jets win it will be by a score of 10 or less to something. They are not scoring on the Vikes unless it is special teams or defense. Their O has no chance.

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