Kyle Orton on Titans: "I don't think they're tough, I think they're cheap"

After stealing a win from the Titans in Tennessee, Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has some strong words for his opponents.

“You always hear about how tough they are and all that stuff,” Orton said.  “I don’t think they’re tough, I think they’re cheap.  And it was one of the cheapest games I’ve ever seen out of some of those players.”

Orton singled out cornerback Cortland Finnegan, accusing him of punching lineman Chris Kuper when his helmet was off.  “If that’s the type of player Cortland Finnegan wants to be, well then he’s a cheap player, not a good player.”

We’ll have more on the Titans in the Week Four Monday 10-Pack.  Which I need to start writing or I’ll eventually have to punch myself in the face to stay awake.

44 responses to “Kyle Orton on Titans: "I don't think they're tough, I think they're cheap"

  1. Sure as hell wouldn’t be the first time the Titans have been accused of being dirty. Probably because they are.

  2. “Which I need to start writing or I’ll eventually have to punch myself in the face to stay awake.”
    Don’t do that Florio you will give your million dollar face a blackeye

  3. Someone please give the baby his formula. It’s just a matter of days before he bruises a fingernail and goes on IR the rest of the year. Typical Donkey whiner.

  4. Damn right KO. Let’em have it. The man. The legend. The Orton. Nothing get’s past our orange and blue gladiator of truth and justice. Excelsior!

  5. Kyle Orton is quietly becoming a very good NFL QB. He’s starting to look like another former Purdue QB that took off at about this time in Orton’s career. Could he be the next great NFL QB to come out of Purdue? Time will tell.

  6. Most AFC teams know of the Titans cheap shots and dirty playing. Head Coach Fisher is a punk, yet the talking heads on NFL shows act like he is a great coach. He’s not.
    NFC teams that only see them every four years are surprised at the aggressiveness (like the Giants were). They are wanna-be bullies that lack talent.
    the Broncos showed that to the world.

  7. he did punch chris kuper he is such a dirty player and got beat by jabar gaffney big time

  8. The Titans intentionally injured Shawne Merriman during a 2007 game. He ended up missing all of 2008 due to that knee injury. The Titans also went after Rivers’ knee and he ended up tearing his ACL altogether later that season. They also broke Lorenzo Neal’s leg in the same game. Then the playoffs came along and they pushed Gates into the ground when he was already down, causing a toe injury that hampered him during the entire 08 season.
    Yes, I hate the Titans.

  9. Mike, I’ll gladly volunteer my services to punch you in the face. It is a win/win situation. You get punched in the face and I get to do it.

  10. Kyle Orton is 100% right. That team is a bunch of cheapshotting MFers.
    I am really surprised that when it was brought up last week on FNA, they didn’t ask Rodney Harrison about it since he lost the rest of his season thanks to Bobby Wade in 06.

  11. I’ve always thought that regarding Finnegan. I’m surprised he gets away with it. It’s one thing to be labeled cheap by other players but until Goodell addresses it publicly I guess he probably cares less what his opponents think. I think being cheap is simply a way for a defensive player to make up for a lack of talent.

  12. Please Florio, make sure to take video of punching yourself in the face and show it on Sunday Night Football next week.
    It’s surely better than your spots on there now.

  13. Exactly what Giants said last week but refs only called penalties against the Giants that day as ordered to by head office.

  14. This isn’t the first time someone in the NFL has called the Titans dirty. Rodney Harrison called the Titans the dirtiest team in the league. On New Year’s Eve in 2006, Bobby Wade of the Titan’s took out Harrison’s knees, injuring him and knocking him out of the playoffs. Bill Belichick and New England sent Jeff Fisher a message in 2009, beating them to the tune of 59 to 0. Even those of you that don’t like Belichick have to appreciate that response to Fisher laughing at Harrison’s injury, even if it took a few years.

  15. I’ll eventually have to punch myself in the face
    We could never be that lucky

  16. Orton is a two-bit castaway who is only riding a wave of good luck right now. He is not a franchise QB, and he should keep his mouth shut until he has a running game. Denver sucks.

  17. It all stems from their Coach. Who was HIS D coordinator when he was with the Bears ? Rexy’s dad of course. He used to put out bounties on players.
    Fisher’s center for years was one of the dirtiest players in the league. Like I said in an earlier post, D linemen all over the league breathed a sigh of relief when he retired. Albert Haynesworth stomping a dude’s head ? Say what you want about Rodney Harrison but I saw Teddy Bruschi have to be restrained by his entire defense when Fisher winked on the sideline after they blew Harrison’s knee out. I thought Bruschi was about to commit murder that day. I feared for Fisher’s life when that happened.

  18. Finnegan is a clown. I think he seriously suffers from little man syndrome or something.

  19. That play was caught on tape – Finnegan gets at least one game suspension for that. What a joke of a player..I think he should return his last name to save the rest of us Irish people the embarrassment.

  20. When you see the the Titans player smiling after a linemen gets his helmet ripped off (or his junk grabbed) then Orton’s argument makes sense. What other conclusion can you draw?
    Unrelated: Chris Johnson is gonna have to average nearly 140yrds a game to get close to 2000. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

  21. After stealing a win from the Titans in Tennessee, Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has some strong words for his opponents
    Or, you could give credit where credit is due and write it like it was played.
    After allowing only one offensive touchdown, the Broncos BEAT the Tenn Titans. Just because you had them ranked so high, doesn’t mean they can’t be beat Florio.

  22. I for one am becoming an Orton fan. He’s better than I ever gave him credit for as a qb, he’s tough and he’s delivering big time for my fantasy team. And oh yeah, he’s right about the the Titans. What else would you expect from a team coached by a Buddy Ryan disciple?

  23. Finnegan wants to be known as the dirtiest player in the NFL…wellll…the league should start upping his fines to the 100 thousand/200 thousand dollar range…that will put a cork in his bottle.

  24. Sounds to me like Orton wishes his team would play as tough. It’s a good thing they have a passing game since it takes toughness to have a running game.

  25. Hilarious when big bad Finnegan tried to jump on little bitty Hines Ward during a fight in week 2, and Finnegan got thrown violently to the ground. He acted like his teammates were dragging him away later, but he clearly wanted no part of that action, and minded his manners the rest of the game.
    All that thug needs is a man to stand up to him, and he shuts right up.

  26. Kyle Orton’s already thrown for 1,419 passing yards through 4 games, which is 2nd-best in NFL history (Warner in 2000 had 1,557).
    With Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal as threats, he’s on par for a killer year…

  27. pt8106:
    During the string of quotes, Orton did say the Broncos were the tougher team on the field. Then he said that the Titans try to act tough, but are actually just dirty.
    As for the running game, two injured tackles and three “rookie” interior lineman will do that.

  28. For anyone that can’t stand Finnegan…just check out either game (or both for more amusement) in which they play the Texans. The Texans may lose, but every year Andre Johnson emasculates Finnegan to the point of hilarity.
    Last year Finnegan tried to start a fight with the “wimpy” Texans and ended up getting a chunk of his afro pulled out.

  29. Ballsy thing for Orton to say.
    Have to hope both of these teams make it to the playoffs, now. A rematch would be fun.

  30. GBfanForever says:
    What else would you expect from a team coached by a Buddy Ryan disciple?
    Geez, still sour about the 80s? Buddy Ryan was the man, invented a new breed of NFL defenses. Bite your cheesey manjuice covered tongue.

  31. # Dustin Chandler says: October 4, 2010 10:17 AM
    Titans and Steelers.
    what else is new?
    Some wise ass always has to drag the Steelers into the conversation. Why don’t you just cry about it?

  32. Orton better watch it – calling the Titans cheap and not tough applies more to his own guys, who have spent the post-Elway years quitting on the season at some point. Let’s see how much he talks later this season when it falls apart again.

  33. Fisher and the Titans are a class orginization. I dont know wtf you idiots are watching ? I have watched every Titan game since they became the Titans. They aren’t “dirty”. Every team has assholes on it. Hanesworth was one. Pacman was one. But, what team doesn’t have a loud mouth or a loose cannon on it ? Broncos, do you remember Bill Romonalski ? a very poor individual, a spitter, lol didn’t mean the whole team sucked. Broncos have more chop blocks called on them than any other team in the history of a round ball , what the heck are we even talking about. Remember that? chop blocks, clips, at one time all the so called “experts” were saying denver was being coached to be dirty on the O-line. If you dont remember that, you dont deserve to be in on this conversation. Think about what your starting , because I promise I’m not the only one that remembers the “dirty denver o-line”

  34. Kyle who ? wtf does he think he is, Jeff Fisher has more class in his third nut, than orton has even read about. He isn’t even a good QB, he got a great oc, thats what he’s got. does matt cassel ring a bell, orton is lighting a fire he cant put out, he’s just sore because finigan hit him so hard he got a speeding ticket on i 40 trying to get to the air port . Orton better hope he doesnt make the playoffs , because, I PROMISE , TITANS “WILL” make him sorry he ever opened his pie hole . They were playin nice, you fools, if they were trying to hurt someone, it wouldn’t take but one play , orton, one , quick, explosive, crack , light flashing, bone rattling , shot . Open that pie hole one more time .

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