Vick admits to "small fracture" in his ribs

nfl_vick.jpgX-rays were negative, but an MRI apparently found something that previously wasn’t disclosed on Monday.

In an appearance on Bruce Smith’s radio show on WXTG radio, Vick admitted that he has a fracture in his rib cage.

“There is some cartilage damage up in there and a small fracture up in
, so maybe a week, maybe two weeks,” Vick said of his potential absence.  “We’ll have to see.  I’ve got
some cartilage damage up in there, in the upper area of my ribs.  I just
have to work through it.  I’ve always been a quick healer.  It won’t be no
more than one, two weeks hopefully.  Hopefully.”

The primary treatment?  Nothing.

“The most important thing is just rest,” Vick said.  “There is really
nothing you can do for a rib injury, especially in the upper part of
your rib cage.  I’ll get rest, I’ve got a Hyperbaric machine and I’ll be
spending a lot of time in that trying to restore my blood cells.  I’ll
stay in the treatment room, getting ice for it and just trying to get

Vick is expected to miss Sunday night’s game against the 49ers.  The following week, the Eagles host Vick’s former team, the Falcons.

39 responses to “Vick admits to "small fracture" in his ribs

  1. I still like MV7, but he better go ahead and skip that Falcons game too. If D-Hall’s non-contact a$$ can break his ribs, then what do you think William Moore would do?

  2. Any other QB slides at the 3 and settles for 1st and goal. Vick is only worried about making his own highlight reel and chose to dive headfirst between two defenders.
    It was pointed out before, this is why he will never truly be a franchise QB. Too worried about making his own highlights and lays himself out for injury.
    All for nothing due to a holding call too.
    Loving it.

  3. Ironic trade McNabb, to go with Kolb then you pull the rug out from under him after the first game and now your stuck with the guy what I am guess atleast 2-4 weeks.

  4. Fake-ey!
    I don’t buy this for a second. This a amateur dramatics from the Favre School of Acting.

  5. Since when do ribs heal in 1-2 weeks. He’s done for a while and if he comes back too soon, they’re going to be gunning for his upper torso.
    Be smart Michael! The Eagles are known for throwing their players to the junk yard with little or no notice.

  6. Vick is an exciting player who seems to be clicking well with the real responsibilities of being a quality NFL QB. As long as he keeps his act together, I wish him well.

  7. What a high class citizen…I hope his injuries don’t hurt too bad.
    Probably doesn’t hurt as much as drowning and electrocuting someone at the same time though.

  8. Good….now they need to hang you from a tree, hook jumper cables up to your balls and electrocute you because yu can’t perform…scumbag f*ck…

  9. Everyone does realize that Vick is a human, right? He is not a dog. These comments equating him to something that is less then human are laughable. Get over it. he did his time.

  10. Give it a rest. Vick served his time and paid his debt to society, its OVER. He lost millions and millions of dollars and time in the prime of his career. He is now speaking against dog fighting and is coming clean with everything.
    Get over the dogs. These arent even regular dogs. They’re not your seeing eye dog or golden retriver puppy. These dogs are born and bred to fight, half of them are inbreads. They have no value, its the same thing as squashing a bug. Who cares?!?!

  11. Poor haters….mad cuz Kolb just single-handedly guaranteed an extra $10 mil in Vick’s signing bonus at the end of this season? LOL

  12. If this makes him stay in the pocket just a little more, but still lets him loose enough to keep that threat there, this could be a plus.
    Kolb and the defense finally get a good game against SF next week, and then it’s off to the races
    Go Birds!

  13. The media is insane over FRACTURE! Cartilage damage is much worse over the long haul, it will never really heal, it will cause pain every time Vick takes a breath for months or years to come. Fractured bone will just heal up with no problems.
    Remember Bo? Cartilage, baby.

  14. I understand that some hate the acts he committed, but at what point is there redemption?? He served jail time, isn’t the purpose of that to pay for what he did? Are we saying that even though you serve the time, there’s still another sentence waiting after you’ve “served your time”???
    My skins put him out and I’m glad he couldn’t hurt us in the game, but I never want to see someone really hurt. I’ve had the same injury and there is no way he is back in 2 weeks. It took me 3 weeks to begin activities again so I was out almost a month and after that long without really being active (you can’t do much of anything at all much less work out with this) I was really struggling for another 2 weeks.

  15. Pam Oliver reported from the sidelines that following Vick into the tunnel were trainers carrying a car battery, jumper cables and a garden hose.

  16. I’d rather him miss longer than 2 weeks. He’s not the long-term answer for the Eagles i’d rather see Kolb take his lumps now (like he did in week 1 – ouch) and grow into the quarterback he’s capable of being.

  17. The freaks and haters are on this blog. Why are you concerned with his anus, unless you are getting off on that.
    He served his time. Let it go and get you a life. Those who continue to hate are just as sick as his behavior was.
    He has apologized, done community service, what are you doing?

  18. Mike Vick is way smarter than a dog… itd be harder to electrocute him. dogs are easy to kill cause theyre not very smart. They do taste good tho, I was at this resturaunt in veitnam, the way they prepare dog meat over there is like heaven. Vicks biggest crime was not eating those dogs after killing them. The tender meat between theyre ribs tastes better than kobe steak.

  19. MySkins,
    Im guessing you had the best doctors in America hired by an multi-billion dollar organization when you had this same EXACT injury that kept you out for a month? So you would know.

  20. While it’s great that this vile, sadistic sociopath is suffering thru a painful injury, someone needs to just snap his neck and put his ass in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And believe me, there are only about a handful of people in this world I’d wish that upon.

  21. I think it’s really disturbing about people wishing that a person was dead because he is playing quarterback after killing animals and going to prison for two years- like wanting him dead is some sort of moral high ground!
    It’s just as disturbing as the parity of having Michael Jenkins, Erik Coleman, Ray Rice, Willie McGahee etc. being injured is just the way it is sometimes in the NFL. But when Mike Vick gets hurt, it’s some sort of retribution.
    You have Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth in the NFL doing their thing. But when Mike Vick does his thing, he’s a sociopath. Yep, he’s just as much of a sociopath as those who seriously wish him harm.
    In other words, you need to let it go. Go see a therapist. Tony Soprano can recommend someone.

  22. Now would Vick have drowned or electrocuted one of his “players” if they had an injury at Bad Newz Kennels? Maybe a similar “treatment” should be applied here.

  23. “The freaks and haters are on this blog”
    We’re the freaks? I would say a multi millionaire who spent every free moment he had torturing and killing dogs for sadistic pleasure is the only freak in this conversation.
    Most guys in that position would spend the off season cruising around the world enjoying life. But not a psychopath like the Dawgkilla. He would rather spend his free time smokin blunts in a blood spattered dog fighting pit.
    I was glad to see he got injured. But I wanted more blood or at least a compound fracture.

  24. “The freaks and haters are on this blog”
    The ignorant Pro-Vick crowd see the court of public opinion as haters & freaks. But defenders of Vick are never “haters”, just helping a brother out right? Ironic how haters are always people that understand what people that torture animals are made of. And the “forgivers” are always people that minimize hurting defenseless creatures for fun.
    Enough bad things cannot happen to this guy & that goes for anyone that posts supporting him. The Pro-Vick crowd deserves to be tortured just as Vick tortured those animals.

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