Albert Haynesworth begins to turn the corner

We’re approaching the trade deadline, but the Albert Haynesworth rumors have gone away just in time for Haynesworth’s play to improve.  He’s coming off a strong effort against the Eagles.

“I thought it was, by far, Albert’s best game since I’ve been here,” coach Mike
Shanahan said via the Washington Post. “I thought he played very good. Played practically 30
plays, had a couple of holding calls against him, which were difference
makers in the game. Just had a lot of effort. I was pleased with his

Haynesworth sometimes drew three people blocking him, and he disrupted Philly’s passing game even more than his four tackles indicate.   In a muddled NFC East, getting Haynesworth back to peak form could be a huge difference maker for the Redskins.

20 responses to “Albert Haynesworth begins to turn the corner

  1. Nice to hear something positive about this guy. Hope he keeps it up.
    Skins can sure use an inspired wrecking ball.

  2. I was at the game on Sunday in Philadelphia. The fans HATED big Albert, but as a ‘Skins fan, i adored his perfomance.
    Aaron Rodgers, watch out.
    But on the same token, Carlos Rogers, watch out.

  3. It would be kind of nice to see the Redskins win their division but Donovan McNabb has been pretty terrible. The defense can’t do it all.

  4. wait a minute I thought florio said shanahan was going about haynesworth the wrong way and his continued presense on the team would be a distraction? another great florio prediction,but I am sure he will come up with a source that will refute this report and insist he will be traed to the titans right mike?I mean there is no way the all knowing florio could be wrong is there?

  5. Dude whatever! He needs to play good alot more than that! He is making bank Gregg 100mil lets not forget hes an asshole. This is coming from a Redskins fan, I think he played well, but lets not build the fat F* up right now.

  6. with a man the size of haynesworth, it’s realistic to think that 30-45 good plays is all the man has in him without dogging it half the time, or getting hurt.
    a strong albert for 45 plays would be a huge upgrade for the skins…
    but a questionable return on investment to say the least… but who really cares. this is dan snyder’s money we’re talking about here.

  7. I like Albert, but his dominance said more about the Eagles lack of talent on the O Line.
    I hope he can keep it up!

  8. Albert Haynesworth was a disruptive force at times in the middle on Sunday, and I’m glad that Mike Shanahan finally decided to quit badmouthing him. Haynesworth is still a complete misfit for a 3-4 defense, though with him and Brian Orakpo the Redskins have the capacity to cause problems for opposing offensive linemen.

  9. Im with you Magicman, Im a loyal Skins fan myself though I liked how Fat Al played Sunday lets not get to far ahead of ourselves.

  10. MagicMan407 says:
    October 5, 2010 7:40 PM
    Dude whatever! He needs to play good alot more than that! He is making bank Gregg 100mil lets not forget hes an asshole. This is coming from a Redskins fan, I think he played well, but lets not build the fat F* up right now.
    Yeah your right…beat him down and degrade him after he plays a good game, And you wonder why he’s a asshole? If the Skins want pressure they need to line him up beside Orakpo all day long. Those two working together cannot be stoped.

  11. He had A good game. ONE good game.
    That’s a start. Let’s not deify him just yet.
    He needs to keep taking advantage of his opportunities, because Shanahan doesn’t give a crap what you’re paid — if he isn’t happy with your effort or performance you aren’t going to play.

  12. Time for Shanahan to start making the sales pitch! Right on cue.
    He will be the greatest player on the D the next couple weeks so the Skinz can get something, anything for his fat, overpaid ass.

  13. rickvaldez- Bro it’s not to degrade him, he played good, but he needs to do ALOT more and more often. It’s not hard to degrade Haynesworth because the fact he does stupid crap. Like request to be traded after getting the money, stomping on dudes faces, skipping camps, playing half assed more often then doing well, protesting coaches, things like that.
    We should expect him to play well every game this shouldn’t even be an issue at all. He is after all making ALOT of money. This game should be considered an average game for a player like him.

  14. Let Haynesworth establish that he is still good enough to start before we start jumping to conclusions. Don’t forget, McNabb threw for over 400 yards one week, then lost to the Rams the next. The player have to consistantly prove themselves to really get Shanahans attention. Unforunately for Haynesworth, Shanahan has other options.

  15. He can’t do it two weeks in a row, so sit him down for the next month and get him some donuts!

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