Beanie Wells not happy with playing time

Don’t talk to Cardinals running back Beanie Wells about Max Hall and Derek Anderson.

“I’m not really worried about the quarterback situation. I’m worried about my situation,” Wells told The Arizona Republic on Monday.

The Cardinals gameplan on Sunday against San Diego didn’t include much action from Wells early, and then they fell way behind.  The second year back wound up with five carries.

didn’t get into the game until there were four minutes left in the
second quarter and I have no clue as to
why. I’d like to think I’m a big part of this thing, but right now, I
don’t feel it,” Wells said.  “It’s crazy. I have no clue what they’re thinking upstairs. I would like to know, but hey, I’m definitely not pleased about it.”

Wells said this all with a smile on his face and mentioned he would talk to Ken Whisenhunt about his dilemma.  Whisenhunt surely wishes that conversation took place before his running back talked to the media.

14 responses to “Beanie Wells not happy with playing time

  1. I have Beanie on the practise squad of my fantasy team. So heck yeah, feed him the rock, Wiseasshunt.

  2. Dear Beanie,
    When Whiz tells you what his gameplan is for you please talk to the media and let us know. You’re killing my fantasy team and the Cards need some sort of offense.
    PS If Hightower is “the man” in AZ please tell Whiz the Packers will give him a 2nd rounder for you.

  3. Seems like Wisenhunt pisses off a lot of players. Why would you draft a guy in the first round to not use him? Can’t use the ‘he wasn’t my guy’ excuse when you’re the one that picked him. Wisenhunt seems to have the mind to be a great coach, but not the personality.

  4. His time in AZ is over. This is a no-win situation for both parties that will only get worse as the season goes on. Trade him to the Packers and salvage what you can out of it.

  5. Kinda hard to run the ball when Anderson throws two picks and you are down 21 points before half time. Selfish ass Beanie use your brain.

  6. I agree with Beanie. I noticed this last year, too. With the QB inconsistency, BEANIE WELLS is your #1 WEAPON COACH WIZ!
    It’s obvious to everyone but you!
    The play-calling is atrotious. When you throw the ball on 1st down and it’s incomplete, 2nd and 10 should be a running play usually, more than it would be a passing play … because you don’t want to put your shaky QB and offense in 3rd and long situations. So, in other words, put Beanie behind a FB (Krieder was great, but think they cut him) and give it to Beanie of 1st and 2nd own, and I guarantee a majority of the time, it will be 3rd and short or a first down.
    Quit abandoning the running game….you can not rely on Derek Anderson, or Max Hall.
    Wisenhunt’s playcalling has gone from brilliant (when in Pgh.) to dog*hit that last 2 years.

  7. kurt warner made the whizz look like a better coach than he was, i guess.
    i think it’s extremely wishful thinking that the packers would trade for either of AZ’s running backs. if the opportunity was there, i’d love that as a GB fan, but TT isn’t giving up a 2nd round pick, no chance.

  8. Beanie is clearly a better runner than Hightower, and it sure looks like Beanie catches the ball just fine as well when he gets his chances to. I am sick of watching Arizona squander this 1st round pick.

  9. More proof to back up what Coach K always says… you can’t win without talented players. Wisenhunt hasn’t lost any coaching IQ ability in 24 months. A finger now has to be pointed again at Cardinals ownership. They broke down and spent some money when it was clear they needed a winning team to help support the new stadium. But now they are back to acting like the old Cardinals, and if I’m Wisenhunt, I am looking closely at different opportunities that will be available next year with teams that have better owners and more importantly better talent on the field.

  10. Wisenhunt probably hopes he’ll still have a job long enough to have that conversation with Wells.

  11. It is a complete mystery to us AZ fans why Whisenhunt has chosen not to use Wells. Last year, it was obvious that Warner preferred his own stats over having a balanced offense. But now that pass-first-Warner is gone, why Whiz has not utilized his #1 draft pick is astoundingly puzzling. Guess he likes pain?

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