Bears cut Mark Anderson for Charles Grant

It looks like Charles Grant’s NFL career isn’t over quite yet.

In a surprise move on Tuesday, the Bears announced they cut Mark Anderson and signed Grant to an undisclosed contract. 

Anderson was splitting time at left end with Israel Idonije and had a decent amount of pressures in the first few games of the season.  But the Bears never liked his rush defense and Anderson’s production fell off dramatically after recording 12 sacks as a rookie in 2006.

This move continues the trend towards accountability on Lovie Smith’s defense, which is a good thing.  But Grant couldn’t even stick with the Dolphins this year and the signing sends a clear message about another transaction Chicago made in the summer.

The Bears regret cutting Alex Brown.

12 responses to “Bears cut Mark Anderson for Charles Grant

  1. Even though Alex Brown hasn’t shown much in New Orleans, I’d rather swap Grant for Brown than Brown for Grant. Good luck to the $60 million man.

  2. Accountability is great and all, but it sets up the team for division, as there is obviously no accountability for the O-line. If there was, they would have to cut the whole group. When the most important aspect of the team is able to fail so completely will no consequences while others are losing their jobs… I can’t see that being taken in stride by the rest of the team.

  3. Kinda hoping we released our whole offensive..except kruetz maybe he needs to start jaw knocking his fellow O line players again…He Put Fred Miller in his place….Just Sayin

  4. No, the Bears don’t regret cutting Alex Brown’s salary. Thanks for your opinion though Florio.

  5. how about some O- line accountability….Lovie only cares (i.ed. has any clue) about defense.

  6. Grant’s and Brown’s numbers from last season are almost identical. The difference is their salaries- Brown is extremely overpaid, while Grant is getting the league minimum. Brown has 7 tackles with no sacks to date.

  7. As much as I like seeing changes, where has the accountability been for the offense. They didn’t address it in the off-season and it shows. Lovie and Angelo have their back against the wall and it shows. I have seen a lot of poor performances by the Bears but non like the showing of the offense in the 1st half of Sunday night.

  8. So let me get this straight. You cut Alex Brown and Ogunleye, who were above average but not spectacular, for Mark Anderson. Anderson has not played at an elite level since Ron Rivera was the DC (2006..which can be a whole other topic on its own). That was 4 SEASONS AGO PEOPLE…But you chose potential over performance and fell flat on your face. So to make up for your mistake you sign Charles Grant who couldn’t make a roster in the UFL!!??
    Secondly, besides Kreutz your offensive line is pourous and at no time in the offseason did you address it. The personnel decisions going on here are absolutely amateur and asinine.

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