Clinton Portis doesn't expect to play against Packers

You can criticize Redskins running back Clinton Portis for a few things, but toughness isn’t one of them.  That’s why it’s such a concern he had to leave Sunday’s win over the Eagles.

“I know him. I’ve been around him too long. He’s going to play hurt,” coach Mike Shanahan said of Portis to Comcast Sports Washington. 
“Hopefully, the MRI is not as bad as I think it might be. Just have to
keep our fingers crossed.”

Portis joined the Mike Wise Show for his weekly segment Tuesday morning and didn’t sound any more positive. Portis reportedly said he didn’t think the team would allow him to try to play against the Packers Sunday.  He heard something “pop” in his groin area before leaving the game.

The Redskins should get MRI results back on Tuesday.  The only question appears to be how long Portis will be out, not if he will be out.

Two years after Mike Shanahan compared Ryan Torain to Terrell Davis in Denver, it looks like Torain will finally get his chance to be The Man.

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  1. Four years under Joe Gibbs’ power running system really took its toll on Clinton. It’s really frustrating since Clinton was never meant to be a power runner. Rushing for over 1300 with a 3.8 carry average in 2004 directly translates to “brutal punishment” especially with an inferior offensive line the Redskins have had. It definitely cost him some speed (especially with bone spurs in his ankles).
    Nevertheless, Clinton had a monster game on Sunday:
    11 rushes, 55 yards
    2 catches, 26 yards
    I wouldn’t mind the Torain Train taking over the load for the RB by committee. CP is still a valuable asset for pass blocking, so the Redskins can’t risk a more serious injury.

  2. Can we expect Willie Parker to re-emerge from the shadows if Portis is out for a bit? Don’t know who the next guy in would be otherwise.

  3. Portis is too old to be a real factor in games anymore anyway. Whether he’s out or he plays, this one comes down to McNabb and the defensive line.

  4. It doesn’t matter; the Packers are coming to town to pick this overpaid team from the overhyped NFC East apart…
    Packers 31
    Redskins 14

  5. Torain didn’t look to bad turning Mikell into a speed bump on the way for a score on Sunday.

  6. Maybe they can bring Larry Johnson back. I know that he didn’t play that well in preseason, but he looked pretty good in limited action last year with the Bengals.

  7. @BigBear123
    I agree, doesn’t look like it’s much of a downgrade. Portis best years are behind him. The Packers D needs to get it together.

  8. Panda_Clause, they’ll resign Keiland Williams to backup Torain. With two weeks under his belt with the team, Chad Simpson would likely be in line for some spot duty or atleast a few packages.

  9. Green Bay has not played a complete, dominating game since they routed the Bears a few years back at Lambeau. They underachieved last year and have started out 2010 the same way … In 2009 they were carved up by decent QB’s (Favre, Roethlisberger, Warner).
    Now, they have zero running game thanks to Ted Thompson’s acute roster selection of 3 fullbacks and 4 tight ends.
    In addition, the secondary is decimated at safety and the d-line getting little pressure on QB.
    McNabb will find Cooley and Moss running free all day. Rodgers will be forced to throw 40 times (never a good sign). And Green Bay specials will piss down their leg once again …
    Skins 34
    Packers 23

  10. I am not saying that the packers aren’t a good team, but the squeaked by the lions at home without Matthew Stafford. What makes everyone so sure that the Packers are so great?

  11. Boy, I hope you people are right….I think the Pack has a fantastic passing game, and we’ve given up a few passing yards here………….
    That said, Their defense is surely suspect like ours.
    I just don’t believe in McNabb in a shootout beating Aaron Rogers, so the defense of the Redskins has to step it up.
    But in regards to Portis, you have witnessed the last couple games the emergence of Torain, and the obvious future…………

  12. Ryan Torain is younger,bigger, stronger and yes even faster than Portis (he ran a 4.3 forty at his pro day). The only thing that kept him from being an early pick in the draft was his durability.
    Green Bay better not look past this kid because he’s got everything it takes to be a superstar. Shanny knows running backs and when he says he sees a young Terrell Davis when Torain carries the rock he means it.
    Portis thanks for the memories it was great while it lasted. Torain is the truth!

  13. McNabb can’t beat Rogers in a shootout, he doesn’t have the weapons…and he’ll throw balls high or in the dirt.. Rogers doesn’t do this.
    The Redskins are vulnerable in the deep middle, and are screen bait.
    Then when they start playing the pass you can run on them..
    Jim Haslett’s always been overrated call defensive schemes.

  14. Infidel says:
    October 5, 2010 12:44 PM
    In addition, the secondary is decimated at safety and the d-line getting little pressure on QB.
    They lead the league in sacks. Obviously, you can make the argument that Matthews isn’t part of the D-line but he’s probably rushing on 80% of their defensive snaps. Opposing teams gameplan for Matthews more than any of the guys they’ve got at D-line.

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