Dwayne Jarrett arrested for DUI

The up-and-down (with more downs that ups) career of Panthers receiver Dwayne Jarrett continues.

Our friends at WFNZ radio in Charlotte tell us that Jarrett has been arrested for driving while impaired.

The incident occurred at 2:08 a.m. Tuesday; he’s currrent being held on $2,000 bail.

Jarrett, a fourth-year player, has three career starts.  In three appearances this year, he has caught two passes for 40 yards.

In June 2008, he pleaded guilty to driving while impaired.  In most states, a second offense leads to more serious penalties.  Under the league’s substance-abuse policy, it most likely means a suspension will be coming, if/when he is convicted or pleads guilty.

Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson received a three-game suspension after pleading guilty to a second-offense DUI charge.

15 responses to “Dwayne Jarrett arrested for DUI

  1. another young rich kid with a drinking problem…….damn
    Dad always said “The only thing you’re doing out after midnight is the things you ain’t supposed to be doing!!”

  2. these players are royally stupid if they continue to get DUI’s yet they have a service available to get them home

  3. A lot of teams around the league have a number they can call to get these players home safe and it appears very few of them use it. It’s totally confidential and the team does not know the names of the players that use the number. Another case of making a poor decision by an athlete.

  4. When will athletes learn?? I know Panthers have a car service cause they constantly have commercials on WFNZ for it. There’s no excuse. I hope he gets cut and stuck working crappy jobs like the rest of us.

  5. won’t matter, Im sure the Panthers will release Jarrett sometime today… Speaking of Vincent Jackson, Carolina has got to do something..
    With 89 hurt for a few weeks, the Panthers have 3 rookie wr’s. (One of which hasn’t played receiver since high school.)

  6. I remember when they drafted him it was at the height of love for any player coming out of USC. Almost all of the pundits proclaimed him a steal and he drew the predictable “the next Jerry Rice” comments a few times. Wrong again pundits

  7. Driving under the influence (VJax) and Driving while impaired (Jarrett) are not the same thing. You can get a DWI for driving while tired, hung over (with a BAC of 0.0), or any other number of things (no kidding, a friend’s father was cited for DWI for driving with his right arm in a sling).
    Let’s find out what the impairment was before we jump to conclusions.

  8. He’s used to spending time in a halfway house. Halfway between the bench and the locker room, halfway between USC and San Quentin. When Roberto Duran was called “Hands Of Stone”, it was a compliment.

  9. Do the math….
    3- Games started
    2- DUI’s
    1- Career TD
    =0 games left as a Panther, and hopefully 0 games left in this league. What a dissapointment.
    Packers fan who wants Deangelo Williams for a 4th rd pick and James Jones….what are you smoking, do you have any left, and can I have some because it must be good. Williams for Jennings MAYBE. Not gonna happen either way but come on….James Jones???? Ha.

  10. Obviously you all have never been drunk….when you are drunk you are NOT thinking straight….making a phone call to someone to drive you home is the LAST thing on your mind….I mean really do you all still live at home or what!
    I suggest that you run to your nearest bar and have a few….notice I did not say DRIVE….after you’ve had a few strong ones and are inebriated you may understand where I’m coming from…not saying it’s right or wrong…just that that’s how it is.

  11. @ Queenie. The player should not wait until he is drunk to make that decision. He cannot make it drunk. He knows he is going out to drink so he should call the service first and make the necessary arrangements. My son is in the NFL and I always warn him about drinking when he started university. I told him you do foolish things while drunk and when sober you are then sorry. Anyway after his rookie season last year and he came home and he told me he used the service twice..called them b4 going out. Now he says he does not drink anymore.

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