Glazer: Vikings, Patriots talking trade for Moss

Well, Bill Simmons was right.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Vikings and the Patriots are working on a trade that would send receiver Randy Moss back to Minnesota, the place where his career began.

Glazer reports that the deal, which is close, hinges on the Vikings working out terms of a new contract with Moss, who is signed through 2010.

Ironically, the Vikings were widely believed to have a deal in place with receiver Vincent Jackson, but that they couldn’t work out the terms of a trade.

Stay tuned.

58 responses to “Glazer: Vikings, Patriots talking trade for Moss

  1. Do the right thing Wilf, you are already the greatest owner in our teams history, now bring back the teams greatest player…just win one so i can die a happy man….Skoal

  2. Makes sense, but might be too late for Vikes. Favre could still be a huge potential liability in their hopes.

  3. Oh that’d be a an early Christmas for the ravens not having to worry about moss after the bye, hope it’s for picks, you know how much bellicheck likes to hoard them. The Vikings 7th round picks for the next 10 years for moss

  4. Randy Moss…
    …just another high profile player that signed withthe patriots just to “get his ring” but didn’t…lmao

  5. You have got to be kidding me. If the vikes couldn’t afford Vincent Jackson then they can’t afford Moss being two weeks closer to Sidney Rices return

  6. Naturally, there’s nothing ironic about it. They wanted a good WR and couldn’t land Jackson so they now similarly are trying to acquire another good WR. Just sayin’

  7. I hope this isn’t true. I know a lot of people hate moss, but I would hate to see him go.

  8. Looks the like the DIVA finally may get his wish.
    He can’t throw the slant anymore so he needs someone to hall in his ducks. Talk about desperation, Queens are dead and signing an over the hill Moss won’t help. Queens from here on out will be know as the Minnesota Raiders!! LMFAO!!

  9. Holy crap…. question is, what are they giving up for him?
    Then again, they didn’t even use him last night.
    Moss could put some life back into Favre.

  10. if this is true, Moss knew what he was talking about when he said “that he wasn’t wanted in New England.”

  11. I can hear the call now
    “Favre fades to fire… He’s got Moss open deep! Intercepted. Favre gave it all he had and was 20 yards short.”
    And really, as a Vikes fan I don’t care if Favre can’t hit him. Just bring him in to stretch the field so Peterson can get some room to run.

  12. Well. Hope he does better with the Vikings. I am leading my fantasy and would love to see my star receiver actually do something this year.

  13. LOL, yes please add more drama to the schism.
    What’s gonna happen when Randy shows up and realizes that Favre doesn’t have IT anymore?
    That being said, it’s nice to see at least one NFC GM has the balls to at least TRY to get better, or I guess one that gives into Favre…hehe.
    Too bad you morons are gonna sacrifice your future for another “all in” Super Bowl run. Don’t you think you’re going to need your #1 and #2 for a CB and some O-line help??
    Tjack to Moss=ROFLCOPTER

  14. theres nothing i like to see more than a player returning to his old stomping grounds were he made his carreer. I really wanna see moss back in a vikings uniform again. its not like the pats need him anyway they got…..everybody else. i hope TO goes back to san fran after he finishes his “episode” in cinci too.

  15. Why would the Pats do this? I understand why the Vikings desperately need to, but I don’t understand what the Patriots could possibly gain? They have a great offense that revolves around Moss. The secondary can’t take an eye off him, which allows Brady to spread the ball to semi-talented guys, who, with the combination of Brady’s skill, and the Moss distraction, can become great, at least in this circumstance. Maybe Wes Welker will be just as great if Moss goes, but given the way the Patriots defense has looked, I don’t see how it is worth the risk. The Patriots time to win is now. Brady wont be there forever, and that defense has shown no signs that would make any reasonable person think they can be Super Bowl worthy in the next 3-5 years. Their only conceivable path to another title is through Moss and Brady. This trade would make absolutely no sense, and confirm the belief that Bill is losing it.

  16. That isn’t really ironic. It’s funny in that it is the reverse of the previous situation, but it isn’t ironic.
    It would actually be more ironic if Moss agreed to be traded without a new contract – that would be unexpected considering his message earlier in the season about wanting a new deal.

  17. What do you think, DE Ray Edwards and a 3rd? Got to be a defensive player…maybe Vikes throw in Berrian too?

  18. This is Childress in self destruct mode. Are you kidding? Did anyone see Randy Moss’ impersonation of T.O. earlier this year?
    How does an owner get out of the coache’s contract extension? Randy Moss trade and the Pats get our future 1st rounders.
    This is the same team that let Chester Taylor walk as a free agent. He was worth a 1st and a 3rd.
    This doesn’t sound good for long term team development.

  19. He’s always wanted to play w/farve too. Man if that happens then it’s over. There isn’t a secondary that can keep up w/rice, moss, harvin and still stop AP

  20. If this is true and it can get done in the next couple of days for the Jets game. One word. Wow! Now if they can throw in a trade for the head coach position I would immediately get busy obtaining my ticket for the big dance next year in Jerry’s World.

  21. Glazer is a complete idiot.
    Tommy-boy would never allow it.
    He wants another ring this year and needs Moss. You want to see him throw a hissy-fit in Craft’s office tomorrow?!?!

  22. This makes me wonder if there wasn’t some drama last night after Moss didn’t catch a pass. He didn’t look happy on the field and I wonder if it spilled over into the locker room. I can’t see any other reason why the Patriots would all of the sudden be ready to ship him out.

  23. On the day the Packers wouldnt pony up for a decent RB, the Vikes land Moss?
    I love it.
    Imagine what this offense will look like once Sid The Kid comes back!
    Moss, Rice, Percy in the slot, with AP in the backfield?
    Another division title in place!

  24. when he left minn, there was an outcry that they had kept the wrong guy (culpepper instead of moss). can you really go home, again? maybe so.

  25. There better be a DE involved and one that doesn’t suck as the Vikes have a few decent ones.
    If it is just for a 3rd which is what I am hearing then BS, he opens the top half of the D for Brady. Tate isn’t ready for that yet.
    If it is for a DE and a pick or two then fine, but…

  26. “Looks the like the DIVA finally may get his wish.
    He can’t throw the slant anymore so he needs someone to hall in his ducks. Talk about desperation, Queens are dead and signing an over the hill Moss won’t help. Queens from here on out will be know as the Minnesota Raiders!! LMFAO!!”
    This guy apparently has no life; tuning into Vikings news. Keep watching his team struggle to win against the great teams like the lions. Oh yeah and they lost to the Bears ( a team that mustered up 3 points against the Giants). Packer fans have no class, just like there team. CLASSLESS. Aaron Rodgers, nice psuedo belt celebration, dumb a$$! Green Bay can’t stop AP and will not stop Farve, Moss and Harvin. Even an over the hill Moss will run a 4.3 fourty. This deal will get done!

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