Julius Jones the odd man out in Seattle

Marshawn Lynch has found a new home in Seattle.  It’s no surprise, then, that Julius Jones is on his way out.

As first reported by Florio on Twitter, the Seahawks have cut ties with Jones.  The former Dallas Cowboys running back had reduced his salary previously in order to stay with the Seahawks, but only received 12 carries in the first four games of the season.

Jones was signed by the previous Seahawks regime and put up two middling years in 2008 and 2009 where he averaged 680 rushing yards.

Cue the Packers/Julius Jones speculation in three … two … one.

(No, we don’t think Green Bay would be interested.)

29 responses to “Julius Jones the odd man out in Seattle

  1. No…..It was first reported by a commenter on PFT, and I’m sure this and his comment will be deleted in due time….

  2. (No, we don’t think Green Bay would be interested.)…. But the Eagles might be.
    Another low cost forgotten player is what Andy Reid lives for.

  3. I love the fact that this Web site is full of Vikings fan writers. (I confirmed this a long time ago if you want proof) I continue to read articles by the writers that are a bit sarcastic with other teams, but ALWAYS sarcastic when writing about the Pack.
    Remember, the Pack is 3-1 and first in the division. Think about that before your fat fingers hit the keyboard.

  4. I wonder if the Bears (Ruskell) or Browns (Holmgren) might sniff around Jones, given their previous ties to him.

  5. “I heard Julius Jones smokes cigarettes.. a bit bizarre for a football player today, no?”
    Wow, bizarre is right. There are so many better things to smoke!

  6. honestly, GB fans have got to be FREAKING OUT right now seeing what the Bills were willing to take for Lynch. i was in Lambeau 2 weeks ago for the Bills game and i cant tell you how many fans came up to our group askign if we had heard anythign in Buffalo about the Lynch to GB rumours… they wanted it to happen BAD. they were all flipping out abotu ted thompson how he refuses to part with draft picks… i gotta think they really blew this one. the GB defense isnt goign to be able to do it all year without a runnign game… thsi was their year to really make a run considering the free agent issues they have after thsi year…

  7. “I heard Julius Jones smokes cigarettes.. a bit bizarre for a football player today, no?”
    Definitely. He smokes pole, too

  8. Portis may be out for a while (not like it matters when hes healthy anyway), so maybe Shanarat makes a play for him? If not, Torain may be the only HB to suit up vs. Packers on Sunday.

  9. There is a football god after all!
    Cue the antireligious and political trolls to derail this topic….
    ….my bad

  10. For all the crying to obtain Lynch, most Packer fans should realize that the underlying problem isn’t the RB, its the terrible O line play. The aging tackles can barely pass block but run blocking was never their strong suit even when they were young, and that was a long time ago. You could put Barry Sanders in his prime behind that line and get about the same results.
    But what is puzzling is the early story that the Bills were looking for a starter and a late round pick. Depending on the conditional pick, (could go as high as a 1 or 2), I would think Seattle got the far better end of the bargain. Maybe TT didn’t want the conditional parameters that the Bills were asking?

  11. If the packers cut Brandon Jackson I’ll be happy. If he’s not a bust I don’t know what one look like. Just a 4th round pick…lol… Good job Ted!!!

  12. @JerseyCheese
    You said, “Remember, the Pack is 3-1 and first in the division. Think about that before your fat fingers hit the keyboard.”
    Incorrect. The Packers and the Bears have the same record BUT the Packers lost to a divisional opponent… and you’re about to lose to another after almost losing to the Lions.
    NOT first in the NFC North.
    Hint: you have no running game – and TT isn’t going to do anything about it – but you have a GREAT talent in Jordy Nelson!
    Jason Wildes was on KFAN in Minneapolis earlier this week predicting that the Packers, with no running game, wouldn’t even make the post season.

  13. Green Bay should try to trade for Jonathan Stewart.. that’s a conversation those two teams should at least have.

  14. Who the Hell is Jason Wildes and who really cares what he thinks?
    But thanks for the useless input!

  15. Yea, Eagles would DIE for Jones. Andy loves cheap, used-up borderline injured players. Just watch… he’ll be in midnight green any moment!
    An Eagles Fan

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